Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 9 Highlights

Another decent week of simulcasts has passed us by as the season starts dwindling towards its end and the hyped summer shows are getting more attention from people. I may do a post in the coming up weeks to show what I am personally looking forward to seeing from the next season but as always there are only a handful I am aware of and I will at least try mostly everything that comes out.

Anyway… putting next season aside since we are still calmly going through this season let’s do this!


Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Oh my god the level of cuteness coming from this episode was insane as hell. Starting out with the Karen and Alice tennis match followed by the Ayaya x Yoko exchange I just could help but have a big stupid smile on my face the entire time I watched the episode. Seriously why can’t good shows like this one last forever like Naruto or One Piece?


After the epic fight that was the last episode this episode was definitely more tame, calm, and I would even maybe say down to earth comparatively. It was still a good episode though as Bell met the smith who crafted his armor and his party further expanded. With the end of the season near and this being only slated for 12 episodes I believe I am really curious where the series will be ending and if there is a chance another season will be down the line because with how it is going I could see this being a very epic journey eventually.


I think at this point I am now hate watching Nisekoi. Between the manga dulldroms, this season being more or less an OVA season (which I honestly should have known going from the manga), and too much focus on characters I honestly could care less about I am really just not enjoying this continuation of Nisekoi’s anime. Really the only reason I haven’t just dropped it is because I want to see any Shu x Ruri + Tsugumi moments animated.


This episode for me continued off the good vibes the previous episode gave me that renewed my interest into the season. While it wasn’t quite as good perhaps as the previous episode it was still a good episode overall. Also Komachi is like the best little sister ever.


Hibike! Euphonium

Good lord did the anime community implode with this episode. Given just as with any situation when it comes to anime there are multiple thoughts and sides to what people saw and thought. Some thought it was just those playful yuri undertones everywhere in anime (which is most likely), some thought it was legit Reina x Kumiko relationship stuff going on (which I hope for), and everything else about the episode was pretty much forgotten or overlooked because of said events. I don’t think I saw a single person talk about the fact Hazuki ended up heartbroken (even though anyone could have seen that coming a mile away) and that Midori has a freaking moe as hell tiny clone of herself.

Mikagura School Suite

I currently feel as if Mikagura has hit its peek. It hasn’t gotten much better since it started this season but at the same time it hasn’t gotten any worse either. Which is perfectly fine for me because I have enjoyed it since the first episode and while I like everyone else love to see something get better while watching it I am fine and content with it just not getting worse either.

Kekkai Sensen

Things are picking up it seems here in the show and it still confuses me how the CR forum community and the twitter community are so vastly different when it comes to this show. But putting that aside it really looks like things are going to come to head here quickly over the last couple of episodes and it makes me wonder if they are planning for a second season or are wrapping it up.

Assassination Classroom

Another decent AssClass episode that was still weird as hell watching after the manga arc. Good thing weird can still make for good episodes.



The Eto-shin go all Mario Kart in this episode. Much better than the recap episode that happened last week in which we get to go back to the hilarious hijinks of the entire cast together.

Ore Monogatari

More of what makes Ore Monogatari good while Takeo prepares to celebrate Yamato’s birthday. I’m looking forward to see where they end this season compared to the manga and whether they try to go for anime original ending or set it up for a second season.

And that would be all I ended up watching this week. Missed a few things that I normally watch because of other things I was doing but I probably won’t get to those until tonight so I decided to just leave them out.


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