The End of the 2015 Winter Anime Season

First I would like to start out this post saying I am using Twitter now, at least more than just as a plug for my blog posts. Essentially I will be using it to put out random thoughts of mine while watching shows or playing games. So if you are ever curious or bored… you can look for me at my account there… or to the convenient feed on the sidebar. Yay more reasons to laugh at me, as if I didn’t give you enough of course!!

Secondly will be me detailing my thoughts of the end of this anime season. Which has been apparently bad given I consider so many dropped already and what I didn’t drop I have been fairly behind on most of the shows by a good two to five weeks at least. Past that there are shows I put aside so I could watch them all at the end of the season that I will have to get on top of as well.

So let’s wrap up this season and look forward to the next season!

Unrelated picture because I can.

Unrelated picture because I can.


Well for a browser based game brought to anime I suppose it was a decent enough show from beginning to end though there was plenty of low dips in the entertainment overall. But the action was good for me… when they actually did combat… I would say I would give this one a 6 or 7 out of 10 and that would primarily be because of the undertoned yuri going on more than anything else… otherwise… I would probably have ranked it lower…

Gourmet Girl Graffiti:

One of the few shows to stay consistent throughout the season. Of course I suppose that could be a bad thing if it was a bad show… this one wasn’t bad exactly though it obviously isn’t for everyone either. I mean it could be practically classified as Food Porn given the way they ate food. Worse is they were middle school girls doing it… anyway it settled in at a 6 out of 10 for me and that is mostly brought down by the slow parts of the show more than anything else about it.


This show could have used more Kato and more Michiru maybe a little more Utaha and a lot less of Eriri for me. None of Morals-kun probably would of been nice. Actually… no just get rid of Morals-kun and have these four awesome girls go full Yuri. Essentially the girls were stuck in a eh… show with a meh MC and it held back their awesome potential. For me this ended at a 7 of 10 all because of Morals-kun who really only shined I thought with Kato and Michiru.

Best Girl Kato

Best Girl Kato

Absolute Duo:

While it stayed fairly strong for most of the season I have to admit it dipped a bit near the end for me. Don’t know if I can quite put it down to just one thing that made it start being less interesting for me exactly… but it definitely did it as the last… 2 or 3 episodes I would say just kinda bored me a bit more than the rest of the season, I think its cause it all kinda felt the same… Though even with that it ends up as another 7 out of 10 in the end.

Maria the Virgin Witch:

While the show kept playing on the whole virgin part of Maria it sort of started getting annoying after the third or fourth time around… the fact they brought it up all the damn time… yeah really started grating on the nerves there… that aside though the rest of the show was pretty enjoyable especially from my point of view as the witch vs religion aspect of the show is kind of closer to me I think given my and my families lifestyles. Putting that all aside for now the story was interesting and even though there were a few parts that I felt kept being continuously forced down on us it was an enjoyable series to watch. In the end… I would probably give it a 7 or 8 out of 10 though obviously ones enjoyment of the series could be heavily dictated by how they view religion.

Death Parade:

I see what everyone was talking about with the end to this show now. Overall probably ends up as my favorite this season given the whole game of death aspect of it was really intriguing for me. Add onto that them showing just how truly ugly humans can end up being it was very interesting. Also unlike other shows it didn’t really have any extreme lows throughout the show and it stayed fairly consistent throughout the entire thing. In the end it gets my highest score this season at 8 out of 10.

That concludes my season more or less. There are a few shows I set aside to watch after the season that I need to get to still like Shirobako, World Trigger, Assassination Classroom, Seven Deadly Sins, and Dog Days Third Season. Though since two of those were never picked up by anyone I will probably be too lazy to watch them.

Overall given how many I started out with this season it was quite the bland and underachieving season since I only ended up finishing six shows with five more waiting to be watched.

But at least the Spring season looks fairly full of good shows so I am looking forward to that.


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