Winter 2015 Season, Episode 5 Impressions (Ein)

This post will be slightly short today because all this post and following few shows are simply me giving myself a break from my homework. Will probably finish the week up Sunday night like before, but will also probably omit a few shows, not because I am not watching but just because there isn’t much to talk about.


I really feel sorry for best girl Kato being stuck dealing with Aki. He is one of those hardcore fanboys that even if it is a subject I like gets me annoyed. But I suppose I can deal with Aki given the awesomeness of the rest of the cast, given Utaha is almost as bad as Aki, but more in the boring way rather than the in your face fanboy way. What makes it worse is this was an Utaha episode too for the most part. Also best girl Kato was a complete background character until the very end and I dislike it.


Absolute Duo

Some of the characters have ‘leveled up’ which has given them more power and speed, there is more harem-ish antics, and we learn Julie can’t swim. Then Tor goes on a date, or rather is forced to go on one, with new girl at some theme park. But at least when she tries to get him to be his duo again he still sticks with Julie. Good man. Though poor him because our Professor doesn’t let him get a break for skipping!



So new fleets are formed and Fubuki is thrown together with quite a few odd ones including the amazing Kongou! We learn some about what is happening behind the scenes I guess… specifically as to why they think their fleet was formed and through a lot of explosions and failures… Fubuki ends up being the flagship.

And that is enough time of me distracting myself from my homework which is piling up. Like I said short post and the rest should be finished up on Sunday when I get around to it.


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