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‘Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment’ (PS4) Game Review

Good News, Everyone!

I am in fact alive despite my lack of blogging. Main reasons being… well this game I am reviewing, Path of Exile, and the very few shows I am keeping up with not feeling all that different week to week to give me a good reason to blog about them.

Also there were some familial issues to deal with, getting my sister’s bus schedule for school all set up (which is honestly still messed up), and realizing all my time spent at home playing games and eating junk food has obviously affected my fat butt because I had to go buy a whole new damn wardrobe practically.

Anyway! I am gonna attempt to do my best reviewing this game I have spent a good 80 hours in now.

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Artwork Extravaganza #28

I honestly should be doing something other than a “I Found Random Pixiv Images” post.

But I am really lazy right now… I hate how my story has turned out so I scrapped what I was working on and plan to restart that story/chapter/whatever… Games have been at a standstill with me drifting from one to the next without finishing anything (though in my defense there Hollow Fragment is like a 100+ hour game)… and when I am not doing one of those I am playing Path of Exile with a friend.

So anyway here is my lazy look at art post!

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Summer 2015 Anime, Week Seven

Hello Everyone!

Almost actually chose not to do this post this week because after watching mostly everything (at the point of writing this at least) that I am currently watching I had honestly felt like all the shows I am watching are kind of just staying in the same boat and not going much of anywhere with my thoughts on them week to week barely changing.

You also may have noticed I am not leading off with the whole¬†Wolfe: thing this week and that is because… well despite all my efforts I have yet to get Sacae to agree on catching up on more than one or two shows from the season. So shame on her for deciding to do the joint posts and then falling through on it!!

Maybe that is why I wanted to do this post… just to say that…


Anime stuff now!

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Reader’s Madness: The Deathsniffer’s Assistant (The Faraday Files Book 1)

Time for a book review/recommendation! These were the first reason I joined the blog, but I’ve been very poor in keeping up with it.

The Deathsniffer’s Assisant¬†is an old-fashion murder mystery splashed with magic and flavored by interesting characters. I highly suggest it, and here I will try to explain why. If I succeed is another thing altogether.

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Summer 2015 Anime, Week Six

Wolfe: G’Monday Everyone!

In the shadows I am actually working on a couple of other posts… but I am thoroughly distracting myself with new manga and games so… they may take a bit longer to come out than I originally planned for them to be out…

So… putting that aside for now I suppose we are now starting into the sixth week of this season and… well completely unsurprising I suppose is the fact that with so many shows I considered meh or only at a level of watchable but nothing really there… I am now down to only like 10 full length shows and 2 shorts.

Then there is Sacae… who has missed the last like 3 or so weeks… and I probably have not been putting enough pressure on her to get her to get back into this…

As such she has not shown up for this week as well and hopefully I can get her to do her catch up post that she keeps telling me she will do soon!


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Artwork Extravaganza #27

It’s that time again.

Time for me to be a lazy bum.

So enjoy some random findings from the artistic side of the world.

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Summer 2015 Anime, Week Four and Five

Wolfe: Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the blog being quiet… between my vacation, catching up on shows, playing Terraria, reading, and just being lazy in general nothing came up in form of writing for the blog itself.

So since I missed last weeks post I decided to combine the posts together for this week. Though as I said I am lazy so I won’t be making much of a difference in the post between the two weeks, just giving my general thoughts on the show over the two weeks.

Also I will apologize again as Sacae is apparently lazier than I and has only kept up with two shows over the last three weeks. Blaming some sort of reading or something. As such she said she will be passing again on this weeks post and will hopefully attempt to put out a separate post when she catches up.

Anyways! Let’s get started on these anime. I have noticed quite a few shows are disappearing or have disappeared to what I started out with. Going by ranking numbers alone I have dropped or set aside at least half of what I had started with and a good half of that is in a region where I would normally drop them probably but something amuses me or makes me stay barely.


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