Winter 2015 Season, Episode 5 Impressions (に)

Honestly I debated putting in this post. A lot of what I watched after the first post could be simplified as ‘Still _____’ where the blank is filled in by one or two words. I also admit I didn’t finish everything up this week as I spent more time in Minecraft or doing homework than I did watching anime and of course when I was actually watching anime, it was something completely unrelated to this season. I may put the catch up stuff in the next post(s) or I may not who knows?

Anyway on with the post!


First I will get the quick short thoughts out of the way.

Testament of Sister New Devil:

Still Ecchi and Censored.

Gourmet Girl Grafitti:

Still Food Porn.


Still Crazy.

Now the others.

Assassination Classroom:

Still delayed by one episode due to the delay from Japan this is actually Episode 4 and now enters new territory from my one volume of manga knowledge. This episode introduced Bitch-sensei, an undercover assassin posing as a teacher to kill Koro-sensei, and no her name isn’t actually Bitch even though she sort of is one. Her name is just one of those names that isn’t easy to say in Japanese I guess and given her attitude and that class it just went with Bitch-sensei. She would have possibly killed Koro-sensei too had she used the pellets rather than live ammunition, but given it is Koro-sensei even that I doubt.

Death Parade:

Introducing some more of the cast inside the place that I believe they call ‘The Tower’ as well as some of what is behind our assistant gal. We see how truly awesome some of these people are as well as just how out of place really the assistant is since she is apparently just a normal human being who retained the memory of her death which is unusual. Looks like next episode might be in another place with the fiery redhead guy. Yeah I am bad with names…

Maria the Virgin Witch:

Well, not really sure what to put down here… the episode focused more on Joseph and Galfa than it did Maria. Bernard is plotting more in the background and more and more people are putting pressure on Maria about how she will be forgotten if war ends. Also that she needs to hurry up and hook up with Joseph to make her life easier. So I guess how I would describe this episode the best is it seemed like not a lot happened while a lot also did happen? Either way though it is keeping my interest and I want to see where it goes.


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