Ore Monogatari!, Episode 2

While I am not quite sure yet if I will be writing about Ore Monogatari weekly. I can say that as of right now it still stands firmly planted as my #1 this season.

It feels like it has been awhile since I have done any sort of episode write-up so hopefully this post won’t suck.


Ore Monogatari is an interesting specimen for me as an anime. Very rarely do I get the opportunity to watch a series from a manga or light novel that I started before the anime starts. Usually I start the manga or light novel post season watching even though lately, especially in the last season or two and going on through this year, there are actually quite a few anime adaptations coming out of series I have read beforehand, but more on that on another day.

The episode starts out with a short recap of the previous episode intermingled with some new cuts of what Takeo is doing currently since it is all an inner monologue right before an insanely adorable OP plays that just shows the absolute cuteness of Yamato with Takeo and Suna sometimes being there as well. It is also a pretty catchy tune, though I may be bad at deciding that since I don’t exactly know what is good and bad.


Through most of the first half of the episode Takeo is busy believing Yamato likes Suna and is wracking his brain thinking of what type of girls Suna likes as well as ways to get both Yamato and Suna together as a couple despite his feelings for Yamato. This goes through such things as asking if Suna even has a pair when he replies saying while interested in girls he isn’t interested in dating feeling like it would be too tiring to go through, which confuses Takeo since he feels like you should be happy.

The intermission between part a and b is where Yamato is texting Takeo in class, because you know neither care enough about class to pay attention but care more about each other instead, well not that Takeo believes Yamato does. This of course is pretty funny for me because it kind of reminds me of when I first started texting. I was slow and clumsy like Takeo is with texting (though without the excuse of having huge hands) meanwhile people I texted were coloring shit and using animated emoji’s and things like that.


The second half is somewhat similar to the first episode where Takeo meets up with Yamato while dragging Suna along to have some of her handmade cakes. After eating some cakes Suna goes off to buy them some drinks leaving an embarrassed Yamato behind with a clueless Takeo. Of course Takeo using his dense cluelessness with trying to bring Suna and Yamato together begins telling stories from his childhood with Suna, pretty much making it a point Suna is a great guy while he is constantly being embarrassed.

They end up talking some more about the cakes as well as Yamato asking if she can keep baking for him. Eventually Suna comes, they have their drinks, and it is time to leave for the day. As they part Takeo yells out about seeing each other again but moments later a construction beam falls from above Yamato. Just as it is about to fall onto her, Takeo is able to run under it and hold it from crushing her.


Takeo ends up having a bit of an inner monologue about how it never works for him in a relationship because instead of going for the girl he goes for the beam. Which… I don’t really understand… though I guess if Takeo was of normal strength and stature going for the beam would have crushed them all anyway. As he slowly starts to lose his strength the other two come back to help him, where once seeing Yamato again he gets a spurt of strength and tosses the beam off to the side, which I also do not understand why he didn’t do that from the get go if he was strong enough to even hold it.

Putting aside my rationality though there is a lovely bonding moment between Takeo and Yamato as she thanks him for saving her. Which then puts Takeo is his own little world of bliss as he walks into a pole, bows to a wall, and gets stuck in a sewer manhole. That night he gets a call from Yamato which ends up with Takeo’s biggest curveball though he still in the end misinterprets it. Though he will soon learn the truth of it.


Ah even having to put aside my rationality of Takeo being able to lift (and eventually toss) a steel support I-beam (which for some reason seemed to bother me more here animated than when I read it in the manga) I still love this series and can’t wait for more. The only problem I could say I have with the series… is it does feel kind of slow animated? It works because of the show because of how much goes into one chapter but I don’t think I have ever watched a show before where they literally had one chapter per episode. Given the other three volumes I own only have four chapters in them as well, I can easily see it being 1 chapter per episode, hell a few chapters could possibly expand into two episodes per chapter.

Depending on how far they adapt to (12/13 or 24 episodes) this could adapt everything I know of the series or more. It should be a fun ride and so long as it stays as it is doing and adapts faithfully like it has been it should stay as my favorite of the season.


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