Summer 2015 Anime, Week Two [Part 一]

Wolfe- Our second week of Summer anime has begun and with this week nearly everything has aired now except for I believe Kaleid Illya, which is set to air in two weeks I believe, so this should be it from now on! More or less at least…

As was mentioned in the last blog post this is Sacae and I attempting at having joint blog posts done for this seasons simulcasts. Now as to why that was the last blog post even though it was a week ago… well I mentioned somewhere on Twitter that between writing, an odd sleep pattern going on right now, and me being fat… well I just have not gotten around to really doing anything else. Though I do have some things planned to be put up on the blog soon, including but not limited to more of my writing, so look forward to that.

Due to ending up liking and watching way more than originally planned (I think…) we decided to split the post in half(ish) until there are enough cuts to go back to one post or until the end of the season!

Sacae’s Note: Guys, Wolfie is turning Yandere on me.


Gakkou Gurashi-

Wolfe- This was a helluva right hook. The episode starts, and tricks us for the primary time of it, out just as many of a CGDCT shows would. With our main character being at school, going to class, and having hijinks happen to her with a dog that happens to also live at the school. What played with my head watching it was I was semi spoiled, not by other people because I watched it as soon as it came out, but by the synopsis which I read before hand.

“I thought this was a zombie show…” I kept thinking this over and over again as the show just sort of rambled on. A handful of minutes before the end I just shrugged and thought. Eh maybe it was a different show… and then BAM! That scene change happened and it all finally clicks together. The subtle hints they gave through the episode with the other characters and areas they visited. Why everyone sort of used gentle words and hands on the MC. Essentially the MC snapped and is in denial.

Definitely looking forward to this.


Himouto! Umaru-chan-

Wolfe- So at first this show really hurt my head.

I didn’t really understand why or Umaru went from the popular beauty high school girl to that shut in chibi form and back. But after it happened multiple times I just shrugged and put it off as her chibi form being more of a personification of her sloth like attitude and that her popular beauty self was simply a mask she wore out in public.

Overall it was pretty humorous but I do believe it was a tad too long. It probably would have served better with half length episodes and twice as many episodes. Rather than its full length episodes.



Wolfe- So for first episodes this definitely wasn’t the best. But neither was it the worst. I am intrigued and I like the cast a lot actually. But good lord can the Japanese learn to name things? Specifically when it comes to powers like the kids have. I mean… those were some REALLY awful names they gave the kids powers or nicknames or whatever.

I want to give it a few more episodes before I decide on it since I feel like a lot of shows will end up being trimmed off to keep me sane. As of right now it is good enough to continue and I can ignore the names that bother me.


I only seen the first episode of this and I’ll say it was ‘pleasant’. Really, that was the overall feeling I got from it. It wasn’t bad nor good. The aspect I really like was the Family element. The family members really like each other and the interactions between the different ones were interesting to see. You can spot the different types of relationship a few had. I also liked the characters themselves from the bit we can tell of them. Hence my biggest worry of the anime is: Big Cast with Small Amount of Episodes. Really, with so many family members, I feel some won’t get the attention I would like.

Overall, there was nothing I disliked in the episode. It was pleasant, something a’ight to watch. It didn’t excite me enough to go watch episode 2 yet. (Though Funi’s delay cast of it here really didn’t help, cause I was in the mood for it the day it aired, but not by the time Funi had it out.) So it’s on ‘when I’m in the mood I’ll watch it’ list.



Wolfe- Well color me interested here.

I will admit I am a fan of the now becoming classic stuck in a game shows. SAO, Log Horizon, and .hack// for instance. Overlord brings another player into the table this time a game is being brought offline and one of the last loyal players so to speak of a certain guild stays logged in while the servers are taken off. But when he opens his eyes again he is still playing as his avatar but now the NPCs are reacting to him and obeying orders they normally wouldn’t have.

Mattering where this series goes it could be a real hit or miss for me. So I guess time will tell with this adventure.


The episode bored me. The artstyle is kind of dull to me. None of the character designs seem interesting to me. And I dropped it.


Jitsu wa Watashi wa-

Wolfe- OK so the second episode confirms my fears.

This is a pretty shit adaptation.

BUT! Putting that point aside for right now it is good on its own accord. I thought this episode was higher on comedy than the first and through the episode after hearing more of their voices the females are starting to sound less completely shitty and awful and more towards their role.

I’ll probably keep with it just to see how bad of an adaptation it actually ends up. But as for the show itself not being compared to its source material it will probably be a decent enough watch at least.


Have not felt motivated to try episode 2. Despite finding the classroom exchange in episode 1 cute as I said last post.


Kuusen Madoushi-

Wolfe- Holy hell of bad episode premieres. This was absolutely boring for me. The three main girls were absolute trash honestly and while the MC’s “I really don’t give a fuck” attitude was nice and everything during the episode it hardly makes up for the rest of the awful cast and boring premise which I have seen in like a dozen other “I want to be a harem” shows.



Wolfe- While I can’t say for certain if this episode was as good as the first I think that goes down to how I still feel about the show itself.

I am teetering on an edge trying to decide for myself if the show is going to be a bad crime drama and I want to drop it or if it is a good action show and keep with it.

Luckily the visuals are pretty good, the characters are awesome, and the hidden world behind these ‘Tags’ has me intrigued.

So for now I am keeping with it. For how long… we shall see.


This episode was awesome. I really  like the style, flow, and/or directional choices that go into this show. (Someone named Bless could phrase it a whole of a lot better than that.) But, really, the way the show looks and is composed really nails it for me. More so in episode 2 than 1. It was the first time in awhile I literally thought about how well an episode was put together even if I can’t really say how so. The small details in this episode were awesome too. The screenshot Wolfie choose being one of them. Worrick’s ‘ciao’ being another. The scene in which Nicolas is begging/signing to the Doctor as he has a needle to him, was perfect.

I really can’t think of one small thing I disliked. I’m enjoying this so much I even went ahead and ordered the manga. A lot of things attract me to this story/show/manga. The premise, the characters and character design, the city, the Tags, and the interactions with everyone. Nina and the Doctor were great new characters.

Alright I’m done gushing here.



Wolfe- That was certainly an interesting character introduced. But just as last week I am just fangirling over Working being back much like Sacae is fangirling all over AxK. (Sacae’s Note: Yea, I can’t talk about AxK on the blog, cause it’ll just be a fangirl mess.)


Kangoku Gakuen

Wolfe- Humor wasn’t really on point for me. Censoring was the bad kind. You know the glaring lightbeams taking half the screen? Other things that just didn’t click with me.

For now considering it dropped unless an uncensored version shows up then I may backlog it post season.


So I tried episode 1 for this, which I wasn’t planning to. What I know of this show/manga, it wasn’t on my radar or in my ballpark. And that hasn’t changed.

I don’t like seeing guys getting beaten up for 15 minutes straight, rather they enjoy it or not, and at no point was it funny to me. This type of humor really doesn’t do it for me. At all. I much prefer the comedy in Dirty Jokes than this. (Even though Dirty Jokes is in the ‘just a’ight’ range for me.)

The highlight of the show was really the main character and his crush’s interactions. They were oddly sweet in a crude show and I liked them. Not enough to sit through this crap another week though.



Wolfe- I feel this would have worked a lot better as a bit longer of a short. Maybe just up to 8 minutes like Wakaba Girl.

But even with that crippling fact of 3 minute episodes it was a decent enough start and I may just keep it because it will only be 3 minutes out of my day.



Wolfe- Is it just me or is this show suffering some bad animation along with a unhealthy helping of still screens where nothing at all happens and it is just text or scenery?

Not that still screens are always bad but when mixed with bad animation (from parts I am recalling) it isn’t a good combo.

I like the characters and want to keep it… but at the same time I might just be dropping this one for now.


Episode 1 was really cool and impressive to me. I was totally on board, and now I’m totally off. This episode was really weak to me.

First problem: People complained about the world-building talk midway in episode 1 (the exchange in prison). To me that was done nicely, I liked it. The character backstory delivery for the princess in episode 2 was horrible. It was uncomfortably done, paced badly, and just boring. Uncomfortable in the sense we were learning a good amount about her, some sad stuff and so forth, but I felt nothing and it felt weird for her to be saying all of this too.

The whole 2/3rds of the episode was paced badly to me, the last 3rd was alright. The fight was less interesting than the episode 1 fight too.

This episode 2 was a big downgrade, and it makes me sad that it went down for me. I’m interested in the world (I liked the bit about the Saints, and god picking only women, and I want to know the Saint the main character knows.) And the anime looks pretty to me.

But I was half bored and half ugh during this whole episode……normally when a show does that whiplash from loving episode 1 to disliking episode 2, it hurts too much to go on. So this may end up being a drop for me.


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