Gamer’s Madness: Minecraft Xbox One Edition

My sleep schedule is a real mess, so I shouldn’t be promising blog posts that may get delayed by unplanned hours of sleep. Sorry for that. Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my belly, in a sense. It’ll be better to say I plan to do gaming posts now instead of giving a date.

Today I’ve mostly played Minecraft with my friend on Xbox One.

There’s not much I can say about that though, Minecraft is pretty well-known, right?

I will say that I’m liking the Xbox One Edition more than the 360 one. My friend always wanted to play on the 360, but it bored me quick. When I was trying it, it was missing a lot that’s on the PC. But, the biggest problem was map size. It was easy to get from one end of the map to the next.

The Xbox One map is a lot bigger, and now a lot of the features that were missing seems to be in it now. I’m in fact now excited to play instead of groaning when my friend asks.

And, that’s about it. Sorry for a short post, but it’s all I played today.

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