Wrapping up the Spring 2015 Anime Season

So the end of the Spring 2015 Anime Season is here. For the most part everything I am watching is ending I think so what I wanted to do this time around is as I watch the final episodes I will write down here like I usually do but instead of doing it all at once on Monday or Tuesday like usual I am starting this early on Friday as I watch the weeks worth of anime.

So then let’s get right into it, well for me, you all will be seeing this in a couple of days at best.


Shows That Are Ending:


Etotama was an interesting surprise for me this season. While some episodes fell flat overall the entire show was good and the cast was lovable (yes even Nya-tan you haters). They also maybe perhaps left it with an ambiguous ending? That may have given me even the slightest bit of hope for a possible second season or OVA’s down the road. Who knows.

Ending Score: 7 out of 10


Hello! Kiniro Mosaic-

Technically this ended on my last post but I thought it would be a good idea to bring it back up due to me not giving it a score or really saying anything about it. As I did mention though it was tied as my favorite (even if it was a blind love pushing it there) and thus earned my highest score possible.

Ending Score: 10 out of 10



Well damn that was one hell of a raid fight going on that Bell then owned in the end. Seriously want more from this though I have no idea how far this adapted from the series or anything like that. Not to mention any sales figures or what not that actually controls most of the time whether shows get a second season or not. I know the Hestia craze was huge so that might have helped it out.

Ending Score: 8 out of 10


Assassination Classroom-

AssClass was thoroughly enjoyable to watch (and for some reason I already started rewatching it) and it ended amazingly. I honestly can’t wait for the second season to come next year. Yeah I know I said it was weird sometimes to watch mostly because of things that happened in the manga . But that still didn’t make it bad or anything.

Ending Score: 8 out of 10



Well that was… something I guess.

While I enjoyed the latter half of the season overall the ending was lackluster and meh for me and the first half was bad in my opinion. I didn’t mind the staff change and all that from season one to two so that didn’t bother me really at all. But I guess in the end I just got bored of High School: The Anime. Really all they can do from here if they choose to continue is focus on the relationships and pair Hachiman with someone, which as long as it is not Yukinon… I guess I am alright with that but not interested enough to probably watch it if it came out.

Ending Score: 6 out of 10



On the outside I really liked Mikagura for what it was. But I know deep down it wasn’t all THAT great. It suffered for not so great animation especially during its battles where it could have used it not to mention some episodes seemed to be all over the place and I caught myself more often than not actually doing something else during the episodes.

Ending Score: 6 out of 10

I'm not even bothering finding a screenccap of the final episode.

I’m not even bothering finding a screenccap of the final episode.


Ugh… god… this was awful. Just… awful… the season was so bad in every direction possible. I enjoyed literally one episode of this trash this season and it was the Shu episode which in the end while I enjoyed it undoubtedly it also pissed me off for various reasons. I honestly have no idea if I will bother picking up the 3rd season if it even comes.

Ending Score: 3 out of 10 (and only that high in favor of 1) I finished it 2) Shu+Ruri 3) Tsugumi)


I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying 2nd Thread-

Without a doubt this is one of my favorite shorts to come down the pipe in a while. It tells a great story in a short amount of time and really it has decent enough artwork/animation that it isn’t an eyesore to watch.

Ending Score: 7 out of 10

Continuing Shows:

Shokugeki no Souma-

Currently in the middle-ish of their training camp arc and with still plenty to go from the manga still thoroughly enjoying this show and curious how far it will actually adapt.

Current Rating: 7 out of 10

Ore Monogatari-

I noticed the other day they actually skipped a chapter or two. Specifically ones that kind of make Yamato seem quite jealous. Found that interesting. My knowledge of this series is waning though as the last episode (not including the currently skipped chapter or two) ended with the 3rd volume of the manga and I only have read 4.

Current Rating: 10 out or 10 (blind love is blinding)


OK so don’t tell anyone this but I am behind by 2 episodes. But unlike a certain someone from CR/Twitter I am actually still enjoying this series and think the animation is great rather than what said someone says about it.

Current Rating: 7 out of 10


So this is actually a complete assumption about it continuing because I don’t actually see anywhere stating it ending or continuing in the coming weeks. But I can’t picture Gintama ending with just 13 or whatever episodes. So… guess we shall see?

Current Rating: 8 out of 10

World Trigger-

Like Gintama above this isn’t actually listed to be continuing or not technically.

But it was confirmed 50 episodes and we are only at like 36 I think so that means it is I am fairly sure.

Current Rating: 7 out of 10

And that pretty much wraps up my season.

Kekkai Sensen is apparently on break this week due to some scheduling error or something and I don’t feel like waiting until Hibike Euphonium and it comes out to put this post up.

For fun I feel like I will also add in my scores of other shows I ended up dropping and some of my final thoughts from said shows:

Dropped Shows:

Nagato Yuki-chan-

5 out of 10.

While it wasn’t necessarily bad of a show Haruhi popping up into the show kept annoying me beyond belief and I just couldn’t stand it after the 3rd or 4th episode of her popping up. I heard it got a bit better but I still feel like the whole thing is bait to bring in more Haruhi fans rather than letting Yuki get her own show.

Plastic Memories-

4 out of 10.

It was slow. The comedy was really hit or miss. And honestly it had a plot that I sort of predicted assuming it actually ended the way I thought which I am too lazy to find out if it did.

Show By Rock-

3 out of 10.

While the CG stuff was decent enough the story itself was paper thin for me and after a certain time it seemed to turn into a show about the boy band rather than the girls and I just got bored of it honestly.

High School DxD-

X out of 10.


Good question. I have no idea.

Really this one probably shouldn’t be on this list at all. I only watched one episode saying I would come back after it was done and preferably uncensored on a decent stream. But then stories of it flopping cropped up stemming my appetite for luscious demon boobs.

Denpa Kyoushi-

4 out of 10.

Honestly I actually liked this one at the start. If I remember correctly I actually trimmed it off so I could focus on school work. So I may come back to this one but I also may not. May see later.


4 out of 10.

Again I liked it but it was slow. Slow enough that my enjoyment of it started fading a few episodes in and I couldn’t bring myself to keep up with it during school.


3 out of 10 (sorry Sacae)

I don’t really know what it was about Rinne that made me really dislike it as much as I did. But it was just bland and boring in my opinion and couldn’t catch my interest at all.

But at least fellow writer on the blog Sacae liked it. So fans don’t lost hope in me completely.

No I don’t know how Sacae affects me either.


2 out of 10.

Car Commercial Magical Girls was really bad and boring a few episodes in and I didn’t wait to see if it got better.

Seraph of the End-

X out of 10.

Fully ready to admit I dropped this because I just didn’t want to keep up with it. I may pick it back up during some downtime but it’s hard to say.

Punch Line-

2 out of 10.

I have been told over and over this got good.

But I don’t think I can overlook how it started to continue on with the show itself.

Gunslinger Stratos-

1 out of 10.

Really this show is only getting a point because I finished the episode at least before I said fuck it.

Triage X-

0 out of 10.

It is rare from anime that a show can do something that will make me drop it before finishing an episode. Triage X managed to offend me greatly enough before even the halfway point that I give it my first ever 0 out 10 scoring.


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    Your final thoughts on Oregairu sum it up really well.

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