A Computer-less Wednesday

So today I don’t actually have a computer. Not because it is fried or anything like that. It’s because it has been taken hostage by tiny 10 year old demons whom I for some reason can never say no to. Ah the pains of being a softie.
Putting that aside though I thought I would still attempt to put up a blog post today, at least the best I can from my phone.

So who knows how good that will be.


This image brought to you by my phones wallpaper.

So I suppose this will partially be a rambling post and partially an actualish blog post mostly about what I have been watching over the last few days, and as well as what I have been doing game wise or reading. Oh also I have learned I have already completely ruined my sleep schedule as I will stay up late then wake up late every day.
Anyway starting out I have been watching Anime when I haven’t been sleeping or playing games. With Anime I guess I would split it into 3 sections:

The first section here would be the simulcasts, as I stated before I have more or less dropped most simulcasts from this season already but there are still some I am watching.
Assassination Classroom: Still constantly good so far but word has reached me that either something changed or there is something interesting on the way… So it should be interesting.
KanColle: Yuri ship girls being full of jealous yuri-ness. I’m alright with this.
Saekano: I’m actually not caught up with this one. Mostly because I believe these girls are amazing but in the completely wrong show.
Absolute Duo: Miyabi went full in yandere!
That is all I can say on the simulcasts right now. Everything else is behind and bored me.

Second for the Anime would be rewatching.
This section has only two that I have started or finished since Saturday.
Gintama: If you have not watched this do yourself a favor.
Watch it already you plebians!
The next season is on its way and you need to be caught up!
Yuyushiki: What can I say. I love my simple minded Yuri undertones slice of Love life shows.

Finally in this section would be the starting of new shows. Which is actually only one.
Space Brothers: So I have only watched the first episode of this so far but… Mutta is amazing and makes hilarious faces. But his struggles of being second best to the younger brother and still no where in his life sort of deal… Struck pretty close to home…

The next big section on which has gotten the most attention so far I would say this spring break is gaming.
Primarily because when I stay up late and wake up late the next thing I do after waking up is usually play games.
Specifically I would be playing Diablo 3 or Star Wars the Old Republic with my friend since he would generally get on shortly after I would wake up.
So… Even though this would be the section that has gotten the most attention it’s small I guess because… Well there isn’t much details I can put in here really… I played 2 games. Not much happened though… Maybe in another post I will detail what I play in both.

Lastly for this post is just touching up on what I am reading which I started finally reading Vinland Saga and am about half way through volume one right after Thorfinn and company took out the Franks fortress and before the major flashback describing how Thorfinn is like how he is in the current time.

That’s it for this post when I can get my computer back from the demons I will fix this post if it needs it, which it probably will since this is written from my phone. As well as work on my usual Wednesday art post.


About StoneWolfe6211

I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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