Summer 2015 Anime, Week Two [Part 二]

Wolfe- Onto part two of our weekly tastes in simulcasts!


Monster Musume-

Wolfe- And with one episode Monsume has skyrocketed into first place as my favorite currently.

Am I biased? Of course. Look Ore Monogatari was my favorite last season because of how well it was being adapted. It doesn’t really shock me that right now Monsume is my favorite because of how well IT was adapted.


Mila was cute. Smith is my favorite girl. And main character’s eyes were MVP. Overall, very cute, funny, and strangely sweet. Wasn’t expecting to like this show as much as I did. (Though on the lower end of my season’s shows for sure.) I didn’t like when it dipped into racism. Not that the topic doesn’t deserve to be talked about, but I just kind of wanted a light-hearted and sweet show. But, I’ve been told this is dialed down rather quickly, so it’ll be fine. Maybe.


Ranpo Kitan, Game of Laplace-

Wolfe- Laplace is interesting. I can admit that. You don’t see that many detective like series with such a serial look like this. I mean… turning humans into chairs? Pretty fucked up. Interesting, but still fucked up.

That aside though… other than the cases themselves there isn’t much holding me to the series right now.

The third wheel who clearly likes the MC… well his possessive personality pisses me off really… I was told it was probably just him protecting his crush from getting into something dangerous… but still pissed me off honestly.

The MC falls into the trap category which… while not annoying… doesn’t do anything for me.

Then there is the 17 year old know it all who well… just seems like a giant bore.

So my final decision after this first case was to set it aside to watch post season.


Unlike Wolfie here, this show is hitting it out of the park for me personally. It’s in my top 3 of the season and has two of my favorite characters of the season. The main character and the detective are so messed up in such a delicious way. While there are some weak spots for me personally, in which I mean a few spots that felt off or had something that just didn’t click, overall it does so many things interesting. Character-wise, setting up the scenes for talking about the crime, and the art/design choices in explaining stuff. Love the music too.

I do dislike third wheel guy, but not for the same reason as Wolfie. He just is boring compared to the emotionally-dented other two. Which, as I said, is his job as the sanity straight man, but it still doesn’t mean I like him.

The comedy upgrade in this episode 2 seems to go two ways for people, feeling off or liking it. For me, I really like the odd comedy moments, it worked to make the whole thing feel disconnected to the tone. ‘Feeling off’ I think is kind of what makes it cool. I’m one that liked the Corpsy scenes.

But, as I said, as much as the art and design of the scenes I like, when its all together, the weakest point for me is that it doesn’t flow from one to the other just right for me. Verse how Gangsta I feel does a bang up job of composing their scenes together.


Classroom Crisis-

Wolfe- Maybe I missed something. Maybe this is actually good past it’s alright/decent cinematography… or whatever you wanna call it.

But for me this is boring. Not the worst this season by far. Just boring. So consider this dropped.


Aoharu x Kikanjuu-

Wolfe- As predicted Tachibana’s sense of justice and ability to destroy the ground with her feet seems completely normal in the survival game situation. While I am still not as big of a fan here as Sacae is the show itself is decent and fun to watch.

I’m also noticing a sort of weird Ouran vibe here… perhaps because of the Girl who looks like a Boy occurs a huge debt to a Host Club and must work with said club to pay off said debt. Just this time instead of flirting with naive girls we are shooting guns. (Sacae’s Note: Which makes it better to me.)


You guys….I don’t know how you will handle what is to come. But, alas I can’t say much as a manga knower. This episode was adapted well, I enjoyed it, watched it four times. I am too far gone. I can’t talk about this without gushing, and I’m already gushing on Gangsta which I don’t know what is going to come.



Wolfe- Ahhhhh a part of me really wants to like GATE. Like REALLY wants to like it.

Unfortunately right now the focus of Gate (and some things I have heard that happen in the manga that I hope to GOD does not happen in the anime) does not really click with me at all.

Basically I hate the militarization/militarism going on. Add on the whole I do not like my modern tech meeting with my fantasy tech mental conundrum I am left with a rattled brain by the end of the episode.

Will still be staying with it because I do like it despite this gnawing annoyance happening. I just hope later episodes do less focus on the military and more on other aspects of this world.



Wolfe- It clicked with this second episode why exactly I like this show.

Its perverseness, comedy, and characters themselves really remind me of SYD.

Pretty much this compared to SYD is if everyone BUT Aria was actually brainwashed innocents who wasn’t even taught basic biology or any science and Tsuda was the accomplice to Aria’s dirty tactics while pinning for Shino.

Anyway yeah. It’s perverted comedy on a teenage level in a world where pretty much anything “dirty” or “obscene” or whatever else you want to call it is banned. It’s actually pretty good.


I only watched the first episode and the episode 2 opening song so far, but I’m liking it. And since I didn’t talk about it at all last week, might as well.

The jokes don’t hit me as strong as other people, most missed me even. Only the joke/terrorism at the end of episode 1 had me laughing out loud. I will say though, even if I didn’t laugh, the jokes were still enjoyable? In the sense I could like their style. It didn’t bore or turn me off like the Prison School comedy style.

What I, surprisingly, liked more of the show is the premise of the world. I want to see more of how a world without Dirty Jokes looks like. The boys in the bathroom insanely stupid views on sex were just silly. And the other thing I liked was the main chick. I’m into female characters that break the mold or go against the female grain. Her openness and brashness is awesome to me. And anyone that says ‘-spoiler alert- ‘before revealing something, is awesome in my eyes.

That all said, it’s on the low end of my radar and I haven’t been in the mood for episode 2. It’s one of those in the mood watches.


Okusama ga Seitokaichou-

Wolfe- I still have a problem with this not being a full length episode series but I can deal with it since it ended up being uncensored.

Nothing really great coming out of it I guess but I enjoyed the manga and they are doing a decent enough adaptation so far I suppose.


Akagami no Shirayuki-hime-

Wolfe- Another kidnapping right after the last one leaves a funny taste in my mouth.

Will still give it more of a chance though because I am told by people I hardly trust that those are the only two in at least the first couple of volumes of the source material.


Okay first of all, I don’t know why people are saying she got kidnapped again. She wasn’t kidnapped in episode 1. She ran away, Zen got poisoned, she went to get the antidote. This episode had a good old-fashion kidnapping, so I don’t know what you all are on about.

I enjoyed this episode more than I thought I would, more than episode 1 too. The main character is milder than I usually like my female characters, but she really is working hard to make me like her. I love, really, the way she just takes action. Not once in these two episodes has she just stood there thinking of what to maybe do. She just flipping does it, is smart about it, and resourceful as hell. The whole escaping the mansion is bloody awesome. I really really like this trait of hers. And how she doesn’t really hold grunges. She offered aid to the kidnapper for his wounds, and she wasn’t spiteful to the prince last episode. She’s kind of refreshing in a strange way.

Zen, is too perfect still, but I like how he hasn’t really ‘claimed’ her as his own. He seems content to just be friends, and they are cute in their exchanges. I also like how both are focused on their dreams and/or jobs and not just romance. That’s nice. Also it has the ‘pleasant’ feel of Castle Town, but way more enjoyable.

The show is pretty and the music is nice. So far, going in stronger for week 3. In fact, this episode made me kind of glad this is a 2 cour show. Not my strongest of the season, but I want more.


Non Non Biyori Repeat-

Wolfe- That was the most intense game I have ever seen depicted in anime ever.

I’m liking this season and realize now why it is called Repeat (at least for now). It’s essentially side storied that happened during the first season. The first episode was before the first season and the second episode here seems to be taking place during or between the first two episodes.

I’m in love with this series too much though that I can tell.


I have not and will likely not watch this. But, in the spirit, I did watch all of episode 1 of the first season. It’s just too chill for me.


Bikini Warriors-

Wolfe- And here we go with my least favorite premiere this Summer! It was just bad. Awful. I didn’t like it. Sorry fans.


Wasted 4:06 minutes of my life. Booooo



Wolfe- On one hand I really like this show. On the other. I don’t, but I don’t know why either.

It’s a decent enough show and has the potential to be great. The silver(ish) haired girl ends up telling a pretty realistic story about what happens to those who end up having powers. I gotta say it has me interested to see what else it can pull out of its sleeves.

But, it is near the chopping block in case I want/need to trim some fat this season.


Wakaba Girl-

Wolfe- I like this short. The cast is cute and it gives me that extra dose of CGDCT weekly.


God Eater-

Wolfe- That was definitely a shiny entrance from Unlimited Budget Works blank check, slightly delayed, show of the season.

I have no knowledge of God Eater or what to expect but the first episode while definitely high on animation and visual aesthetics seemed quite a bit slow for me and the action didn’t seem all that great either.

That said though I am still interested in it but definitely going to have to put it on the back burner I think. Mainly because I hate dark siding a show weekly and no one has picked it up. Well Daisuki has but I am not paying for a 3rd anime source.


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  1. Awwww. I liked Bikini Warriors.


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