Upcoming Gamer’s Madness

Edit: My sleep schedule is the bane of my existence. It may be every other day now. One will be up tonight. 3/5/15

Writing about the books I read has been somewhat harder than I dreamed when I wanted to do this. I’m still mainly going to write about books and do Reader’s Madness, but I can’t do it at the rate I wanted. Sometimes I read a book, like last night, and it’s a decent book and I liked it. But, I don’t think I’d recommend it and it doesn’t do anything interesting enough to talk about. It was a good book that did stuff alright, but didn’t sent my writer or reader mind into a rant. Also – things like a game called Dragonball Xenoverse can randomly eat up all my time.

So I’m still doing Reader’s Madness, but not as quickly as I had liked.

But – this is partly my blog in a way. I want to do more content for it. Also I haven’t touch any of my massive Steam game list in a long  time. So I thought I’d do what Wolfie did.

Each day I’d set some time aside, play a steam game or two, and just give my thoughts.

So look forward to it.

Random Picture:

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