Spring 2015 Anime Season, First Episode Impressions (六)

It’s kinda weird making this post right after my last one…

But of course it won’t be posted until I watch I think it was Nisekoi on Friday…

So right now I am talking to the future viewers… not the current viewers…

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey.

Also at the end of the post I will be predicting my rankings for the shows this season so it will be a slightly longer post.


Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku

Finally after being late and not even showing up on the filthy darkside can finally watch this one on FUNi. So our protagonist is a chuuni lesbian fujoshi who wants to have healthy… and probably unhealthy… Yuri relations with all the girls. She is deciding what school to go to just by the cuteness of the uniform. Has a cousin that is probably equally as chuuni and jokes about marrying the protagonist (though actually seems to be joking rather than anything serious). Has an ahoge that can turn into a heart and question mark. For it being late this show has quickly made up for lost time and probably just pushed its way into my top 10 of the season and a good damn chance of being top 5. That is ALL before the whole magical… or whatever is going on… shenanigans get involved also! Once that happens we get Kirito voicing a flying cat… crazy colorful explosions… and… well honestly I have no idea what it going on but its colorful and the amount of yuri exploding out of Eruna is amazing. Though they did get lazy with the background characters. Waiting to see where this goes, and maybe rewatching it without distracting myself like I am right now.

Houkago no Pleiades

I wasn’t expecting that. Anyway lets see if I can explain this in some sort of fashion. Aliens + Magical Girls + Crystal Broomstick things that sound like motorcycles. I dig it. The visuals are pretty pleasing while the story itself might be kind of all of the place, I don’t think I have seen a magical girl anime that wasn’t all over the place. I may keep up with this one just cause it kind of has an interesting premise I think. But at the same time… except for maybe the Illya spinoff I don’t recall finishing ANY magical girl anime from beginning to end.


I will admit this ended up being really interesting to me. There are two parts to the show it seems: First is what I will call the “normal” world here where the Chinese zodiac characters are moeified animal-esque girls running around the city together, while another moefied animal-esque girl (this one being a cat) is trying to become one of the zodiacs, though… she isn’t trying really hard or anything… while there is some teen human guy who apparently has some quality… something… that gives the girls a boost in powers… or something… The second part was a fun chibi style fight that for some reason I just thought was good and also makes me realize… I could probably watch a full show in chibi style if it was animated well enough. Anyways seeing the shenanigans between all the girls and the chibi fights and hoping they keep it up as they continue through the show it could be an interesting ride.

Punch Line

OK… so I have NO idea why people were liking this personally. I could not suspend my disbelief with everything going on I guess to enjoy it or something? I mean the characters are nice and kind of interesting I guess but the plot/story or whatever in the world was going on just made me so bored I couldn’t stop just saying “What the Fuck” like ever three or four minutes. Do not think this one will make the cut for this season.


The second season of oddly popular Shounen Jump series Nisekoi finally comes around and we continue right where we left off from the first season. We get all of the usual SHAFT flair going on and it could be interesting to see how well the continue the animation. That said though I am kind of at the same time NOT looking forward to this season because everything after chapter 50 (where the first season ended) is practically filler that goes absolutely nowhere. So pretty much the only point of the second season in my opinion will be to see the crazy SHAFT flair and antics that the cast provides. Namely Shu’s antics of course but it should still be a good ride for fans of the series I think… even if it won’t go anywhere.

Abuse... Abuse is good.

Abuse… Abuse is good.

So that completes my Spring Season more or less, I think there was one or two more shows that I was planning on actually watching but… yeah this will complete it.

I also decided on the last post to do something new where I kind of rank everything that aired from favorite to least favorite and maybe blurb about it a bit as to why I am ranking it where it is or why I dropped it etc.

So here we go!

Spring 2015 Anime Rankings:

Ore Monogatari

Ore takes top spot for me from First Episodes alone it was just too damn fluffy not to love. Also I am really looking forward to more of it.

End of Season Rank prediction: 8-10 out of 10

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Like Ore it is damn fluffy and cute girls doing cute things shows are one of my major weaknesses.

End of Season Rank prediction: 8-10 out of 10


I believe Danmachi has the potential to stay here in the top 5, but it really could go down mattering how it all plays out as well I suppose.

End of Season Rank prediction: 6-8 out of 10


I actually enjoyed this more than I thought I was going to and want to see how the cast all interacts to one another.

End of Season Rank prediction: 6-8 out of 10


Yuri fujoshi and crazy things going on made this fairly enjoyable and should be interesting to see how it all goes down. Also Kirito as a talking cat.

End of Season Rank prediction: 6-8 out of 10



End of Season Rank prediction: 6-10 out of 10

Nagato Yuki-chan

Slice of Life is another weakness of mine and using characters I know from one universe and putting them in different situations in their own universe is interesting.

End of Season Rank prediction: 6-8 out of 10

Plastic Memories

The comedy was alright. The almost bringing me to tears on the first episode was good. I just fear the predictable plot that could be coming…

End of Season Rank prediction: 5-8 out of 10


As with the first season this show for me is mostly carried by Hachiman’s inner monologue. Which is great so looking forward to it. It also could be potentially great depending what they pull out from it.

End of Season Rank prediction: 5-8 out of 10


While I fear the development of this second season… I still want to watch it.

End of Season Rank prediction: 5-7 out of 10

High School DxD

OPPAI! And…. maybe some sort of story.

End of Season Rank prediction: 6-7 out of 10

Kekkai Sensen

It has the potential to be great. But it wasn’t nearly as good as others said it was for me at least, so will have to see where it goes from here.

End of Season Rank prediction: 5-7 out of 10


Practically the only fantasy goods we get this season also I think it will end up being very interesting. Just ranked low due to the amount of better premieres.

End of Season Rank prediction: 5-7 out of 10

Show By Rock

While kind of weird it also was pretty interesting but I don’t know if that will honestly make it any good…

End of Season Rank prediction: 4-6 out of 10

Shokugeki no Souma

I fear this will end up like most shonen manga turned anime shows and end up as utter shit for me. We shall see though.

End of Season Rank prediction: 4-6 out of 10


I am not a huge fan of Mahou Shoujo. Twist up that Mahou Shoujo so now we involve aliens and motorcycle sounding crystal broomsticks and… I am slightly interested but only slightly.

End of Season Rank prediction: 4-6 out of 10

Denpa Kyoushi

Has a high potential of failing horribly. But I still got some good laughs in personally during the first episode so… will stick around for a couple more to see how it goes.

End of Season Rank prediction: 4-5 out of 10

Hibike! Euphonium

I forsee the potential of a lot of needless drama surrounded by not so great band sounds… not dropped yet because I am a KyoAni fanboy but… may have to grate my teeth some here or there depending how they go about it.

End of Season Rank prediction: 5 out of 10 in favor of KyoAni


This one… I feel like it has the potential to pull something from it that could be interesting. The aesthetics are pretty good as well. But the way it all came down in the first episode wasn’t all that great I felt. But will still hold onto it for now.

End of Season Rank prediction: 4-5 out of 10


*cough* Well… uhm… Sorry Sacae-sama. For me this just didn’t do anything for me. I think it could have been better in many ways and aesthetically it wasn’t all that great for me. BUT!!! At the same time it wasn’t completely awful. For now I will put it in the watch later pile.

End of Season Rank prediction: 3-5 out of 10

Seraph of the End

Ah… another apology… Sorry Loomy. This one just did not meet the hype standards it was given and there were some things I just didn’t care for from the first episode. But… I do know where the manga goes…so I will keep my ear to the ground for this one and if it seems to pick itself back up I may try again so for now it shall join the watch later pile.

End of Season Rank prediction: 2-5 out of 10

Punch Line

I really did not like what was going on in this… so many people seemed to love it but it was just… meh. In the end, dropped.

End of Season Rank prediction: 1-3 out of 10

Gunslinger Stratos

Aesthetically bad. Story awful. Bored the entire time. Dropped.

End of Season Rank prediction: 1-2 out of 10

Triage X

Award given for dropped before even finishing.

End of Season Rank prediction: 0-1 out of 10


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