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The Belgariad (Part 1): Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician’s Gambit

I know I should focus on all my school stuff, my anime, and many many other things right now. But of course because of my random moods that happen where I randomly want to draw for an entire day or week, or do nothing but gaming for a week or two, or in this case start reading a 10 book series I am obviously not focusing on anything other than laying on my couch reading.

But even I need breaks and I decided what I would do is write a sort of blog post like Sacae does when she does her posts about books. Though probably not as good and a lot more awfully constructed because I am a horribly human being with poor skills at making things cohesively good. So on with the post!

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Spring 2015 Anime Season, Week 3 Round-Up

So we are entering the fourth week here this season which means I should probably go over how things have fared so far since their premieres.

Also even though this season is leagues and bounds better than last season for me I do plan to keep the same format (except for maybe Ore Monogatari!) and instead of doing single episode write ups I will just take groups of shows, or a list of all the shows like I am about to do, and just give my thoughts on them, because that works better with my writing style.


Even though all my thoughts are bad and completely boring.

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Shojo! Shoujo! and Even More Shōjo!

So today my post shall be over my somewhat recently new Saturday Manga posts that I started up last month. As I said then I wasn’t planning on doing it every single Saturday but only once or twice a month.

Today I will talk about three Shōjo titles that I am currently (somewhat?) following and really enjoy.

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Anime Madness: Coming back to anime. (Assassination Class)

People who know me, know I’ve been away from watching anime solidly for a few seasons now. In the past few days, I’ve made a big return. So I’m doing a short anime post on one anime I watched so far. Assassination Class! aka AssClass.

I watched 1-4 randomly at the start of it’s season and stopped. Yesterday I watched 5-12, and today 13 (current episode). And so, here are my thoughts on it.

Savage Youth!

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Ore Monogatari!, Episode 2

While I am not quite sure yet if I will be writing about Ore Monogatari weekly. I can say that as of right now it still stands firmly planted as my #1 this season.

It feels like it has been awhile since I have done any sort of episode write-up so hopefully this post won’t suck.

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Artwork Extravaganza #20

Two posts should happen today.

The one I will be working on later will probably be an Ore Monogatari piece, since that is currently the only one I have planned to watch tonight. But I may also catch up on the other two I missed yesterday I also believe Gintama is today. Not quite sure yet on what will be happening.

Then there will be this post which will be my somewhat usual (but sometimes skipping a week… or two) Artwork post that I do on Wednesdays.

Today has a theme though! Today’s theme is: Pictures my friend has drawn.

In a sort of I requested her and she requested me (for more exposure) I got her permission to share some of the pictures she has done onto the blog. So enjoy!

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Spring 2015 Anime Season, First Episode Impressions (六)

It’s kinda weird making this post right after my last one…

But of course it won’t be posted until I watch I think it was Nisekoi on Friday…

So right now I am talking to the future viewers… not the current viewers…

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey.

Also at the end of the post I will be predicting my rankings for the shows this season so it will be a slightly longer post.

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Spring 2015 Anime Season, First Episode Impressions (五)

Is this my first #5 post for First Episode Impressions?

I think it is…

And there is still more to come…

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Spring 2015 Anime Season, First Episode Impressions (四)

Judging by just how many more shows are supposed to come out that I want to see… we could easily see another two or three posts of just First Episode Impressions.

It’s crazy man…. IT’S CRAZY!!!


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Spring 2015 Anime Season, First Episode Impressions (三)

Rolling right along with this seasons first episodes.

Mattering how I feel I also may throw out some sort of post for Pillars of Eternity or the DAI DLC that I just got.


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