Winter 2015 Season, Episode 4 Impressions {Zwei}

As promised this is my second impressions post for the 4th episodes. I think I will keep this format for the rest of the season, and it may even carry over into the next season(s). It is kind of easier on me and I believe it does better on delivering my thoughts on the episode overall rather than me doing those lengthy posts over one episode that really just repeat what happened the episode.

Now of course Spring is stacked with amazing hyped shows already so I might throw out some of those lengthy posts because… well they might just be needed.

Anyway I am rambling enough now and I need to enjoy my honey butter biscuits while I watch these shows, even though by the time this post goes up… I will probably be enjoying lunch because a couple of them still need to air today, so let’s do this!


Death Parade

Well without a doubt I think Death Parade has confirmed itself in the top place for me this season. Besides having the best OP, its cast is just so interesting and the whole game of death thing intrigues me so much. This is the one that I would recommend to anyone if they have not yet started watching it.

Log Horizon 2

So I actually forgot to watch this last week, so I missed the introduction of female Shiroe on the kids quest/mission/thing. But I am starting to see why other people dislike the kid group… when it is just them… it is kind of boring… but this weeks episode was sort of better overall.

Gourmet Girl Graffiti

More Shaft style food porn. Really only thing I can say about this show. I mean yeah there is some sort of story going on I think… I mean a slice of life story with nothing much going on… but still a story, but really it is all about the food and how these girls eat it.

Maria the Virgin Witch

Now that FUNi is back up I can finish this post! Could of had this up a few hours ago but no, FUNi had to go down. One thing I have a problem with really with this show is simply they seem to put too much emphasis on the whole virginity thing… yes I get it, if she loses it she loses her powers… but I don’t think we need this many reminders about it. But putting that aside we see some of Maria’s past a little bit and a bit of a cliffhanger onto what will be happening next.

Yatterman Night

Overall this show confuses me I think. But I still enjoy it as well. I kind of feel like they are having quite a serious background/story going on with the “old heroes” now being corrupt and all that, but then it is grounded back down by the overall silliness and fact that Doronjo is only… what 9 or 11 or something like that?

World Break

And…. well dropped. It finally hit the point of just not doing it for me I guess? Also I was at the point of picking a part everything I hated from the episode… like the still scenes, the awful dialogue, and other such annoyances. I just don’t want to deal with this show anymore…


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