The Belgariad (Part 1): Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician’s Gambit

I know I should focus on all my school stuff, my anime, and many many other things right now. But of course because of my random moods that happen where I randomly want to draw for an entire day or week, or do nothing but gaming for a week or two, or in this case start reading a 10 book series I am obviously not focusing on anything other than laying on my couch reading.

But even I need breaks and I decided what I would do is write a sort of blog post like Sacae does when she does her posts about books. Though probably not as good and a lot more awfully constructed because I am a horribly human being with poor skills at making things cohesively good. So on with the post!


The Belgariad is a five book fantasy series followed by a sequel five book series The Mallorean and two prequels Belgarath the Sorcerer and Polgara the Sorceress. 

I did get curious and looked up some other reviews of the series and they all seem to have the same hatred for it which I do not personally have towards the series, probably because I don’t think that much while reading I just enjoy the ride, and that hate seems to be towards Eddings use of stereotypes that seemed to shock the reviewers. I am not sure how exactly as that same type of stereotyping is done in the world today just as badly.

Anyway getting ahead of myself here a little bit. In The Belgariad follows the, adventures we can call it, of Garion. The story starts out detailing much of Garion’s childhood on Faldor’s farm where his first memories are from the kitchen and of his Aunt Pol. Now while I have read many series out there that attempt to show the background of the protagonist and fail I like that it works here in this series. It also goes out to detail why and how Garion acts like he does later as it was the way he was raised to behave and act.

As time goes on in the story certain events take place that propel Garion on a journey where overtime he learns more about the world and it isn’t all the sensible type of world he was grown up with. During his journeys he gains many companions such as the fiery dryad Ce’Nedra, the sly Silk, and the warriors Barak and Mandorallen. He also learns more about his role in the fated destiny of the world. All the characters in my opinion are great and fulfill their roles with flying colors, sometimes even better than intended.

I know a lot of the reviews out there said there are clear images of it being a ripoff of Lord of the Rings but really… what fantasy series out there now a days is NOT based off Lord of the Rings or Dungeons&Dragons in SOME form or fashion? Putting that aside though for me I think the world is amazing and it is obviously vast given the fact it takes weeks to months to get from one point to another. There are many different racial groups and religions and some of them clearly were taken from some point in history or some form of fantasy. Such as the Tolnedrans being clearly Roman based or the Algarians being what I see as Mongols during the height of Genghis Khan.

There are also fantasy elements such as “The Will and the Word” being the way to describe magic in this world or certain creatures such as Dryads or monsters of varying degrees. The fact that some people are essentially immortal and are practically on a first name basis with Gods. As well as plenty more things hidden among its pages.

I really don’t want to give too many spoilers or anything so I think I will cut it here… otherwise I might end up just talking about all three of the books I have read thus far… Overall this series is one of my favorites (this is my third time reading the series actually) and is easily probably in my Top Three of fantasy books out there. The characters overcome many personal and larger hurdles that come in their ways as the story progresses and there is a lot to love from the series.

But if other reviewers are to also predict your decision on reading books realize that the problems with the series seems to be its blatant use of stereotyping the races in its story. Which I still don’t understand being… bad… as it always happens in like every fantasy series and hell even in the real world. Also I can’t deny the similarities to Lord of the Rings but even that doesn’t dissuade my love for the series.

I would recommend this series to anyone who likes Fantasy series.


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