Summer Anime 2015 First Episode Impressions

Good News, Everyone!

You are now reading this in the voice of either Professor Farnsworth from Futurama or Professor Putricide from World of Warcraft. But putting that aside for now it is the start of the Summer Anime season and of course that means we need some First Episode Impressions!

Yes I do realize this is technically late. But that is because this will be a bit different from the usual.

This season Sacae and I decided we are going to attempt to work together on the weekly episode impressions and see how we fare. This may just end up being a seasonal thing or mattering how we like it, it could possibly become something we do from now on. (Sacae’s Note: I’m only doing seven shows, so Wolfie is a lone wolf in some places.)

So let’s enjoy our summer anime!



Wolfe- Well that was certainly… something. Wow. I mean it was hilarious sure but… I don’t know, the way people were praising it I thought it would have been something else entirely I guess. But given the concept of the show, how funny I found it, the characters themselves, and visuals. I will probably enjoy this one quite a bit. Not sure if it will last the season but I should enjoy it at least until I get bored of it if that happens.


Wakaba Girl-

Wolfe- Yay! More CGDCT anime! A shame it is a short though cause it feels like it could work as a full length series, though that could just be my love for CGDCT. The cast is great as well from the first episode and I expect a lot of hijinks to happen through those short few minutes of fun.


Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-

Wolfe- OK so that was definitely interesting. While perhaps using a slightly overused anime/JRPG gimmick of random people suddenly become heroes and ride off to fight the demon king (or in this case god) this one has some interesting marks on it. First is it seems to be rolling with an Aztec theme which I don’t think I have honestly seen in anime before. Second the visuals are pretty great. Third the characters seem pretty interesting so far. Lastly the fight that was in this episode was pretty decent. All of these combine to have made a fairly damn good first episode.

Sacae- There is a lot of things to love in this anime so far. The artstyle is great, the show looks pretty, the Aztec theme feels fresh and cool. Character designs are awesome. Adlet is a cocky main character who is freaking hot, in my opinion, and fights with style. I’m a big fan of cocky guys done right, and he is done right so far. Big fan of him. (Cocky guys gone wrong can kill me though). The Saint of Blades is funny and cute. Loved her sticking her head in the cell randomly. She is strong and ready to go.

The highlight of the show was their whole talk in the prison. It showed both their personalities well, the exchange was funny, and they played off each other nicely. Plus they gave us a lot of information without it feeling draggy.

The combat was smooth and fun to watch, overall nice nice nice.

Looking forward to more, but not as hyped as a few other of my shows here. (It’ll be after Aoharu, Gangsta, and Laplace). But, for sure watching weekly.



Wolfe- YAY!!! It’s back! I am seriously like crying tears of joy! I mean other than maybe Non Non Biyori this was what I was looking forward to the most for this season. Really I don’t know what I can say about this. If you haven’t watched it or dislike it I don’t like you. Going from the first episode there were a few little flashbacks but nothing that really interrupted the flow of the show. I hope some sort of relationship actually forms this season, as long as it isn’t male-Yamada and Inami, but I won’t exactly be holding my breath for it either… because Anime is disappointing.



Wolfe- Gangsta is a bit of an interesting one for me personally. While on one hand I near completely despise any sort of crime centric shows the story, visuals, and characters that were all introduced here in the first episode make me quite a bit intrigued actually. I am kind of curious to see where it will be going from here on out is a sure thing.

Sacae- A lot of people were hyped for this show before it came out, more people after it came out. I liked the sound of it, but had no personal hype.

NOW, that’s changed. The first episode was very on point for me. I loved the opening and ending song, and the style of the show. Nicolas is my favorite character. It’s interesting to see a deaf guy in an anime, the sign language was a good detail and when he spoke it was on point. But, even without that cool detail, I really like his personality so far. Him giving the handkerchief, and kicking the car and speaking up against the cop. His insane smile as he is brutally fighting. I really loved it all. His partner I haven’t gotten too attached to yet, but I do like him. He is kind of laid back and somewhat goofy, if that makes sense.

I liked Alex, but we don’t know too much about her yet. What I liked was her signing ‘thanks’ and the reaction to her boss being killed. At first she is lost, and even upset at them for killing him, but then she processes to just shooting the mother-fucker. It was interesting to see.

I’m interested in learning what’s up with Tags and the gangs in this city. So this is one of the top shows I want to watch weekly.


Rampo Kitan-

Wolfe- I have to admit I am kinda interested in this one if only because I personally have not watched many detective type shows in anime. Actually not sure if I ever have. Not entirely sure though on the 13 year old boy who looks like a girl working with the 17 year old amazing know it all with the 14 year old probably has a crush on the 13 year old boy third wheel. But I guess we will see how it all plays out. I can deal with the first two but that third one kind of grated on my nerves there by the end of the episode. (Sacae’s Note: Straight men can grate sometimes, which the third wheel kind of is. But with two emotion-dented guys into murder-solving to kill boredom, you need one sane-ish person.)

Sacae- The is my surprise of the season now. I was interested in it from what I read: I’m into murder cases and strange stuff. The opening I watched a few days before the show itself, was bloody awesome to me. Music-wise and look-wise. And now, after watching episode 1, I have to say this is my premiere of the season.

I have a thing for murder cases anime, or crime puzzles. Spiral, Cased Closed, but also creepy crimes like the human dolls in Psycho-Pass. I like crime horror too, which this has a vibe for. It hits all those points. The art style and directional choices are interesting to me, and I liked most of them. The music and the style mix really well. The last four minutes or so of the episode, when he started the music and they talked about the case and then the cops come, and the main guy and the detective do their parting lines – it was great to me.

Talking about the main guy and detective, I love their personalities. Bored and pained geniuses are a character type I guess I really like. The main guy’s excitement at life becoming fun, in the worse way to some other – you know – sane people. And the way the detective understands it and sees cases as a game. Plus detective is clearly pained. Both are on point to me, and their exchange in the end was good. ‘The game….’ ‘….has started.’

Aoharu x Kikanjuu may be the show I’m hyped about going into the season and if adapted good, there’s a lot I’m going to like in it. But, this is probably the other show I’m most excited about with it. This is my top blindly going into it show.



Wolfe- So this is apparently going to be an anime take on the Snow White fairy tale I guess. Lets see… picking apart the first episode since I am on a roll doing that. I like the characters, especially Zen and Shirayuki, and the story seems like it could be interesting mattering what they do and don’t do from the various Snow White fairy tales or make their own. There were already some shoujo moments here and there but nothing so glaring that if you dislike shoujo that it would pull you out of watching it I would think. It should be interesting to watch through the season.

Sacae- There aren’t many Shoujo show’s I really get into. More so weekly, often Shoujo shows drop off in the third week for me. Most of these shows I like is because I marathon it at a later date and, again, that ain’t many. I’m saying this, because so far that is the only thing kind of not going well with me about the show. The Shoujo vibes.

But, other than that, there was a good bit I liked. The main heroine knows what she wants, and what she doesn’t want, and goes right into action when she decides this. She doesn’t want to be the prince’s mistress, so she runs away (after making herbs for people), she wants to give Zen herbs – so she goes right into action and hurts herself, she wants to help Zen poisoned, and she goes to do that. She keeps her mind on that too. Zen gives her a chance to take any frustration on the other prince, and she says one thing and then asks for the antidote. So, I like her pretty good.

Zen is a tad too prefect for me, but I do like some of his viewpoints. Their exchanges are cute and funny. I like his sidekicks more, haha, I love the strong female knight with him. She’s has a neat personality, in my opinion.

All and all, the show was cute and enjoyable and funny……but I’m not really looking forward to more, or like ‘where is next episode?’. And with the other prince already scared away, I’m not sure what to expect from the show. What kind of other conflicts will come?

So let’s see if it lasts pass week 3 for me weekly. For now I’m interested to see where it goes.


Aoharu x Kikanjuu-

Wolfe- In this seasons edition of ‘I break Sacae-sama’s fragile heart’ I am no where near in love with this show as she seems to be with it. I am sure a lot of it is nitpicky and stuff that will seem normal(ish) when playing their Survival Games but there was quite a bit strewed across the episode, all centered on Sacae favorite Hotaru, that just annoyed me plenty. Such as breaking the ground with her foot or a wall with her hand then when jumping on tables or chairs they would shatter into dozens of pieces as if a bomb went off. (Sacae’s Note: Which were all awesome things, silly Wolfie.)

But as I said that is probably just being nitpicky and will seem less out of place when in proper Survival Games. Its saving graces are so far: I like Survival Game anime, or at least the ones I have seen in recent seasons, and the other two that are not Hotaru, the host and mangaka, seem fun and interesting. As for Hotaru… I suppose I can learn to deal with her but it won’t be a quick nor easy process to do so. (Sacae’s Note: You Hate My Waifu DIE!)

Sacae- Me talking about this show wouldn’t amount to much more than fangirling really. This was THE show this summer for me. The premise sounded decent, I read the little bit of the manga translated (Only up to 2.5 at the time of 7 volumes) and then looked at all the raws. I was very excited by the end of that.

The first episode didn’t disappoint me. The comedy was on point for me, the action scenes looked pretty awesome. Hotaru is my favorite character. She is INTENSE and strong, but can also get flustered. She has a powerful sense of justice and can fight.

Really, I can ramble on, but I’m so bias I’m going to hold off. When more is revealed, then I’ll go on a bit. Or if the adaption gets bad.

This is my top show to watch this season.


Classroom Crisis-

Wolfe- OK so while I didn’t fall asleep watching this like others kept complaining about. I will admit it was kind of meh. Also the attitude of the transfer kid is pure shit and it is almost guaranteed already who he will fall for if he falls for anyone. Not sure if I will keep up with this one. While it was “alright” it was simply just that. Nothing really going for it at all and I need to skim some of the fat off of this season.



Wolfe- While a little slow I actually kind of like the characters here, though the MC is certainly on the edge of whether I like or hate given how he used his powers like that, like Classroom Crisis it was alright, neither bad nor good really, but unlike Classroom Crisis I might give this a couple episodes as a buffer to see if it gets trimmed off or not in the end. Not sure how it all will pan out given it is Key and Key hasn’t made much that I enjoy.



Wolfe- Normally I do not like getting critical on anime shows. Also normally anime shows generally fall into a particular bucket of 1) It is complete trash and shouldn’t even be mentioned, or 2) It is watchable with varying degree of how good or bad it actually is. This show though happens to fall in its own bucket though.

Coming straight out of the first episode Gate has things that I really hate about it. First off is the mixing of any sorts of modern military (tanks, guns, etc etc) with any sort of fantasy (magic, swords, bows, dragons, etc etc). The second is responding to violence with violence. I mean yes I understand the concept of why we do that as a human race but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I’m also not saying that defending yourself is a bad notion. When the army came through the gate and started wrecking up the city obviously you should defend yourself. But then retaliating by sending yours through to their world… that is where my issues start to rise.

That said though there are things I did enjoy. Such as the MC not being a middle/high school kid somehow in this situation (because adults are magically not around except in authority positions) and is actually a middle(ish) aged adult. Following that the story does seem OK from what I can tell if I can ignore the blatant militarism. Lastly the rest of the cast looks like they may be fairly enjoyable though that will need to be seen when we actually get to know them a bit.

For now I will keep up with the show but it is really balancing on a very fine point needle of whether I drop it or keep it.


Jitsu wa Watashi wa-

Wolfe- First off I will never call this Actually, I am. Second off this was one of the series I was looking forward to and dreading the most this season (along with maybe a couple others…). I have read the manga currently out and it remains currently one of my top favorites. As such that means this anime adaptation has A LOT to live up to for me. So really this will probably sound nitpicky but hey I don’t give a damn!

So I am just going to start listing things off here I guess: So far ALL the female characters voices do not match their characters as I imagined them to sound reading the manga, this isn’t exactly a good nor bad thing since obviously their voices as I imagined them probably never would have lived up. The art is visibly and vastly different between the two but this often can happen, will probably need a few more episodes to decide if it is a killing factor in its score. As for the guys they actually all sound spot on, specifically Sakura and Shima, so that at least alleviates that particular pain.

Going into how well it was adapted (or not) is a little hard to say. As for how faithfully it adapted I will just say it did alright though I am probably going to miss the outrageous faces that the manga depicts.

Anyway. For now I will stick with it to see how it goes. But I fear my love of the manga and the way this is looking to be adapted thus far may not coincide together and I will just end up dropping it.

Sacae- This was just okay really. The artstyle isn’t that appealing to me, the comedy wasn’t on point to me.

But, I really enjoyed the romance, friendship, and vampire situation. The whole scenes with the main character and the vampire chick was the highlight for me and I really really enjoyed that.

I’d likely keep watching. It’s an easy show to kill off 30 minutes with, but I’m not looking forward to it. Will see if it gets better.


Ushio to Tora-

Sacae- The main reason I was looking forward to this anime was because the preview gave me Yu Yu Hakusho vibes. Being an older manga, this makes sense. And Yu Yu Hakusho is one of my top anime of all time. So that’s the reason I checked this out.

First episode was decent and enjoyable, had a good amount of things I liked. But, it had nothing great right off the bat. I like Tora’s Im evil-but-bad-at-being-evil feeling. ‘I won’t eat you’ ‘What will you do if I let you out?’ ‘Eat you.’ I like Ushio, he’s classic old school to me. I like his spear-long-hair form and the intense feeling when they fault. The two chicks seem interesting.

That’s about it, nothing else really stood out to be and it’s not that high on my list. But, I’m keeping it cause it has potential to get to stuff I love. Took awhile for Yu Yu Hakusho to really pump it up.

So, enjoyable, but nothing notable. My only worry is the amount of episode verse the amount of source. Would be better if it had more episodes.

Wolfe- OK so that sort of wraps up the summer season. I mean there is plenty more out there. Non Non Biyori, Symphogear, Monster Musume, and… and… I am sure other things… yes I am sure. Anyway another thing that we decided on what throwing in some rankings. So first up will be Sacae’s… since she actually did hers before hand and isn’t thinking it up on the fly…


1. Aoharu x Kikanjuu (Huge Bias)

2. Laplace

3. Gangsta

4. Rokka no Yuusha

5. Snow White

6. U/T

7. Jitsu wa

Wolfe- And for mine which I am totally just thinking up here and now…

1. Working!!!

2. Rokka

3. Wakaba Girls

4. Gangsta

5. Jitsu wa

6. Aoharu x Kikanjuu

7. Shirayuki-hime

8. Gate

9. Rampo Kitan

10. Shimoneta

11. Charlotte

12. Classroom Crisis


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5 Responses to Summer Anime 2015 First Episode Impressions

  1. iblessall says:

    Sacae, your description of Tora as “evil-but-bad-at-being-evil” is probably the best assessment of his character I’ve read yet!

    Also, I really enjoy reading these posts with both of your opinions in them!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. JekoJeko says:

    I’m with you regarding the worries about Gate, but the first episode has a given me high hopes that the show will deal with the whole blood-for-blood issue as a questionable part of the show. The use of that little girl, especially at the funeral to the side of their advance into the Gate, surrounded by a child’s world – the fantasy stuff – becoming an adult’s world – the military stuff – really stood out to me as the show making the viewer rightly uneasy about its premise.

    Felt like Outbreak Company had grown a pair. 🙂

    Really enjoyed these impressions. Hope you give Charlotte every chance; I know Key aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the show really makes it look like they’re improving in ways I’ve always wanted them to.

    Liked by 1 person

    • An interesting comparison to Outbreak Company there because I didn’t think of that actually. But that was another case of mixing the modern military and fantasy elements that ended up working well (by mostly ignoring the modern military).

      I also agree how they specifically used that moment with the child and the MC to more or less force the unease about the premise.

      I will be trying Charlotte and have to say that it kind of makes me think it will be different from other Key shows. Mostly because what I recall from Key shows is they make it seem normal then all of a sudden hey some sort of weird magical power is actually here in the world! Where this one is coming straight out and saying “Hey! We have supernatural powers! Enjoy!”.

      Liked by 1 person

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