Wolfe’s Game-athon Day #4

Rolling along with my little week of gaming and blogging about it randomly like a crazed madman today I will touch up on what is one of two of the major releases for the 3DS that just came out last week.

Yup, today our little gaming fairies have chosen:


Now let me just put it right here what I have said before. I am a bad gamer, things most people consider easy can actually be a challenge for me. This doesn’t change in Monster Hunter 4, if anything I actually probably get worse while playing it. It also doesn’t help that I am fairly new to the Monster Hunter series with only barely touching Monster Hunter 3 while I had it near the end of its reign. So pretty much what I am getting at is realize that my frustrations with this game will probably not even bother someone who loves the series itself.

Despite this though I do actually enjoy playing Monster Hunter games and Monster Hunter 4 has so far delivered very well in what I have played. Now compared to some who are probably already fighting those, what I consider, insanely powerful Large Monsters with their friends that take some crazy coordination, item usage, and skill to beat. I am still fighting simple Jaggi and Kelbi in the starting areas. Besides being a bad gamer I am also slow, I think I mentioned that somewhere once. So obviously I don’t know much about this game, nor series really, as such most of what I say will probably sound like bull.

But hey you are still reading this so maybe you are being nice to me and are bumping my view count up on my stats page, or less likely you actually enjoy my posts, then I question your sanity.


So let’s talk about Monster Hunter 4, at least from my perspective as a bad gamer, and see how it all plays (for me). While basic controls are fairly simply and straight forward those basic controls are more or less absolute shite against Large Monsters whom will tear your face apart if you try just poking them with the end of your lance. You will have to learn how to dodge, use items, and the finer mechanisms of your choice weapon (which there are like… 15 types of weapons) in order to bring down the bad boys.

Now while the training quests gave helpful advice somewhat it didn’t do much past those basic controls, which might work on the basic Large Monsters like the Great Jaggi it pitted you against, but against the more complex monsters later I am sure it would be about as meaningful as swinging your weapon at nothing but air. But as with any game, especially one you are new at, it takes time to learn those more complex mechanisms to fight better. My problem of course is juggling those mechanisms with using items to stay alive, or help me fight the monsters, and dodging an attack that is about to take my head off my shoulders.

Another big thing about Monster Hunter 4, and really I am sure all of the Monster Hunter series so far (again I only played a little bit of 3) is the crafting of your armor and weapons. If you don’t keep up with that as well you are also as good as dead. This means using some of your time during your quest missions in order to collect supplies, some of which are only in certain areas or from certain monsters. Essentially to do good, you will be keeping yourself busy from the moment you start your game to the moment your battery is crying at you to tell you to get the hell off your handheld like you are supposed to do every few hours (you know that warning at the beginning of most games, don’t try to lie and say you don’t).


Something I find interesting with Monster Hunter 4 that I also believe was in its predecessor but in neither game I have touched yet is the multiplayer functions. As I understand it from how it has been described to me is through random hunters online or with your friends through invitations you can go on hunts with fellow players, these hunts taking on stronger and deadlier Large Monsters than you would find in your solo games. But the perks of fighting such creatures also rewards you with items you can never see outside of those special multiplayer hunts.

One day I will try a multiplayer hunt, assuming I can find some friends who don’t mind a complete and total scrub tagging along with them on that hunt… but until that point I will continue getting used to the game itself and fighting monsters and collecting goods to make myself better. Also will work on figuring out which weapon truly calls to me which so far seems to be either the Longsword or Insect Glaive, but I still haven’t tried out like half of the weaons either.

Now I will call this post here as I need to start getting ready for my class tonight, someone may have forgotten to do his homework last night… As such I would give Monster Hunter 4 8 out of 10.

+ Plenty of weapon choices with what seems to be plenty of different models used by each weapon choice making it feel like you actually upgrade yourself rather than staying with the same weapon through the entire game.

+ Online play sounds like it could be a blast with friends, though with random people it could be problematic if your skill set is… well near mine.

+/ The gameplay overall doesn’t feel that much different from Monster Hunter 3 which I was told wasn’t all that different from its predecessor(s). As such if you didn’t care for Monster Hunter in the past, you probably still wouldn’t care for it.

Game can feel kind of like a grindfest eventually with the constant hunts for monsters, materials, and upgrading of gear. This is even early on in the game where I am, so I am sure it becomes worse later on.


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