Winter 2015 Season, Episode 4 Impressions (Ein)

So little behind schedule mainly due to pure out laziness and not wanting to take the whole like less than five minutes it takes to set up a post for me to start typing and to start an episode of anime.

But because of that I now have like half of my shows I am actually keeping up with this season backlogged again for a week. Which assuming I am watching all the ones I was caught up on that puts me at like 14 shows I think. With 2 I am behind on by more than just an episode (or two). Luckily though it kind of works out to make the posts kind of the same length.

Anyway what I will probably be doing for the rest of the season anime wise is what I have been doing but split up into two posts. Shows Monday through Thursday or Friday will be on one post, the other post will take up the shows that air from Friday if I missed any in the first post to Sunday.

Adding in the general skip a show or two and what I am currently watching right now I expect this to be about 5 or 6 little thoughts of mine per show. Nothing terribly too fancy given this season be fairly lackluster for me. Hopefully here soon I will find something else I can do on the blog.


Absolute Duo:

Oh yeah this show has a loli headmaster. Forgot about that. But putting that aside right now, I still love this show and am having a bit of a hard time trying to decide who is better… Professor BunBun or Julie’s ahoge. I’m… slightly leaning towards the ahoge… also I noticed especially this episode with the arrival of the new girl and how timid/shy girl was acting, and with the stalking following bit on Julie and Toru’s date shopping trip… more harem elements kind of cropped up… though I am not entirely sure if this is supposed to be a harem or not.

Assassination Classroom:

So this is actually episode 3 not 4. Due to Japanese studios, or whatever, caving in quickly and easily over world events… and this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to a show airing, in fact I believe due to these world events another show was delayed this week. Overall even though I suppose it was finished just as quickly in the manga… this episode did feel like it was wrapped up quickly for me, despite that though I still thoroughly enjoyed the episode.


Well unlike Duo that seems to make me question its harem-ness. Saekano throws it in our face practically saying “Hey look at me! Multiple love interests!” Of course we haven’t even gotten all the girls yet either!! But unless the music girl really has one hell of an entrance… or this ends up being a longer series than I thought… Kato is so in the lead right now. No matter how jealous the other girls get at it.


Same old wackiness but this time with picking up people in tanks!



All these shattered images and dreams of Kongou… still love her though! Also Shimakaze is awesome just as I imagined. Putting them both in the same group is my dream of course. Though the whole singing bit and finding of Shimakaze was a bit much… but once they were all out at sea it was better, and overall it was a pretty good episode I guess… though the middle chuck was kinda just like “Alright… move on already…”.

Testament of Sister New Devil:

Well this was a good episode but I could be biased since right now i am basing it off the manga I read, and so far that is being a good adaptation from that perspective. Sure it might not be the best this season but I am at least enjoying it for what it is. Also… did they just use the Tardis sound for that demons power up?! I think they did… Finally rounding up that bit at the end with the father… I don’t recall that from the manga, so yay that’s interesting… maybe?

And… I will end it here for today. Will do my second post Sunday night or sometime Monday with the rest of the shows I am currently caught up with. May also throw in me rounding up some shows I am behind with because I think I am behind on Log Horizon and Rolling Girls by a couple of episodes right now.


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