Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 7 Highlights

The spring season is still pounding along with quite a few great hits this season. But as with any season the further we get in the more some shows start showing that they lose their charm after a certain amount of time. Which means at this rate I might drop a couple more out of pure boredom of the show.

Yes I drop shows half way through the season if I get bored. I don’t care about being a completionist anymore, I want enjoyment not boredom for the last half of a show.



Arslan has surprisingly continued to pique my interest with every turn, plot, and twist. Even if half of them are completely predictable and really nothing new to the table. Right now the “invincible” group is well on its way to becoming like some sort of prophecy like group if this were a Western story (possibly some Eastern stories as well) with The Prince, The Tactician, The Servant, The Musician, The Priestess, and The Warrior. Anyway I will keep looking forward to this as it goes along.

Ore Monogatari

Insert beautiful older sister character who harbored(harbors?) feelings for Takeo and sees through Yamato’s “lies”. I do have to agree with some that how is wanting to hold hands and be close with your significant other seen as not pure or whatever though… Maybe it is just the difference in how we are raised versus people in Japan are raised? No idea really. But once again together Takeo and Yamato work their way over another hurdle in their relationship with plenty more to come on the way of course.

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Adorabludgeoned. I am using the coined term that anitwitter used for Ore Monogatari awhile back for this show now. Especially with “rocker” Karen, Karen’s mom, or all of the freaking Engrish this show uses. It just gives me diabeetus every damn week. I am going to die from cuteness. Also the teach duo is killing it and I love it.



First of all the true OTP of this show is Totsuka and Hachiman. I DO NOT CARE FOR YOUR YUKINO OR YUI SHIPS ANYMORE!!! Also hand waving guy… go die I hate you stop waving your damn hands, and take your hippy buddies with you. Seriously just about EVERYTHING of this show that is not just Hachiman and Totsuka can go burn. Actually Yui stuff is alright… but Yukino is in perpetual bitch mode and it is annoying. The other school and their hand waving is utter bullshit. Zaimokuza, Saki, and Shizuka are barely in the show. Hayato seems hell-bent on proving he isn’t a nice guy. Iroha while alright sometimes is an idiot. WHY AM I STILL WATCHING THIS?! For scenes depicted above of course.


So many people seem to dislike Danmachi. Yet continue weekly to watch it. Only to seemingly tell me about how much they disliked it. It’s like SAO but I care more for the characters this time around. I’ve listed my favorite characters before, don’t feel like doing it again but putting that all aside for now I am really enjoying the show. The cast works well together and the characters are great. Now that the anime is in territory I have not read about before its even more interesting because I have no idea now what will happen next. Also I hope somehow they can animate the Aiz spin-off story. Would love to see that as well.


If there was one show that has continued to shock me in how much I actually enjoy it… it would definitely be Etotama. The premise was a little bit silly, the art wasn’t amazing (until the battle scenes), and really until the ball started rolling it didn’t have much going for it. But it is one of the shows that I just can not wait to watch every single week. The cast is great, the comedy is great, and I will admit… if they somehow made an anime or game using JUST the animation of inside the battle sequences. I would love it.


Shokugeki no Souma

My favorite girl was introduced! Nikumi definitely had some of the best episodes so far in my opinion though I may be biased due to her meat jiggle physics. Other than Nikumi though the show is pretty much still going on as it has been with typical shonen flair but instead of kicking each others asses it is all about the food.

Kekkai Sensen

Kekkai Sensen has the potential right now that if it keeps up its pacing and greatness it will cause a power shift on my Top Anime List. This is partially aided by the fact of Nisekoi’s downfall this season but it is also because Kekkai is just that damn good in my eyes. Sure a couple of episodes here and there might be a bit slow but really it is just amazing. All of which seems to be about to hit overdrive here soon.

Hibike! Euphonium

KyoAni jazz and good quality seems to work well with this show. Sure it isn’t anything stellar or amazing but it is good. I also learned the other day that everyone has different tastes on just who is actually best girl from the show. By the way it is clearly Asuka Tanaka. Because yuri.


Any problems I have with Mikagura can simply come up to the it needs a better budget line. If they had more behind their fight scenes I just think it could make a running for my top this season. But it just doesn’t quite deliver. Still though the MC makes it quite enjoyable so I am still enjoying the show.



I really was hopeful actually for the second season of Nisekoi. But this season has turned out to be more of an OVA season than any sort of continuation. But since it IS a second season and I count all material together when making up my Top Anime List, this show is going to drop DRASTICALLY on my rankings. The only time I have honestly enjoyed this second season so far I think is when Tsugumi, Shu, or Ruri have shown up. Chitoge, Marika, and Onodera just annoy me too much now.


While still hillarious Gintama seems to be suffering this time around for me where they will have one half of a show be funny and the other half fall flat on its face OR they will run a joke WAY longer than it needs to run and it runs out of its novelty gag and becomes annoying. Still going to keep up with it, but more in hopes of seeing the next serious arc that Gintama does every once in a while.

Nagato Yuki-chan

Eh…. On one hand I am liking this show. On the other I am disliking it. But seemingly for completely different reasons everyone else is liking it. I liked this show as it was at the beginning. Nagato, Kyon, and the rest of the cast BEFORE Haruhi showed up. Now that Haruhi has entered the picture I just seem to be disliking it now but of course everyone else seems to be opposite of me and enjoy it more now that Haruhi is there rather than before Haruhi was there.

Shows I Need to Catch Up On:

Show By Rock

Plastic Memories


Shows that are a Part of My Rotation*:

World Trigger

Assassination Classroom


Spice and Wolf(r)

Soul Eater(r)


Magic Kaito 1412

Fate/stay Night

Space Brothers


*My Rotation is my little thing that could be considered like a backlog list. These are shows that I just can’t mentally or physically sit down and watch in one go. So I take them a couple of episodes at a time and mix them together. So like one day I will watch an episode or two of Mushi-shi, the next may be an episode of Spice and Wolf and World Trigger. Things like that. Ones with (r) at the end are ones that are being re-watched.



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