Some Sunday Writing for Fun

Don’t exactly have a title for this new little thing I am going to do yet. May just keep Writing for Fun and then number them like I do with the Artwork Extravaganza pieces. I suppose we shall see.

Anyway obviously today is going to be my little writing corner that I am going to start doing every once in awhile and what I write about will probably change every time I put up a post given there is nothing concrete I wish to write about since my personal story stuff is in shambles after looking through it again, meaning I should really start rewriting that, and the only other thing I have is spinning a story from nothing or doing what I did previously and just using some saved picture I have and spinning a story off of that..

Today I think I will just spin a story out of thin air, similar to my own work, and see how that goes. A little info about how this will work (as well as my story stuff if it ever makes it here) all of my stuff is essentially using different mediums of fantasy that I liked and then I usually mash them together to make something unique for myself. Example would be like take the Elves from Lord of the Rings, Eragon, Dungeons and Dragons, and a few other sources then I mash them together taking the parts I liked or disliked stitch them together and you would have the Elves in my world.

On with the story now! Enjoy reading, or don’t… I don’t know your tastes!

The air crackled with electricity as the large wyvern like beast in the center of the oval shaped cavernous room roared, sparks of lightning could be seen forming in the base of its throat and circling the large crystal like horn on the crown of its head.

“Git back lads! She be chargin’ up her breath!”

The orders were barked out by a large dwarf with black hair wearing silver Dwarvish armor that while once probably was polished and new obviously was showing its use and age as parts were charred and had large claw marks covering it from head to toe.

Surrounding the beast was a company of seven. This group had many races within its ranks which was a rare sight in itself, much less that they all got along and considered each other as an inseparable family. Two Dwarves, an Orc, a Human, a Half-Elf, and two Elves. Both of the elves, one in tight fitting brown and green leather armor carrying a bow and the other in flowing red and purple robes, came up to the dwarf who was spitting curses towards the beast they were fighting.

“Commander,” the elf in robes said, “we are getting worn down here by this beast. Striker and Lancer are also injured after the previous attack and their attacks are slowing down considerably.”

The burly dwarf spat on the ground. “Always keepin’ an eye on the company ain’tcha Magus.” The dwarf surveyed the scene around him. Magus and Striker were standing next to him, clearly Striker was injured as Magus said as fresh blood flowed down her arm she used to shoot her arrows with. On the other side of the beast he could see his brother Sapper as well as their human member, Lancer, who was clearly breathing heavily and blood flowed from his head covering half of his face which also meant half of his vision. Of to either side of the beast was Shadow, their half elf assassin, and Berserker, their orc. Both seemed tired as well but still fit to fight.

After looking at his company he then looked at the beast in the center of the room whose eyes and head darted back and forth at each group. It was a beast known as a Cackler, normally docile it became a fierce adversary when protecting its nest. The company stumbled upon one as they were exploring the old ruins of the last age for the guild and unfortunately for them began attacking as they realized the area was the beasts nesting grounds. The Cackler was infamous for its breath attack which was a poisonous mist charged with an electrical current so not only would you get poisoned inhaling the mist it would paralyze you so you couldn’t even escape from it.

The dwarf spat again. He looked once again across the area, the way out was closest to him and the elves or on the other side of the room where his brother and Lancer were. He wasn’t sure which side they had come in after all the running in circles he has done to avoid the attacks of the beast. Not to mention at this point he really wanted to bring the beast down purely out of frustration of dealing with it.

“Listen up lads! We be givin’ this beastie one last go! If’n we dun bring ‘er down we be leavin’ through the door behind Striker o’er ‘ere!” the dwarf bellowed. He looked around to see the nods of agreement from the others as well as the attention of the beast pointed towards him since he bellowed out the orders.

Lowering his voice he spoke to the two elves next to him, “Wha’ do ye’ two think o’ me crazy ideas?”

Magus arched his eyebrow before answering, “Besides being completely crazy Commander? Well I have to admit they rarely work.”

“… but when they do, they sure as hell tend to pack a hell of a punch.” Striker added.

The dwarf grinned. “Let’s be hopin’ this’n works then. Ye two stay on this side o’ the beast.” the dwarf then raised his voice, “Shadow! Berserker! Ye’ both better be ready when ye’ see yer openin’! Lancer! Ye’ hold on tight I am comin’ over there!”

He than began running straight at the beast who seemed just as shocked as the rest of the company at his actions. The beast though tried striking the dwarf who managed to dodge the large beak of the creature as it crashed into the floor behind him. He continued running, straight under the beasts legs, until he arrived over to where Lancer and his brother were.

“Ye holdin’ up boy?” he addressed to Lancer, who barely nodded from his kneeled position.

The dwarf nodded before grabbing Lancers weapon. “Gonna borrow yer’ stick for a moment.”

Lancer grinned lightly, “It’s a lance, boss…”

The dwarf shrugged and turned to his brother holding out a hand, “Gimme some charges.”

His brother face drooped, “Wha’n da’ world’ ye’ up t’ brother?” he asked as he dug a few explosives out of his pouch.

“Somethin’ crazy as usual.” he replied as he took the explosives and put them in his pouch. “Help the boy over to the elves when ye’ see an openin’.”

Sapper nodded as his brother turned around with the lance he just took and took in a deep breath.

He roared as he charged towards the beast, which began to turn towards him, but as soon as he saw the beasts eyes he plunged the lance into the ground vaulting himself up into the air. He pulled out his knife and thanks to luck or good timing was able to land on the beasts back. He stuck his knife into the beasts hide and gripped on as the beast began to flail trying to throw him off. After a few minutes of almost being thrown off the beast slowed down some to catch its breath, during this moment he plunged his hand into his pouch and grabbed the explosives. He pulled out his knife and quickly lit the explosives, plunging them into the small hole his knife had created while holding onto the beast.

After making sure the explosives would not immediately fall out he jumped off the beast and ran a short ways off before turning around and grabbing his hammer off his back. The beast didn’t notice the explosives apparently, or its bloodlust was fixed on the dwarf, as it began to walk over towards him. A few seconds later though the explosives went off and the beast cried as the force of the explosion knocked it down onto its side. It was the moment the dwarf and the company was waiting for. He along with Berserker and Shadow jumped towards the beast as Sapper, Lancer, Magus, and Striker all made it towards the exit.

The dwarf brought his large hammer high above his head before crashing it into the skull of the beast, noticing it barely did anything to the beast other than possibly knock it out for a few moments he clicked his tongue and looked towards the spot where the explosives went off, barely burning the sides of the skin of where it was, he realized this beast was probably far stronger than he even realized. Shadow and Berserker were already quickly using their rope to tie the beast down as best as they could with the few moments they had. At the first sign of movement from the beast they quickly headed towards the exit Magus was still waiting by.

Exiting the room the others were waiting there, Striker and Lancer both being bandaged up by Sapper. The dwarf nodded glad to see everyone had made it.

“Let’s git on outta ‘ere, I be tired of dealin’ wit’ this place.” the dwarf said as the group gathered its things and started their way towards the exit.

“Hey boss…” Lancer spoke up before they left, “Where is my lance?”

The dwarf looked back towards the hall where the cries of the enraged Crackler could be heard. “Looks like tha’ one kept yer stick.”

Lancers shoulders sagged, “It’s a Lance, boss. I expect you to buy me a new one.”

The dwarf waved his hands, “Aye aye I’ll find ye’ one ‘ell of a fancy stick.”

The company chuckled as they limped their way forwards.


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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