Wolfe’s Game-athon Day #1

Game-athon is a pretty bad name isn’t it? Well too bad because I already decided to keep it but I suppose a bit of an explanation is in order.

As one may have noticed I kind of did not do any posts about anime last week reason being… well I just didn’t watch anything (except Saekano on a whim) which kind of tells me what I have been saying and thinking since about week 2 of this season: This season is just too lackluster for me. At least I hope that is what it is and I definitely hope I am not losing interest in anime all together… There is only like… 3 or 4 shows I am even interested in and not in a “have to see every week” kind of way.

So I decided that at least for this week I would do something a little different that would also give me something to do everyday for the blog. Pretty much what I will be doing is each day this week [16th through 21st] is I will be choosing a game or two to play and talk about. I will just choose randomly from the list of games I own and see how it works out. At the very least there will be one game each day, but I may choose to put in a 2nd game before putting up the post depending on my mood and if it doesn’t get in the way of my college classes and homework.

Now I am also going to use this as a sort of review type of deal. Even if the game ends up being older and everyone and their mothers have heard of it before, it is just what I want to do. Anyway lets get started with this and hope it doesn’t fail!

The magical gaming fairies have chosen our first game and it is…


So The Long Dark is an Open World Survival game on Steam via Early Access. Now I don’t want the Early Access bit to scare anyone away as I have tried to warn in another post before, or for anyone with their nose in gaming news regarding Godus and what happened with that, The Long Dark and its developer/publisher Hinterland Studio Inc. has been actively applying updates, fixes, and all sorts of tweaks and additions to the game since its release in September. That said it IS Early Access, with only a few months to support it up, that does mean the game isn’t fully complete either.

Despite that though The Long Dark has quite a bit in it already that makes it a pretty decent game overall. There will eventually be a story mode for the game but right now all it is is a sandbox survival. There are two region choices when you start a new game. I believe this is the same general map (as one of the achievements hints at going everywhere in the two regions in a single game) and once or twice I have come across the same areas when starting a game.

Now right now the story/plot is there is a geomagnetic storm that brings your plane down somewhere in the vast northern Canadian wilderness. But really that doesn’t mean anything in the sandbox mode which as of right now just plops you in a random location it seems surrounded by snow, trees and depending on starting location abandoned buildings, wolves (that can be feral depending on difficulty choice) and frozen lakes.


Now I will say this: I am bad at survival games. Despite this they tend to be my favorite type of game since I have more hours played on Minecraft than I probably do on Skyrim. Though I am sure many wouldn’t count Minecraft as a real survival game either, and most of my time in that game is building not surviving… so I guess it only half counts. Anyway as of right now where The Long Dark stands it plays out exactly like I would think a survival game should. You have to find food and water, generally inside of abandoned buildings until you start hunting, wood for fires, and other such things for crafting.

As the name Sandbox kind of delivers for anyone with knowledge of games, there really is no goal in The Long Dark so to speak. There are achievements via Steam that give you an idea of where to go, but there is no ending. But using the achievements as a sort of guide for now, your goal is to survive at the very least 50 days. Now since I am bad I think the furthest I have made it was like 4 or 5 days before freezing to death, or starving, or injuring myself so bad that I just succumbed to my wounds.


You can also get attacked by wolves and die from blood loss….

I believe The Long Dark has plenty to offer those those interested in Survival type games and depending on where the developer decides to take it from here it could get a lot better over time so long as they don’t go under like many small indie groups do after they release a game. There is plenty I have yet to see myself in this game personally and I am still really just learning the ropes, but even then I still really like it.

Currently as it stands I would give The Long Dark a 7 or 8 out of 10, depending on my mood when I play it.

+ Large map with plenty to explore

– Unless I am not looking properly, there is no real… tutorial. You are just thrown out in hopes of surviving, this complicates the crafting portion of the game I feel.

+/ Hunting can be tricky and certain wildlife can and will attack you. But I feel this is good because it doesn’t make it a walk through the park either by just invading abandoned buildings and surviving off simple foods and clothing, which you can try but won’t last long on.

Now since it is a holiday for me (even though it shouldn’t be…) I decided I would go ahead and do two games today, and our magical gaming fairies have chosen this time…


OK so before I even start… Get this game. Play it. Love it. Or don’t I don’t really care…

Yes I like this game that much. I also have NO idea why. Long Live the Queen is developed and published by indie group Hanako Games. I also don’t know how exactly you would describe this game… Visual Novel isn’t quite right… but neither is Survival, Puzzle, or… anything really. It is kind of a giant clash of all of them together. The story it presents is fairly good, at least for me. You are a fourteen year old princess who has just been told that you are next in line to be queen after your mothers untimely death.

Now like many Visual Novels Long Live the Queen comes with a plethora of endings based entirely on what your choices through the game. But unlike many Visual Novels, this comes with more choices than just “Do I choose her/him or their rival”. Each turn in game is a week and you have at least 4 choices per turn. You first two choices are which classes you take to increase your stats, your third choice will be what you do on your free day which will in turn effect your mood, and your fourth choice is usually something based on the story going on and what day it is. The fourth choice is a mix of a set dates giving an event, such as a friends birthday, or events that happen due to your previous choices, such as a civil war.


I call Long Live the Queen a puzzle game in the sense of you will have to do classes to raise your stats to pass certain events. But you can not learn everything in the time given. Also more events are given on certain days depending on what you have and have no learned. Long Live the Queen is possibly one of the most intensive trial and error games I have ran across if I am being honest, but I don’t play many games… so who knows really.

You could also call Long Live the Queen a survival game if you were inclined to do so because one of its recurring themes that happens quite often for out little princess is just her weekly survivals. From poisonous snakes or candies to monsters and betrayal the most recurring theme for this game is absolutely without a doubt… death.

And there are so many ways to die...

And there are so many ways to die…

But through plenty of trial and error and plenty of patience you should be able to start avoiding death and reach the end to the princesses birthday and her coronation as Queen. There are also plenty of ways to make it from using magic to protect the kingdom, espionage to stop or even start a civil war, political marriages and who knows what else. Also even though Long Live the Queen is out and technically “complete” and has been since early last year, as I understand it the developers are still adding to the game so we can all have more Long Live the Queen goodness.

I would easily give Long Live the Queen 8 or 9 out of 10.

+ Interesting story driven in a Visual Novel style with plenty of endings ranging from good to bad.

+/- Plenty of trial and error to learn which ways lead to death and which ways lead forward. This can be fun for some but frustrating for others.

That will be all from me for today, tomorrow there should be another post going up. Pretty much will keep doing this for this week so long as it doesn’t interfere with any of my school stuff.


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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