Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 8 Highlights

OK so originally I wasn’t going to do this post this week and instead was going to attempt some single episode posts. But after writing up most of a post for Kekkai Sensen I realized I didn’t like it and scrapped it. Much rather prefer to keep doing it like this where I give short thoughts on all the episodes I watched during the week. As for why the blog has been silent… well Witcher 3 is really eating up my soul and with it my free time… I have put time aside to still watch anime but pretty much the rest of my time is in that game, asleep, or writing short stories which I may or may not share here eventually.

ANYWAY! On to anime.


Kekkai Sensen

This episode really just confirmed the blind love anitwitter has for Chain (myself included) her lines were amazing and Zapp’s reactions to said lines was great. The rest of the episode was pretty solid as well and I will be ready to admit that as of right now Kekkai Sensen is well on its way to make it into my Top Anime list.

Mikagura School Suite

Mikagura is still suffering from the same disease it has suffered all season long with. The battle animations just are not up to par with the rest of the show and it REALLY brings down the overall quality in my eyes. The comedy though keeps it up for me so I still enjoy it somewhat.

Hibike! Euphonium

Hibike is actually surprising me fairly well for how much I am enjoying it and I don’t think it is just because it is pretty, shiny KyoAni goods anymore either. They are actually telling a decent enough story mixed with understandable drama for the most part and it is one of the few shows I actually look forward to watching each week this season.

Ore Monogatari

Ore has finally moved away from the constant put Takeo (and others) in danger for story mode it was using and has started moving on towards other elements one can use in a love story. My blind love for this show may still put it up in my top anime list though. Even though I know it is faulty as hell in some regards.


Assassination Classroom

I have fully caught up AssClass now so I will start considering it a part of the season line up. It is SOOOO weird to watch though because I am caught up on the manga… and the recent arc going on in the manga just makes everything else seem so… different.


They did a recap episode… I mean it worked with HOW they did it… but they did a recap episode… in the middle of a 12 episode show… that just… isn’t good in my eyes…

Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

This show goes to show the differences in though processing that most of the people I follow of twitter have versus those I talk to on the CR forums. Because on twitter everyone hates/dislikes/whatever else towards Nagato and absolutely love Haruhi. Whereas on the CR forums the general consensus seems to be that Nagato is better than Haruhi and Haruhi is ruining the show. I am in agreement with the CR forum users here as every time Haruhi has gotten on the screen I have groaned and just count the seconds until she gets her annoying mug off the screen. As such though I obviously have started disliking the show and I have moved it as a dropped show for the season.

Shokugeki no Souma

Nikumi is no longer going to be a big part of the show… such sadness… but I should still enjoy the show for the most part. It has been a fun ride and the manga is kinda somewhat enjoyable so it should stay that way for me through the rest of the show.



I mentioned this already but this season… if we want to call it that… I am not really enjoying much. The only parts I have thoroughly enjoyed so far is when Shu has shown up for something. Now Haru has been introduced and I can hope for something kind of happening for maybe another episode or two. Of course I was not expecting Haru to sound like that though… hopefully I can get used to it.


Good lord that episode though. It easily cured the meh feeling I was having of this season and brought it up in my personal ranking of the season. I am really curious how things are going to turn out for Hikigaya though I really hope it doesn’t end up with Yukino… even after she sort of redeemed herself in this episode she still grates on my nerves endlessly.

Plastic Memories

So I am finally admitting PlaMemo is NOT as good as it is trying to make itself out to be and that I have been fairly bored of it the last couple of episodes. It is joining Nagato and the others in the dropped pile.

World Trigger

Like AssClass I have finally caught this show up so I will start considering it as part of the seasonal shows. Other than that really not much for me to say about the show… it’s alright and getting a lot better with the war bit going on and from what I remember of the manga will get better.



Holy hell that fight though. That was without a doubt the best episode this season for me and not just for this show… it might be for every show this season… though that MIGHT be pushing it, it really wouldn’t be that far off from the truth.

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Moegirls are too much. My sugar levels are rising. Karen tricking Alice is just too much. I am going to die from cuteness overload.


The story is really picking up in Arslan and I am really enjoying the hell out of it. It surprises me more do not seem to like it though. I am not sure if this one will make it into my top anime list or not, but it has the potential in my eyes to make it for me.

Show By Rock

This show is less about the girls and more about Shingancrimsonz or whatever the hell their name is. But even if they shifted their focus back on the girls… I really am just not enjoying the show anymore. So it joins the others in the graveyard.


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