‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Game Review

Personally I was hoping to have a little bit more fluff in between two game review posts but right now this is really all the material I have to work with short of maybe a teaser of my next story or something, which wouldn’t be all that good anyway, so I am just going to go ahead and roll with this!

Today will be over ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ the third installment of the Batman series of games to come out recently. Which makes an interesting game to play as I only played like half of the first game and never even knew of the second one until I played the third one!

Anyway let’s see how this goes.



So as I just stated above the game is the third of a series to come out over recent years. As most games that follow in a series information pumped out through the game recall facts from previous games. Which of course led me to being a little lost on some conversations because they would talk about the other two games and I would just nod my head like “Alright, whatever you say.”

Now putting that aside and not thinking about the comic books (because I also haven’t read that stuff) I thought the story was alright on its own. I wasn’t expecting the Arkham Knight to be who he was, also didn’t expect Batman to go the way he did, plus on top of unsuspecting moments like that I had fun while playing so that is always a plus.

The biggest problem I had really I will tackle further down.


This game is literally why I got my PS4. As such I think the graphics, especially highlighted by my TV’s size and HD…ness… really brought out its best. Yes I realize a computer CAN be better but given what happened with the game on the PC port I am glad I chose the PS4.

These were some of the best graphics I personally have seen outside of those monster computers that cost like $3,500 just to build much less run. Luckily I also didn’t run into many major bugs while playing. Well except for one instance near the end where a common grunt got caught on some ‘invisible hooks’ of programming during an explosion. Stretching his body every which way.



Combat in this game has to be one of the ones for me that is equally boring and equally fun.

In its simpleness it is just counter-attack and bash skulls in (without killing them because Batman doesn’t kill… even if you hit them with a 60mm precision bullet fired from your tank-car).

But in its complexity is an array of gadgets and ways to take down opponents mixing in some stealth mechanics to take out as many enemies as possible before you just go to simple bashing.

Given I am a bad player I generally just focused on simply bashing things unless it told me to do otherwise to take down an opponent. Like using the electric gun to short-circuit an opponents electric stabby things.

Side Activities

This is where I sort of have a bit of a miff with the game.

The time line of the game is one night. But due to being an open world sort of RPG like game they add in a bunch of side missions to do while you are hunting down Scarecrow (the main baddie for this game) while avoiding Arkham Knight or taking down his military group.

Also the side missions really felt… penciled in. Like the main story was pretty good and varied in what you did. But these side missions all felt the same for their category. Riddler was puzzles with Catwoman, Two-Face was to take out bank robbers, Penguin was follow cars through the city then take out a group at the end with Nightwing, and there really wasn’t any variance in their mission lines. All the Riddler ones were the same just a little more complex each time. Two-Face just had bigger groups to fight. Penguins was just following the cars longer.

So I guess I was a little let down in the little variance the missions offered in the end. Luckily there were about a dozen of them so that helped. A little.

Ending Thoughts

In the end ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ was an alright game that had a rocky start on some platforms. The DLC so far out and planned isn’t much, the side missions are fairly repetitive, but the graphics and main story are damn solid.

I would give it an 8 out of 10, it would be a 9 out of 10 if the side missions were not as repetitive.



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