‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ Game Review

This post marks the first of a few game reviews I currently have planned/drafted up that I am currently working on putting out around my time spent on anime and writing. In other words you all get to see how bad I truly am at reviewing things (as if it wasn’t already obvious) while I gloat here behind the safety of my monitor thinking I am doing awesome when I should know better.

Today I shall start with The Witcher 3. Others that are being worked on include Batman Arkham Knight, Xenoblade Chronicles, Omega Quintet, and more. These will be brought out… well pretty much when I finish their posts. So lets just say over the next month or two.

Anyway enough rambling. Let’s get going!



So starting out I am going straight into the story of Witcher 3. As having that nifty little ‘3’ attached you can safely assume that yes there are two games before it. I never honestly played Witcher. As for Witcher 2 it has been so long since I played it that I barely remember the game itself but even with that I can recall enough to know Witcher 3 does call often on previous knowledge of Witcher 2 and what I assume is Witcher story elements.

As with the other games you play the Witcher, Geralt. Witchers being a fancy word for hired monster killer in this games world. Between contracts to take down massive monsters (though maybe not so massive in scale of other games) and dabbling into politics you see quite a vast open world in the game. You start out in a fairly large area to begin with that sort of makes out as the tutorial area of the game. From there the world just gets bigger as you go to larger and more open areas.

Pretty much what I am getting at here is the world is huge. Insanely huge in my opinion. With that there is plenty of quests and contracts that you can acquire that let you fight various bandits, monsters, or plan regicide. Meanwhile as you do all these things you are currently tracking down your ward, whom you treat as a daughter, who is currently on the run from pretty much the ultimate evil, that isn’t man’s own hubris, all probably while playing a game of gwent.


The graphics of Witcher 3, as with any new big game really, is up in the top tiers of drool worthy. I like to think that I have a great computer but really I had minimum specs this time around except I think in one department on my computer. Even with that though the game looked beautiful I thought and I knew it could only get better from there.

Now usually with great games like this come great bugs. But honestly for me personally there were not many bugs. There were a few sure, I have made games before I know there is no game that comes without bugs, but they were not game breaking bugs. I was able to play from beginning to end with no major issues and amazingly Projekt Red has done a great job at nipping those problems that cropped up in the bud quickly.



I have admitted before that I am a complete and utter noob when it comes to games, as in what others consider easy or a cakewalk even, can be the ultimate challenge for the casual player that I am. When well geared, prepping for your fights with oils, which add damage to certain foes, using potions, which there are a plethora of in Witcher 3, or throwing around some bombs many… if not all… fights can be certainly easy and quickly taken care of.

One thing I noticed about Witcher though is what I consider its brutality. If it is done right, it is fairly easy. But if you don’t prepare, or even something simpler like… step the wrong way… it can be fatal. Perhaps not on the level of say Dark Souls or Bloodbourne where a misstep ends in your immediate death, but it is still up there where you could easily lose half of your health or more and that of course was on easy/normal setting.

Side Activities:

As with any major RPG there are undoubtedly many things to do (if they make them right). Besides the plethora of side quests and contracts the game offers there are also other things. Such as the in game card game called Gwent where you can play against nearly every innkeeper and merchant as well as some of the major side-plot characters you meet. There are also horse races, a fairly detailed crafting system, and all of the exploration that you can do that includes random monster nests, hidden treasures, and places of power, which increases your magic for a set duration.

Ending Thoughts:

Overall I would give Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a 9 out of 10.

It was a great, beautiful, open world game with a decent story that has multiple endings depending on your choices. There were few if any major bugs that I noticed while playing and the small bugs were hardly noticeable, unless you are perhaps anal retentive about such things, the side activities are fun and the crafting is neither too hard nor too easy. I would absolutely recommend this game to any fans of large open world RPG’s similar to say Skyrim or Dragon Age.



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