Old Writing Tidbits – Part 4

Part 4 of old writings.

And I lied in my first post. This would be 2010. From a creative writing class, assignment a poem. I didn’t do poems much anymore till this.

This one has a small funny story behind it, and is the poem.

I’ll show the poem first, and then tell the small funny story behind it.

Part 4: Awake the World

Awake the World

Abrupt order rings
through the damp dawn air
that covers the darkened room
of only one thoughtful being.

A creature of the unknown
that shapes the world as it awakes.

It comes with an untainted soul,
through the unsettled seas
of blankets and stained sheets
it slumbered peacefully in.

Innocent in its beliefs but
betrayed by its corrupted actions.

It is the central rocky mountain,
that stays forever alone,
existing in the middle of it all
or creating all that exist.

Always observing all.
Always defying all.

Though it lies alone in bed now,
slowly moving as clocked time
refuses to cease its booming call
and demands to be silenced.

The mountain stands now,
unable to handle the sound any longer.

Twin bases settle upon the ground
as the summit rises to look,
over the fog of doubts,
towards the continuing order.

Funny Story Behind This

Mostly you don’t tell people your thoughts behind a poem. It’s better to let people come up with their own thoughts.

The ‘logic’ behind this poem, aka what I was thinking of when I wrote it, is how hard it is to wake up in the morning.

My teacher loved the poem, and thought it was about a night after sex…..or something. And was impressed I went there or something. Wrote about someone waking from sex, not having sex – hopefully.

Worse she told the whole class her thoughts.

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