Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 10 Highlights

Another week of anime takes another week of my summer away. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing of course when I get more or less consistently decent episodes from the shows I have chosen to keep around.

I also actually gave myself some goals to try to accomplish this summer so I get to have fun seeing how many I actually accomplish! One of the goals was eat and since I am eating right now I guess that is one accomplished. Yay fat me!

Some of my other goals include:

Practicing/Studying more Japanese.

Writing my stories (current one is about 2/3 or so done and will come up on the blog in parts later).

Meeting up with fellow blogger(s) Iblessall and Sacae next month.

And that is actually about it for big things planned right now.

ANYWAY! Enough of my own digressions on with the post!


Shokugeki no Souma

Somehow I forgot to talk about Shokugeki last week… But I can pretty much sum up how much I loved the episode(s) with just one simple line: Souma and Erina humming the ending song together.

It was the best thing in the world.

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Oh sweet gods of moe. A beach episode with the most moetastic creatures ever created is the cause of rivers of blood to form. Add in the scenes of Ayaya being incredibly gay for Yoko, Shino and Alice having no concept of geography, and the teachers taking their own vacation and this might have just been the best episode yet. Of course every episode is great so it doesn’t really matter.


So… once again the only parts I enjoyed were seeing Shu talk about making money from selling DVD’s of the girls in bathing suits and Tsugumi in her bathing suit.

Really why am I torturing myself still with this show?


Urgh just as I unfortunately predicted things are starting to feel rushed now in Danmachi. While I have not read the LN’s to know where they go to I do know that the season is coming to a close quickly and Danmachi has left a lot of threads about for potential stories to be talked about. So either they are going to bank on a second season which I won’t trust because I have seen plenty of shows end at a point where a second season could begin and never go anywhere. Or they are making their own ending, which like I admitted I won’t know if that will be the case or not because I have only read the first two volumes of the LN.


Mikagura School Suite

Mikagura stays consistent. Though whether that is consistently good or consistently bad seems for me to depend on what is going on. I love the comedy that Eruna and the rest of the cast is able to provide but there are some parts of the show that I just feel like I tune them out completely.

Hibike! Euphonium

To the insane high that was caused by everything that went on in the previous episode this one seemed so much more calm I suppose. We got the post festival moments between the main girls with Hazuki telling how her confession failed and how Midori felt like it was all her fault. Then later Reina sets Kumiko’s thoughts on track by saying she won’t give up on the auditions. Which all ended with the auditions and I have to say I am surprised but at the same time not surprised by who did and didn’t end up making the cut.

Kekkai Sensen

Oh my GOD!!! This episode! Maybe it is because I ended up saving it until today and I just needed the humor or something but I was in stitches watching this episode and finally understand what some others were saying with how the rest of the episode and the ED song did not match up with how the episode ended itself. I can say for sure right now I will not feel bad at all putting this show in my Top Anime list at the end of the season.


Piyo-tan episode that focuses more on Nya-tan training to fight Piyo-tan at shogi than it actually focused on Piyo-tan. Which is a shame because Piyo-tan is kinda awesome looking/acting but I won’t complain too much because unlike some who watch the show I enjoy seeing everyone. Including even Nya-tan.


Assassination Classroom

Nagisa-chan. You’re a trap.

Another decently good episode of AssClass that is still somehow weird to watch because of everything that has happened in the manga but still good to watch overall.


Comparatively this episode for me was a lot weaker than the recent ones that brought the season up from being so bad in my eyes. But it was still good and running with the good vibes the others gave that gave it a still passing grade from me.

Ore Monogatari

That date was possibly the second most moe thing I have ever seen. The first being Kinmosa.

Also Takeo is a bro and everyone freaking knows it.


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