Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 5 Highlights

I know the blog has been pretty silent lately. Besides other hobbies attacking my sanity and free time, seriously why did I have to start some creative writing NOW of all times, it is also my final month of this school semester… and let’s just say I am hanging on by a thread last time I checked (hoorah for being a horrid test taker). So I am using a lot of my free time now to study, cram, and work on homework and probably will be for the rest of this month. As such blog posts this month will be pretty sporadic probably and there probably will not be a lot of them.

So then let’s tie up this week and talk about some anime.



I am still surprisingly loving this show and as such it is still probably in my top 5 of the season. The only downside for me is it already seem to be going out of its way to seemingly rush through stuff to get to the fight/battle that so far is in every episode. It is on its way it seems to have a fight scene every episode and probably with a different member of the zodiac each time. Now that isn’t really the problem as the fights are some of the most amazing animated scenes I can recall in awhile. It is just the fact it almost blatantly seems to rush through everything else of the episode to get to that fight that irks me a little.

Mikagura School Suite

This show is good. I can say that without feeling bad. But at the same time it is bad. Especially in the art/animation of the fights. If they had perhaps spent a little extra time in that department to raise the quality overall this show could easily be in the top 5 of the season. As such though it gets dropped down fairly far on my list because of that little blunder in the show but it looks like compared to two weeks ago it will be here to stay instead.

Hibike! Euphonium

This one is really riding a fence for me. It isn’t so much that I dislike it, I mean there are shows I am ranking lower than it after all, but between the nostalgia of seeing concert bands and great quality KyoAni brings to the table hides some awful characters in my opinion. As such these awful characters bring down some of the elements of the show for me, and then there is still the heavy undertones of angsty teen melodrama that I can’t shake and even have cropped up a few times already.


This show rarely fails to make me burst out laughing. Sure some parts of the episode(s) can feel relatively slow but it comes back to strike hard. Also all the damned Gin + Tsukuyo moments made me squeal like a raving fangirl for that entire portion of the episode.

Best Couple 2015

Best Couple 2015

Ore Monogatari

Still staying strong in first place this season for me even though I can see where others are coming at when “attacking” it with how there seem to be a lot of crazy moments where Takeo puts himself in an almost unneeded amount of danger for Yamato. Luckily they are adapting this amazingly so far and from here on out it goes in a somewhat different direction than the needless danger.

I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying 2nd Thread

It seems… unless I am mistaken… that the events of the first season have not happened yet in this season… OR it is one of those shows that rather than a singular timeline it is picking and choosing across said timeline sort of like SYD and quite a few other shows out there have done. But it is still a nice and fun short that makes a day nice for me.

Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

Alright lemme just piss off like half of the fans of this universe. I don’t like Haruhi, at least in this show, like at all. Because of how this show is compared to say Haruhi’s show… all I can see her as right now is the character getting in the way of the possible romance of Yuki and Kyon. Of course that isn’t to say I am exactly happy with Yuki either since she is constantly tripping over her own feet and thoughts and making it nowhere. Putting that all aside though I am actually still enjoying this show and it barely just scratches into my top ten of this season.



At this point I am now confirming this “season” of Nisekoi as an OVA season. The episodes are just jumping from story to story and from what I remember of the manga it won’t be changing as there was really little of what could be called a story after the play arc to the arrival of Yui and hell even after her arrival is questionable of whether it pushed the story along or not. I won’t say I dislike this season… but it is low ranking right now being second to last of the shows I am currently watching.


It seems the Hestia craze has finally died down… somewhat… compared to the madness that was around for the first three episodes. Sadly no Freya craze happened… the anime has quickly caught up to where the manga is, perhaps being only a handful of chapters behind now and it has long since passed my knowledge of the LN’s. So here soon it will be entering whole new territory for me. Also moeboys are known for their powers of gathering countless amounts of harem members, Bell-kun is putting this fully to the test in the show.

Shokugeki no Souma

I…. almost feel guilty to be liking this as much as I am right now honestly… Like seriously at the rate it is going I can see it being in my top 5 depending really on how well Arslan and Kekkai Sensen keep doing. Really the only downside to this show for me is the fact I am tired of hearing Kirito’s VA everywhere this season. But we get to see one of my favorite characters from the series next episode so I think I can deal with Kirito’s VA for that.

How to explain Shokugeki to someone not watching it.

How to explain Shokugeki to someone not watching it.


Seriously Hachiman’s inner dialogue makes this show so much better than it should be. Aside from that though it seems our little bleak soul who thinks everyone in the world hates him as much as he hates them is realizing that isn’t quite true. I would like to see a relationship somehow form from here but that isn’t likely given the way Hachiman treats himself much less others.

Kekkai Sensen

So first I will say…. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON!!! But, despite that, I am still enjoying this series and I really think it is because of how the characters interact with each other more than the crazy Blood Bending esque skills and any sort of story that is going on (I know there is one I just can’t seem to catch on to it). But I would really like for people to stop saying this anime will save anime… anime never needed saving… and this show wasn’t going to do it even if it needed it.

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Yes Yes Yes. I know technically the 5th episode hasn’t aired yet. One could say that about quite a few of the shows here though so who cares. This show is giving me freaking diabetes though with how bloody cute and sweet it is. The Ayaya yuri vibes are going at full speed, the teachers are just too damn cute, Shino and Alice blatant love for each other is adorable, and Karen being karen is awesome. Really I can’t hate this series, it is impossible, if you hate this series I don’t like you.

Heroic Legend of Arslan

OK so first thing to make sure that is clear here is… Arslan is OLDER than Yona. If anything Yona ripped off Arslan. So saying that Arslan is a Yona clone with a different cast is technically wrong (let us put aside I made this comparison two weeks ago). The plot is similar… hell practically the same… and I can see why people would consider Arslan a clone of Yona as Arslan only had an OVA back in the… 90’s I think… where as Yona’s TV series came out before Arslan’s TV series was even announced I believe. Anyway, the show is good, I am actually really liking it. But it has something behind it that can make me kind of… ignore half an episode… I don’t want to call it boredom because it isn’t boring to me, it just kind of… tunes out? I don’t know. Still high up in my rankings though despite this and that could just be my love of fantasy series being biased.



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    >The Ayaya yuri vibes

    I know your feel.

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