Spring 2015 Anime Season, First Episode Impressions (四)

Judging by just how many more shows are supposed to come out that I want to see… we could easily see another two or three posts of just First Episode Impressions.

It’s crazy man…. IT’S CRAZY!!!


Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic

OH MAI GAWD IT IS SO FLUFFY AND LOVELY AND EVERYTHING I WANTED PLUS MORE! BRING ME MORE NAO!!!! I really don’t know how to explain this amazing creation of cuteness. If you saw the first season you know exactly what this show is like and if you are looking at Kiniro Mosaic 2 you came here expecting the same thing or better which this first episode has shown it is. This will be the moe/cute diabetic overload show of the season that is for sure.

Kekkai Sensen

Also known as Blood Blockade Battlefront I will remember it as and call it by its Japanese name. All right so… I really have no damn idea what was going on. But whatever was going on hooked me. There seem to be superpowers of some sort and some…. I guess they are aliens? But not exactly either I think. Anyway there are crazy fights against some crazy bad guys with equally crazy… well I dunno if they can be considered good guys…. maybe chaotic neutral? It looks like it could be a fun ride though, at the same time though… it has that style that could get boring after a few episodes and end up in the drop section.

Show By Rock!!

… What… in the world… did I just watch…?!

I… just… my brain melted and is oozing out of my ears.

OK gotta try to explain this…somehow… uhm… decent enough visuals yes. Story… uh… high school girl who wants to join a band gets sucked into a mobile music game. Then she gets some chibi animal form rocks out on a guitar and saves other chibi animals from a giant skeleton with speakers sticking out of its hands and head…

Just reading that alone makes me want to drop it but it is the only way I can think of wording this… I have to admit it did hook me… somehow. Maybe because it has been awhile since I have actually watched some music based show that wasn’t some sort of idol group like LL, WUG, or IDM@S. It will be one hell of a weird ride watching this one though… that is definitely for sure… I also have the distinct feeling right now it wont make it to the end for me.

There is plenty more to see this season but it is primarily a waiting game right now because the rest of what is to air is spread out over the next week and who knows when they will be translated by unknown and sketchy sub groups or CR and FUNi if they happened to pick them up. I thought though for the end here along with the 15 I have already previewed, I will spell out the rest I am going to try and am currently looking forward to seeing.

Still to Come:

Etotama: Looks cute and funny from the PVs so I hope it lives up to that.

Gintama: Just announced by CR and honestly about the only reason I would think of resubbing now.

Hibike! Euphonium: I have quite a few weaknesses when it comes to types of shows… like fantasy… or harems… another I guess could be any type of band show (though insane ones like Show By Rock! can be questionable) but I don’t do well with dramas… which this one sounds like it has… so we shall see.

Houkago no Pleiades: Honestly going in blind when it airs. But the synopsis sounds fun.

Kyoukai no Rinne: So this one has actually already aired… but no evil darkside subbers have subbed it yet (and my Japanese isn’t THAT good yet) and neither FUNi nor CR have announced it… so as of right now it is orphaned.

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku: Also aired but only just a few hours ago, so I am not honestly expecting it until later today or tomorrow at best.

Nisekoi:: Second season of Nisekoi so obviously I will watch it.

Ore Monogatari!!: This show is about as close to being hyped for something I can be. I have read up to the current English release of the manga and it is so bloody cute.

Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki: Woah I hope that ends up with a shorter name… like Sidonia 2. But yeah second season of Sidonia series.

Yamadakun to Nananin no Majo: Looking forward to this one and also not looking forward to it at the same time since the manga for me kind of nosedived a bit after a while.

And this is just what I am looking FORWARD to trying out. There is still like… 25 or 26 other shows out there this season (if you include shorts) that are either just not in my interest zone or continued seasons of shows… that were probably not in my interest zones (I am looking at you sports animes!) so there is plenty for people to watch.

Judging by the fact there are 10 more shows for me at least there will probably be at least two more posts of 5 each still to come for First Episode Impressions. Though obviously some of those impressions may end up a few days late so I can pile up 5 shows into one post.


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