Old Writing Tidbits – Part 2

Second part of Pre-2007 writing brainstorms. Random scenes trying different things out. Not even short stories.

Remember these are unedited and raw. Mainly because of this scene itself. This was the first one I read when looking at old files.

It has probably, in my mind at the moment, the most horribly written character I ever done. He is painful to read personally.

Part 2: Cold Night

It was a horrible winter. Snow fallen all week and it continued tonight. It simply refused to stop. The flakes floated down lazily, only to be interrupted by my movement through them. It gave me some pleasure to disturb the persistent snow’s descent. My gloomy annoyance had grown each passing day. It felt the winter’s attempts at beauty didn’t belong here. Looking up at the buildings towering next to me, I was reminded why.

In a place as grey as this city, the white flakes seemed only to mock their surroundings. As if to make that point clear to them, each step I took dirtied the collective flakes that had gathered on the ground. A trail of footprints tainted the empty sidewalk behind me. I didn’t care about ruining the fresh snow. Piles of the grey mesh were already lining the streets. The grimy mountains were the city’s way own way of ruining winter’s gift of snow.

It didn’t surprise to me that the city had destroyed the winter wonderland people had hoped for. The city ruined anyone and anything with it. If that didn’t make sense, then you aren’t cynical enough. I am. Enough so that even the lights of Main Street, up a few blocks, were dim in my eyes. Everyone should be cynical of the world, I think. The only downside was that I had no one I trusted or wished to be around. But, even so, there was a man that I trusted and he walked beside me now. His steps were rushed, with a little hop in them, and it was clear that he wanted to move faster.

“Come on, Joey! Why did you have to be such a kill-joy? That party was just getting started!” The man said with a look of scorn on his face, noted by me with a side glance. I shrugged in response and his face relaxed. He had already moved on, forgetting about being disappointed. He was use to it by now.

The man’s name was David and he was the only one I called a friend. He was twenty-five, but looked younger. His auburn hair reached just over his ears, full, and curled at the ends. A few strands lay loose over his green eyes. That night he had worn a coat, seemingly like a sensible person, but it was opened and offered little protection from the chilled air. It wasn’t smart, yet, it was quite normal for him. Once he had told me why. It was because he liked to ‘feel free’. He said things like that, and it always annoyed me more than whatever level of annoyance I already been on.

I answered him. “Did I say you had to come with me? No, I believe I did no such thing.”

Disdain increased in his face, with a touch of childlike hurt. A retort came from him. “Right, but has that ever stop me?”

He laughed showing his childish anger. “If I didn’t come and bug you, I think you would walk these streets forever.”

It was true, I would have lost track of time and just wandered around. Only wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and an opened brown leather jacket myself, I had even less protection from the declining weather. My choice of winter clothing may have seemed more insane than the man’s next to me, but my reasons different. I wanted to feel the cruel coldness of our society’s death that winter represented. Yes, just wander until someone found me the next day.

“I probably would, your right.” A smirk could have been seen on my face, the only signs of joking acknowledgment I knew.

“But, I saw nothing better to do. Walking, walking nowhere and passing by the truest form of human decay.” We had walked by a homeless man in an opening of an alley as I said this.

David smacked me on my back for saying such a thing. This was the usual reaction when I tried to pass my cynical teachings on.

“Sometimes, you make no sense Joey…none. What kind of crap is that? I think you need to learn how to truly enjoy yourself pal.” He had said as if he was correcting a child for getting a math test wrong.

I had grown more annoyed, but for a different reason I could not place. David, himself, started to walk backwards as he studied me. He had calmed down rather quickly, his expression one of concern now. A look he gave me every once in awhile, one that put me on edge. It felt like he was judging me, pitying me and my outlook at life.

“Stop that…” I grumbled, looking away and focusing on the only other near-by; the homeless man who was gently snoring under some cardboard and bundled in many old pieces of clothing. He must have been cold and I briefly wonder if the winter and the city would join together to get rid of him. I wonder if he would die soon, tonight even. It was hard to tell if this thought made me sad, as if I pitied him, or if I was happy it proved my point on the cruelness of the world.

“Joey…Joey, listen to me.” David softly says to me.

I look back at him, feeling dazed as I was pulled out of my thoughts. He must have been talking beforehand and I hadn’t noticed. He looked even more concern now. It was tiring, all of it was tiring. I dislike the snow, the city, and now him.

“What?!” I shouted, suddenly not being able to hold it in. I could no longer keep my calm before his pitying eyes.

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