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The End of the 2015 Winter Anime Season

First I would like to start out this post saying I am using Twitter now, at least more than just as a plug for my blog posts. Essentially I will be using it to put out random thoughts of mine while watching shows or playing games. So if you are ever curious or bored… you can look for me at my account¬†there… or to the convenient feed on the sidebar. Yay more reasons to laugh at me, as if I didn’t give you enough of course!!

Secondly will be me detailing my thoughts of the end of this anime season. Which has been apparently bad given I consider so many dropped already and what I didn’t drop I have been fairly behind on most of the shows by a good two to five weeks at least. Past that there are shows I put aside so I could watch them all at the end of the season that I will have to get on top of as well.

So let’s wrap up this season and look forward to the next season!

Unrelated picture because I can.

Unrelated picture because I can.

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Looking Towards the Spring 2015 Anime Season

So clearly, if you actually follow the blog, your probably noticed this anime season kind of dragged down for me. Bad enough in fact that I pretty much stopped talking anime after six weeks in and now it is going on the twelfth week with many shows starting to end now. Hell even the shows I was enjoying like Shirobako, Absolute Duo, Kancolle, and Assassination Classroom are all a good 2-5 episodes behind (or in a certain ones case like… 13…) and lately all I have been doing is either rewatching shows, trying to find manga to read, or playing games here and there.

But putting that all aside for now it is getting to my favorite part of the season, yes the end is my favorite because even though it can be bittersweet to see some good anime leaving, I get all hyped and excited for whats on its way. So that is what this post is going to do and I will go over some shows I personally am looking forward to watching in the next season.

So let us go and laugh at my awful tastes!!

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Monster Girls, Vampire Girl, and Chef Girls. Oh My!

Bonus points if you can guess any of the manga series I will be going over today without looking past this part.

Though you were probably already spoiled by the picture(s) and/or tags for the post.

Anyway this shall mark my second manga dedicated blog post. Enjoy!

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Artwork Extravaganza #18

I have wrested control back of my computer and fixed up my previous post!

Also I am realizing with me not broadcasting my posts on the CR forums anymore my view count has dropped some compared to what it was… oh well… i’m walking thin ice over there as it is since the mods are apparently tired of getting reports with my name attached… so I suppose it will just stay this way for awhile.

Anyway! On with the glorious art!

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A Computer-less Wednesday

So today I don’t actually have a computer. Not because it is fried or anything like that. It’s because it has been taken hostage by tiny 10 year old demons whom I for some reason can never say no to. Ah the pains of being a softie.
Putting that aside though I thought I would still attempt to put up a blog post today, at least the best I can from my phone.

So who knows how good that will be.


This image brought to you by my phones wallpaper.

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Some Sunday Writing for Fun

Don’t exactly have a title for this new little thing I am going to do yet. May just keep Writing for Fun and then number them like I do with the Artwork Extravaganza pieces. I suppose we shall see.

Anyway obviously today is going to be my little writing corner that I am going to start doing every once in awhile and what I write about will probably change every time I put up a post given there is nothing concrete I wish to write about since my personal story stuff is in shambles after looking through it again, meaning I should really start rewriting that, and the only other thing I have is spinning a story from nothing or doing what I did previously and just using some saved picture I have and spinning a story off of that..

Today I think I will just spin a story out of thin air, similar to my own work, and see how that goes. A little info about how this will work (as well as my story stuff if it ever makes it here) all of my stuff is essentially using different mediums of fantasy that I liked and then I usually mash them together to make something unique for myself. Example would be like take the Elves from Lord of the Rings, Eragon, Dungeons and Dragons, and a few other sources then I mash them together taking the parts I liked or disliked stitch them together and you would have the Elves in my world.

On with the story now! Enjoy reading, or don’t… I don’t know your tastes!

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Rambling Updates!

Wolfe here. I disappeared again as if that wasn’t already plainly obvious. School decided to throw everything at me in the last week before spring break and once again further makes me realize I can never do full schedule in school again if only two classes can keep me this busy.

Putting that aside though it is spring break for me! Yay!

This post isn’t going to be anything really other than to kind of put out there what I have planned for this week and up to the next season of anime. Sadly I am not going anywhere, unlike Sacae who is travelling this week, so my week will be spent inside doing what I do best. Getting fatter and lazier while playing games and watching TV. So if you are at all curious as to what may show up this week on the blog, as well as some simple plans of what I will be doing from here on out, read on ahead!

If you don’t care at all… thanks for the extra view count number?

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A Manga Filled Blog Post

Wolfe here.

I know a few times before I have mentioned I read manga, for the most part I stay lazy and just follow what I currently have ¬†filling my bookcases or bookmarked on those dark websites we don’t speak of but are our only way to read many of the titles out there for manga. But of course every once in awhile I branch out and get something new as well along with what I am currently reading.

Anyway so my plan is every once in awhile, maybe once or twice a month, is to kind of give an update on things I am reading. Such as introducing a new manga I found (whether it is ACTUALLY new or not is debatable) or one I have already and am rereading, giving a little synopsis of it and what I think of it so far, or I will go with a manga I am currently caught up with and when a new volume or chapter comes out I will talk about it a little bit, and even another possibility, though slightly less likely, is talking about a series I personally have already finished, this is much less likely to happen because… well I don’t have many series I have finished… or if I did finish them I didn’t like take note anywhere that I did actually finish a series…

So without any further rambling let us see how this works out starting out with a title I have touched on before.


Vinland Saga

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Gamer’s Madness: Minecraft Xbox One Edition

My sleep schedule is a real mess, so I shouldn’t be promising blog posts that may get delayed by unplanned hours of sleep. Sorry for that. Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my belly, in a sense. It’ll be better to say I plan to do gaming posts now instead of giving a date.

Today I’ve mostly played Minecraft with my friend on Xbox One.

There’s not much I can say about that though, Minecraft is pretty well-known, right?

I will say that I’m liking the Xbox One Edition more than the 360 one. My friend always wanted to play on the 360, but it bored me quick. When I was trying it, it was missing a lot that’s on the PC. But, the biggest problem was map size. It was easy to get from one end of the map to the next.

The Xbox One map is a lot bigger, and now a lot of the features that were missing seems to be in it now. I’m in fact now excited to play instead of groaning when my friend asks.

And, that’s about it. Sorry for a short post, but it’s all I played today.

Artwork Extravaganza #17

Wolfe here sneaking on while Sacae is sleeping like an angel.

I realize I haven’t quite been active pretty much. At the end of my gaming blog week that I did that Sacae is now doing I ended up taking a small break, then getting really busy with school for a couple of days, followed by being extremely sick for about 4 or 5 days after that. Really only started getting back on my feet Sunday or so.

Anyway as it is a Wednesday I did want to at least say I am alive, and do my usual art post that I missed doing last week.

As for Sacae’s post… assuming she wakes up her post should be up tonight. Maybe…?

Today I shall use the theme of Yuri!


Do I really need a reason?

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