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Old Writing Tidbits – Part 1

I went through some of my old writing files. I’m someone that keeps even the tiniest writings I do forever. A writing pack rat. Decided to share these. Most of them are horrible to me, but thought I’ll let some people laugh at them.

There will be five parts. Four short scenes and one poem. I don’t even call them short stories, they are just 1 or 2 pages ideas of scenes.

These are pre-2007. Skeletons from my writing closest. I’m not even going to edit them, and I’m sure there are mistakes I’ll see after all these years.

Part 1: Hollow Night

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Devils, Heroes, and Video Games

OK so that title may be confusing. I’m sorry. Not really.

Anyway! Since my plans to visit family in Texas has backfired thanks to the tenuous relationship Mother Nature and the Midwest has I decided I should do something of a blog post today.

So today I will be doing a very light review of three Light Novels I own. I say a ‘light review’ because I have not finished any of the three yet, so really I probably shouldn’t be talking about them yet. But I still want to do a blog post about em. GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!


So let’s just consider this a post saying what I am currently reading and whether or not I suggest you should read them.

Up first!

The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Devil is a Part-Timer

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Artwork Extravaganza #23

Today is Art Day!

OK not really it is just Wednesday which means I shamelessly post art on my blog.

For today I did another follower/fan/whatever you people are submission day.

So enjoy the odd and amazing tastes of people who follow this blog (approved by me[oh god we’re screwed aren’t we?!].).

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Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 8 Highlights

OK so originally I wasn’t going to do this post this week and instead was going to attempt some single episode posts. But after writing up most of a post for Kekkai Sensen I realized I didn’t like it and scrapped it. Much rather prefer to keep doing it like this where I give short thoughts on all the episodes I watched during the week. As for why the blog has been silent… well Witcher 3 is really eating up my soul and with it my free time… I have put time aside to still watch anime but pretty much the rest of my time is in that game, asleep, or writing short stories which I may or may not share here eventually.

ANYWAY! On to anime.


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Artwork Extravaganza #22

So while you all get to look at pretty pictures I will be struggling through a math final… aren’t you all so VERY lucky…

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Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 7 Highlights

The spring season is still pounding along with quite a few great hits this season. But as with any season the further we get in the more some shows start showing that they lose their charm after a certain amount of time. Which means at this rate I might drop a couple more out of pure boredom of the show.

Yes I drop shows half way through the season if I get bored. I don’t care about being a completionist anymore, I want enjoyment not boredom for the last half of a show.

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“This War of Mine” Review

Today I feel like doing a game review. So I will do one over a recent purchase of mine and that would be This War of Mine. Now I haven’t done a single game review since my Dragon Age: Inquisition review back in November or if you want to count it my little Game-athon week back in February.

Either way though games have not been talked about for a while other than in passing so I thought it would be a good idea to bring one around again. The next one to show up will probably be Witcher 3 and that one will probably take a while to show up.

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The Life in Slice of Life

Good News Everyone,

I sort of recovered from being sick over the last couple of days. Yay me!

Today is Saturday and since I haven’t done one this month I will be doing a manga blog post. The theme for today’s posts are Slice of Life, which is usually a genre that is mixed with other genre such as Romance or even Action sometimes. But for today’s titles I am choosing ones that focus more on the Slice of Life than any of its other genres if they were to be considered having multiple genres. As such these titles might not be for everyone who need something more than just daily living stories to enjoy a manga.

Enjoy the post and I hope you find something new to read!

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A Wolfish Update

I have not completely disappeared! I swear!

Though those who know me from CR and Twitter knew that already obviously…

I got bored and decided to take part in a writing contest which you can see over there in the Twitter feed right now, but for those who want to see a direct link you can go here (oh and I would love it if you voted for me as well):

Now for some rambling updates about what is going on around here for me.

I am in my second to last week of school for the semester. I have my last big test before finals tomorrow and then my finals are next week. Which means my blogging should pick back up again after that.

I have some things planned that I want to blog about but my focus right now is definitely finishing up this semester and scrap by… I hope…

Other than school though not much is going on. I got myself the 2nd DanMachi LN, I plan to get myself Witcher 3 AFTER I finish my finals, doing that story above has kind of set my blood on fire for writing so we will see how long that lasts, and I still hope I can save enough money to get away for a weekend this summer (seriously I have not even left my city much less state in… 5 years now I think…).

So in ending just want to apologize to any faithful readers (really dunno if there are any… >.>) but the blog will pick back up again here soon.

Artwork Extravaganza #21

Huh… it has been awhile since I posted some art hasn’t it?

Well then let us all enjoy some pretty things!

Today I give the theme of Kekkai Sensen! Because I like the anime and because Chain.

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