Gamer’s Madness: Dragonball Xenoverse

Well, I guess I’ll start with the game that had distracted me from reading books last week. Which books seem to want payback for, cause I read like four short 200 pages books in the past few days. And this time they gave me a good bit to talk about. So future Reader’s Madness hopefully if I’m not lazy.

I should note, my madness will make me just talk about the game in mostly stream of thought style. I’m not going to be as organized as my partner Wolfie, and I don’t think I have it in me to do ratings. Mostly cause a lot these games I haven’t finished.

Anyways. As the title says:

First off, I’m not going to explain what Dragonball is much. It’s an anime, it’s a well known anime I would hope. But, also I’m not sure I can see anyone who doesn’t know Dragonball quite getting the same enjoyable out of it as me. If you know it and watched some, there is a chance. Might not need to have loved it. But, I don’t know if you’ll enjoy it as much as someone that had enjoyed the anime too. I can’t judge too much as I have too many memories of watching this on Cartoon Network.

Admittedly, I’m not even a full-watched Dragonball fan. I only watched up to Buu, and know about the rest. Never watched GT. I remember DBZ lots more than Dragonball itself. (Also I tended to be a more Yu Yu Hakusho person.)

Now, let’s talk about the game itself.

Basic plot: You are a warrior wished via a magical dragon, by Trunks (a time traveler character from Dragonball Z) who wanted a strong person to help him fix corrupted history.

First pro: You can play a custom character! This character can be of five races and you can change how they look. Also you have a greater control of building their stats than say a preset character from the show itself.

—-Pro of this part in itself: You can play a female! As a female anime, video game, and book nerd, this is a huge plus to me. Even if there are only three races for the females.

What having a custom character means, and this delights me, you get to have an influence on what you are seeing. You can be in the universe of Dragonball and fight aside the characters you watched – help them out. You can’t self-insert yourself fully – it’s an anime character creator in Dragonball style – it’d be hard to get a character to look like you. But, you get to make a character you’ll like to be maybe. But it gives you the awesome fan-chance to be along Goku as something you created. And because it’s putting you at major events to help fix them, you are a part of the anime moments you watched.

This is stock character, not mine lol. I play a badass female thank you very much.

Building your own stats slowly feels good and you can be the kind of fighter you want.  I don’t know how it works for balanced characters or  a strike super character – as my first character is being a Ki-Super Master. But I can say that my choice of being only Ki is felt – my ki supers are powerful and I’m comfortably got the moves I like, but I can’t punch worth a damn.

This is pretty much my take on the main storyline I’ve played so far:

The time-history-fixing story works well enough to give you those moments of being beside characters you love during events you’ll remember. So far, its been fun. Im up to after beating Cell.

Here’s the catch:

You are not likely to be able to do the storyline in one go. The challenge ramps up pretty nicely. A few times I had little chance of beating the next saga with a good rating. You’ll need to stop running to Trunks and go to one of the hub areas. (I’m not going more into these hub areas, they get done what they need but aren’t much to talk about personally. My friend thinks they are too big though.) And you sign up for what are called Parallel Quests. aka Side Quests. There’s a few things about these.

1. They offer fights of different flavors: You get fights that are slightly different than the Story Fights, or what could have happened between them. You get fights in which you side with the bad guys and kill off the heroes. You have fights with people that shouldn’t be together. (I’ve heard one has you fighting every boss one after another).. I’ve heard they can get pretty hard later. – All of this is good. It offers more fights with different set pieces and people. I think this is a pro.

2. Unlike the Story Missions, these are able to be co-oped: This is mainly the biggest pro of the game for me. They are able to be single-playered with AI helping you, but my main reason for loving this game so far is this. Me and my friend were up till 7am the first three nights we had this game. Fighting was just fun with him and we both wanted to level up and get new moves. I can’t trade this for anything.

3. The maybe CON of the Parallel Quests: Parallel Quests are grinds, no way to sugar-coat that. Each quest has a set of possible rewards, and you randomly get a few each time you beat it. You want something? You’ll likely be doing the same missions over and over again. Want to level up and build your stats  and get new moves? Parrallel Quests. I can see how this can be a con for some people. But I’ve play bout 30 hours of this game so far, and I haven’t gotten bored of grinding them with my friend. If you are doing the ones you can do – they are usually brief missions, but fun nonetheless and that is because —-

Combat is fun!

I can’t really say why or why not or if this is for everyone. But I literally enjoy myself each fight, its not frustrating or too easy and I just love fighting in this game. And really, I’m not a professional at talking about games and I’m at a loss how to explain this. So maybe I made up for the lack here with the rest, sorry if not.

My thoughts: I’m having a Ki Blast playing this game.

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