The Life in Slice of Life

Good News Everyone,

I sort of recovered from being sick over the last couple of days. Yay me!

Today is Saturday and since I haven’t done one this month I will be doing a manga blog post. The theme for today’s posts are Slice of Life, which is usually a genre that is mixed with other genre such as Romance or even Action sometimes. But for today’s titles I am choosing ones that focus more on the Slice of Life than any of its other genres if they were to be considered having multiple genres. As such these titles might not be for everyone who need something more than just daily living stories to enjoy a manga.

Enjoy the post and I hope you find something new to read!

First up today shall be a personal top favorite of mine:


Seishuu Handa, a handsome, young calligrapher, uproots himself and moves to an island on the westernmost edge of Japan. “Sensei,” as he comes to be known, is a city boy through and through and has never experiences rural life until now. And by the looks of it, he has much to learn! Luckily(?), he has a willing teacher in Naru, the energetic expert islander, to help show him the ropes. But can Sensei keep up with the plucky first-grader, or will he get schooled?! Settle in for a heartfelt island comedy about a gruff on the outside, soft on the inside urbanite teacher and his new, unfailingly kind island neighbors!

Barakamon is perhaps my favorite manga, if not quite my favorite it would be in my Top 5. The way the characters interact, the daily life Handa goes through after moving to the island, and the energy of the series is just amazing in my eyes. The manga goes through the daily life of Handa as he adjusts to living on the rural island he is sent to after punching his boss at an exhibit. Him becoming an almost like guardian to Naru, and through her the other kids on the island sort of, and him learning all the differences of the rural life compared to city life, such as having no security at his home or the kindness of neighbors.

Hidden in the pages of Barakamon could be what one could consider some life lessons if you are willing to look. These usually take on the inspiration that works as Handa’s inspiration for his big pieces that he does for his calligraphy. One I really like is actually in the first volume in which you can’t see the way forward until you climb the wall in front of you. Well I could not possibly recommend this series enough to anyone and I think it is great so I would love to see more try it out.

Following Barakamon we have:


Silver Nina

Shimazaki Shutaro goes back home to the country, after losing his job in Tokyo. To his surprise, when he opens the door to his family home, he finds a beautiful little girl with silver hair and blue eyes. Taking place in a city on a plateau, a tired young man and a beautiful half Japanese girl bring you a story of the slow, calming life in the country!

Silver Nina, or Shirogane no Nina as it is known in Japanese, is one of the few series I actually read on CR’s very limited manga section. The story is sort of similar to Barakamon in our MC had a job in the city but after losing it to one reason or another goes to the country. Shutaro in this case also becomes a guardian like figure for Nina just as Handa become one for Naru. The difference being Shutaro and Nina are actually related, Nina being his sisters daughter, while they both live at his parents house.

Like most slice of life series there are some hidden life lessons here and there if you know where to look but other than that Silver Nina is full of its own charm and the way Shutaro and Nina get along is great. While possibly not as recommended as Barakamon this one is still pretty high up there.

Final manga for today will be:


Kimihara Himeno and her friends are just like any other high school students. Except they’re not. Himeno is a centaur girl, while her classmates sport horns, wings, tails, and halos. Yet even for supernatural beings, high school is full of challenges. Join the bizarrest student body you’ve ever seen as they grapple with daily issues of life and love in a mostly normal school setting.

So pretty much to my understanding with this series is that humans are the myths and legends while things we currently consider myths and legends like centaurs or angels are the normal thing. Also everything more or less comes in sets of six.. For example centaur = 4 legs + 2 arms = 6 or angel= 2 legs + 2 arms + 2 wings = 6 that sort of thing. Other than that though it really is just a story about high school girls full of challenges of going through school, dealing with love, and all of that fun jazz.

Though it does hit up on some different topics one could almost consider heavier for the material. Such as racial stereotyping where many places do not cater to centaurs and the antarctic (snake like) people are such a rarity that they are said that they eat children and other awful things like that. But those semi-serious topics are few and far between in the midst of the daily high school lives of the girls.

Of the three listed today this would be the least recommended. But I still find it decent and it has its own charm for its material that I enjoy.


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