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The End of the 2015 Winter Anime Season

First I would like to start out this post saying I am using Twitter now, at least more than just as a plug for my blog posts. Essentially I will be using it to put out random thoughts of mine … Continue reading

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Looking Towards the Spring 2015 Anime Season

So clearly, if you actually follow the blog, your probably noticed this anime season kind of dragged down for me. Bad enough in fact that I pretty much stopped talking anime after six weeks in and now it is going … Continue reading

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Monster Girls, Vampire Girl, and Chef Girls. Oh My!

Bonus points if you can guess any of the manga series I will be going over today without looking past this part. Though you were probably already spoiled by the picture(s) and/or tags for the post. Anyway this shall mark … Continue reading

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Artwork Extravaganza #18

I have wrested control back of my computer and fixed up my previous post! Also I am realizing with me not broadcasting my posts on the CR forums anymore my view count has dropped some compared to what it was… … Continue reading

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A Computer-less Wednesday

So today I don’t actually have a computer. Not because it is fried or anything like that. It’s because it has been taken hostage by tiny 10 year old demons whom I for some reason can never say no to. … Continue reading

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Some Sunday Writing for Fun

Don’t exactly have a title for this new little thing I am going to do yet. May just keep Writing for Fun and then number them like I do with the Artwork Extravaganza pieces. I suppose we shall see. Anyway … Continue reading

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Rambling Updates!

Wolfe here. I disappeared again as if that wasn’t already plainly obvious. School decided to throw everything at me in the last week before spring break and once again further makes me realize I can never do full schedule in … Continue reading

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A Manga Filled Blog Post

Wolfe here. I know a few times before I have mentioned I read manga, for the most part I stay lazy and just follow what I currently have  filling my bookcases or bookmarked on those dark websites we don’t speak … Continue reading

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Gamer’s Madness: Minecraft Xbox One Edition

My sleep schedule is a real mess, so I shouldn’t be promising blog posts that may get delayed by unplanned hours of sleep. Sorry for that. Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my belly, in a sense. It’ll be better … Continue reading

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Artwork Extravaganza #17

Wolfe here sneaking on while Sacae is sleeping like an angel. I realize I haven’t quite been active pretty much. At the end of my gaming blog week that I did that Sacae is now doing I ended up taking … Continue reading

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