Spring 2015 Anime Season, Week 3 Round-Up

So we are entering the fourth week here this season which means I should probably go over how things have fared so far since their premieres.

Also even though this season is leagues and bounds better than last season for me I do plan to keep the same format (except for maybe Ore Monogatari!) and instead of doing single episode write ups I will just take groups of shows, or a list of all the shows like I am about to do, and just give my thoughts on them, because that works better with my writing style.


Even though all my thoughts are bad and completely boring.

Ore Monogatari

Still holding on firmly to my #1 spot this season with its faithful adaptation of one of my favorite manga series. Looking forward to it each week.

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

I like cute girls doing cute things so the cute girls doing cute things show this season is obviously doing well for me. Especially Kinmosa which does it so well.


Despite the fact that the Hestia craze has literally gone overboard I still am enjoying the show and want to see this LN animated. Hopefully it keeps on delivering good stuff.



The introduction of more of the characters plus the overall zaniness of the show is keeping this one fairly high up. Though it does have the potential right now to fail miserably by the end of the season, but if it stays as it is at least it should be good.


The Yona of the Dawn vibes this show gives off are so strong that I could almost see it being called Yona of the Dawn 2. The difference is that right now I am liking Arslan a lot more than Yona.


Hachiman’s inner monologue is doing great in the second season which is great because right now that is all I am really enjoying… Yukinon seems to be in perpetual bitch mode and is starting to grate on my nerves and Yui while I do love her seems to be less on her own side like she used to be and more on Yukinon’s.


I am expecting a lot of awesomeness from Gintama, but I can see it falling down in my rankings merely because it will probably be a long runner season and I want the short series here to have their moment of shining out.


Nagato Yuki-chan

This cute, shy, moe blob of a Nagato Yuki is seriously giving me diabeetus. Though maybe it is because I had my fill of Haruhi in HER show that I kind of wish she didn’t steal the spotlight from Yuki after showing up at the school.

Plastic Memories

On one hand the recent episode kinda slowed down the whole show but on the other it is still doing well in my eyes, just not as well as it was.


So far with what we have been given… it is exactly what I feared from this “season” of Nisekoi. The episodes because they have nothing connecting them really feel more like a bunch of OVA episodes rather than a full second season.

But Best Girl Tsugumi shines in her episodes.

But Best Girl Tsugumi shines in her episodes.

Show By Rock

This show… I want to hate it for some reason. But it is making it impossible to do that. So I am just going to enjoy it now.

Shokugeki no Souma

It seems people were expecting something from a show that many others were calling FOOD PORN. Seriously?! You expected something from THAT?! Silly people…

High School DxD

DxD though a great series needs to be watched in glorious uncensored HD. I am far too lazy to find the HD cuts that are uncensored on the dark side of the Internet. FUNi is censored right now. SO until FUNi had those HD cuts, this show has been put on the back burner.

Kekkai Sensen

Alright so first off: This show is not as good as everyone says it is. It isn’t bad at all don’t get me wrong, in fact it is pretty great (though the latest episode kind of did bring it down compared to the others) but it seems the praise for this show is so huge that I just can’t comprehend it and wonder if I am missing something from this show.



My initial thoughts for this show sort of went down since the premiere… while still good overall it just feels like something is missing… or maybe I am just watching too much and need to watch it later. No idea really.

Hibike! Euphonium

So this one time… at band camp… WOOPS wrong script. Anyway Hibike reminds me of my band days and although has the glory of KyoAni being its studio (one of my favorite studios for those who don’t know) I can’t shake the feeling of forced teen melodrama being there… and honestly I hate that stuff.

Denpa Kyoushi

While I can say I was enjoying the show… it just wasn’t cutting it enough for me to think about keeping it through the season. I may pick it back up post season since I was enjoying it at least though.


While I think the show had potential it sadly was just moving too slowly for me and I have enough to watch this season. So this ended up as a drop as well.



Again will apologize to Sacae here. But I can’t enjoy this show. It just isn’t that great in my eyes and I don’t see it getting good in any way shape or form.


Alright so even though I like cute girls doing cute things series… and mahou shoujo is fairly close to cute girls doing cute things… I just usually can’t get into them at all. So as I was always doing something else during these episodes I realized it just wasn’t going to work out.

Seraph of the End

For the sake of trying to say I liked it I did watch up to episode 3… but I saw the only thing from Seraph that would make me watch it show up and still felt bored.

Punch Line

Nothing made this show better from the premiere. That is all I can really say about that.

Gunslinger Stratos

I still question how people are even liking this… at all. But three episodes is enough for me to realize I wasted my time watching those three episodes.

Triage X

Won’t even bother going back to this after that premiere.

So it looks like I am down to 15 shows, with 2 more standing on the line. Unlike some people who as soon as they start a show they will finish, or at least make it to 3 episodes they will finish. I tend to drop shows whenever I get bored with them. This has been the case of going up to the second to last episode and dropping a show because of something I didn’t like happening or whatever. So there is a potential for any of these to still be dropped really.


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