Spring 2015 Anime Season, First Episode Impressions (二)

Another post over the Spring seasons first episodes and my horrible shitty tastes.

What could possibly go wrong? Other than you all laughing at me…


Seraph of the End

I readily admit… half the reason I chose to pick this up is because since Loomy on CR was hyping it… I wanna see how it fails fares… *cough*

Anyway… putting that aside for now and putting my own thoughts here… I knew what to expect a bit here given I have read the first 3 volumes of the manga. I have the same sentiments of what I saw already said on Twitter about the MC being pretty much a new Eren Jeager protagonist at the beginning, whom I more or less despised in his show, and yes I went into this show knowing the MC was like that at the beginning of the series. I highly doubt this show will end up good for me honestly and I feel like most of the characters I will end up hating for one reason or another when they get introduced. Especially the MC since I know his view on the vampires (for good reason of course) is just kill kill kill from what I recall. Good reason or not though that makes a fairly bland, boring, and bad MC for me and I don’t know if I have the patience to wait for him to change. So in the end for me this show is probably going to be a “watch it to see how it falls and burns” sort of watch.

Not to entirely bash it though the visuals are pretty good, the music that I at least heard was interesting, and it has potential to be good. I just don’t think it will suit my particular tastes (which are shit) so… I may just be here laughing at it even though it is good. Kind of like what I did with Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill…


So this show I am going in completely blind. I got to say it looks kind of interesting actually… in a funny/odd sort of way. Though the first episode was honestly everywhere with any sort of story it was trying to tell. The characters are definitely an odd bunch with a tsundere, a girl who can see ghosts (this happens to be the main girl), their friends who… well were not much in the first episode, and a masochistic perverted cat. Going off the first episode… I have to say I am not entirely sure if I will keep up with it or not. While it had a few funny moments and a few other good moments with that… it was about it. There was no real hook I would say and that isn’t exactly a good thing to see on the first episode.

Plastic Memories

Wow. I was not expecting that. Like Re-kan! I went into this one blind. I don’t really know how to talk about it though without giving everything away but I will say I recommend it. It has a futuristic setting and some of the big plot points that I think will affect the main cast over the course of the series were brought into light. It had quite a few comedic moments interspersed through the episode and hell the last big with the second retrieval actually almost got me to tear up a bit. This series looks like it will be the sleeper hit of the season and quite possibly my favorite of the season… even if it ends how I sort of predict it will right now.

Gunslinger Stratos

I… am not sure what I just watched… at all. But there were guns and future tech and crazy dreams… and… and… I am calling time travel but it doesn’t exactly explain what happened either… could also be some sort of parallel world I guess. Of everything I have watched… this might have been the weakest start for me… even behind Re-kan! which was even behind Seraph. It might be good for some people but I found the writing and animation fairly weak and sloppy throughout the episode personally. The first half was only so so and the second half only really picked up because there were explosions, random fighting against lord knows who, and then with that cliffhanger(ish) ending. I may give it a couple more episodes just to test it out… but I have less hope for this than I did for last seasons shows (which obviously wasn’t much given I only watched 6 of them to completion).

I am going to go ahead an call the post to and end here. Even though I am sure there are more shows to be seen today I would rather keep the wall of text to a minimum for you readers out there. But I am pretty sure there is a good amount of shows left to be seen that I want to try out so I will still probably end up with two more posts after this at the very least.


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