Wolfe’s Game-athon Day #2

So today is now the second day of my little week long game-athon for the blog, at least now that I have pulled myself off of Minecraft long enough to focus on the blog… yesterday after I had put up my blog post I got my new Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collectors Edition game and New 3DSXL. So that expands on what I can talk about if the random gaming fairies end up choosing a 3DS game.

Today our little gaming fairies have chosen:


Saints Row: Gat out of Hell is the most recent release of the Saints Row franchise. Now I know talking about Saints Row can sometimes be a touchy subject because there is a huge divide in the fanbase saying all of the games are good and only the first two were good. I personally think all the Saints Row games are amazing and I am glad that with the silly antics 4 and Gat out of Hell have brought that it didn’t just become some crappy GTA clone and instead became its own game.

Now Gat out of Hell can be considered in the simplest of terms as a standalone expansion of Saints Row 4. You do not need it to play Gat out of Hell as far as I know, but the playstyle, humor, and characters of the game all come from previous games in the franchise especially from Saints Row 4 so it helps to have and have played that one. The biggest difference I would say comparing the two games is instead of you having simulated powers in a sort of virtual reality you are actually in hell and your powers are given to you by the denizens that reside within it.

"I'm going to punch the devil in the face."

“I’m going to punch the devil in the face.”

Of course the other biggest difference is instead of making your own character that you play this time you take the role of iconic Saints Row badass Johnny Gat with the choice of switching to Kinzie Kensington. Now Gat out of Hell is fairly short. As I said its really just a small expansion pack than it is a full game. I believe I beat it in 5 or so hours and that was with a good hour or two of just goofing off. Now that isn’t 100% complete as the game is notorious for having plenty of collectibles and side missions you can do.

But another thing the game has for it is multiple endings which doesn’t usually come with these types of games. I can’t recall all the endings it gave me but it was something along the lines of: Rule Hell, Ascend to Heaven, Return to your friends and find a new home among space, or Restore Earth back to how it was effectively retconning the entire series. I chose to Rule Hell because Johnny Gat ruling hell? Uh YEAH! But I plan to go through and try the others eventually as well.

"Uh Johnny? I think you are skipping a few steps there."  "Nah, I said in the face."

“Uh Johnny? I think you are skipping a few steps there.”
“Nah, I said in the face.”

So summing this up since I am running out of time over here if you liked Saints Row 4 you should like Gat out of Hell just as much. If you thought the series died after the second or third game, just steer clear of the game.

I would give Gat out of Hell an 8 out of 10.

+ The humor in the game is top notch for me especially when they randomly break out into song, or punt BroDevils through goals.

+/ The playstyle is almost a carbon copy of Saints Row 4 on one hand this is good if you liked it but on the other there were no drastic changes I thought on it.

Guns feel almost useless in the face of Superpowers. Cars are pretty much non-existant with flight. You should get GTA if you want those.


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