Summer 2015 Anime, Week Four and Five

Wolfe: Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the blog being quiet… between my vacation, catching up on shows, playing Terraria, reading, and just being lazy in general nothing came up in form of writing for the blog itself.

So since I missed last weeks post I decided to combine the posts together for this week. Though as I said I am lazy so I won’t be making much of a difference in the post between the two weeks, just giving my general thoughts on the show over the two weeks.

Also I will apologize again as Sacae is apparently lazier than I and has only kept up with two shows over the last three weeks. Blaming some sort of reading or something. As such she said she will be passing again on this weeks post and will hopefully attempt to put out a separate post when she catches up.

Anyways! Let’s get started on these anime. I have noticed quite a few shows are disappearing or have disappeared to what I started out with. Going by ranking numbers alone I have dropped or set aside at least half of what I had started with and a good half of that is in a region where I would normally drop them probably but something amuses me or makes me stay barely.


Aoharu x Kikanjuu

So in this edition of “I break Sacae’s heart.” I pretty much don’t change my stance from anything before and perhaps add more due to character interactions through the two episodes.

First off Hotaru’s sense of justice is terribly stupid. It limits her character immensely and until she can drop it, or at least learn to control it some, I don’t see any character growth happening for her really. Also the fact that she can’t tell them that she is in fact a girl seems… well silly really. I mean yes I get the point of why there is no girls allowed on the team and I understand why she wouldn’t want to tell them at the end of the latest episode because of not being able to play. But she had about a dozen opportunities to tell them BEFORE learning that while they were calling her a guy to tell them the truth.

Second is ero manga guy. Possibly my favorite character because of various reasons such as being a sniper and his pretty much bi-polar mentality going from “I’m just a cute perverted otaku.” and goes to “I will fucking kill you.” The only problem with the latter being when that “I will fucking kill you.” part goes a little far on the deep end and I can’t honestly tell if he is kidding about it or not.

Third is our host guy. Really he is just a dick. A likable dick, but a dick nonetheless. First he blames Hotaru for being rash and running out into the battlefield recklessly, which I agree was idiotic, but then instead of trying to teach Hotaru, like someone normally would when they have a new player on their team, he throws her to the other team and then during the middle of the next match helps out another new player on his team instead.

Finally, I will say this about the show. It is enjoyable despite these characters most of the time annoying me. I have a soft spot for survival games, partially on the fact I was part of a team for a few months during high school and it was amazingly fun, so when it comes to survival game shows like this I tend to be lenient on them somewhat even when they end up just being CGDCT shows. Really it has so far just been coming down to Hotaru and the host guy annoying me while the show itself goes on but I have a feeling I will either get used to them by the end or they will change enough for me to like them.



I love how the show gives focus to different characters each week or even segment. Though there are still some things about the show that irk me personally I suppose.

The fact they keep seeming to bring up Akane’s underwear every episode or two seems to be that it is just going to be a recurring theme. But… well it just doesn’t seem to fit in this type of show at all.

I also feel I would enjoy the family to family antics more if I perhaps knew what it was like to have more than one sibling in my life.

Though I do find it funny that I have been enjoying the side characters a bit more so far than most of the family members themselves.

Gurashi3Gakkou Gurashi

Gurashi continues with the flashback episode(s) this time going from the girls at school to Miki before she was with the others when she was surviving the zombies with a friend at the local mall.

I am really liking seeing how all of this starts I will completely admit though I would really like to know how it actually all started. Like we are getting how it started around the girls and stuff but we haven’t yet gotten any indication really about how people started to turn into zombies.

Also yes I am aware that the screencap is actually from episode three… but I couldn’t find anything from episode four that wasn’t Miki in lingerie… and that just doesn’t give the same vibe as the show itself.

jitsuwa4Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Still continues to be a fairly poor adaptation which kind of makes me sad.


It still is a very enjoyable show on its own so I am still having my fun watching it.

I do find it funny though that from the manga format I really had no favorites among the girls (the Principal and Teacher being really the only ones if I counted them) but in the anime so far I am heavily on Aizawa’s side and not on Youko’s.

One thing I am curious about now though after all the changes they have been throwing around is if the anime might go out of its way to go for a different pairing than the manga.


This episode introduces to us our next monster girl Suu the Slime.

I am really enjoying how good of an adaptation this is becoming and I am really waiting for best girl to show up.

Yes. Best girl has NOT shown up yet.

nonnonbiyori3Non Non Biyori Repeat

This is seriously turning out to be a great season for NNB.

It is easily the most enjoyable show for me this season at least.


Overlord keeps doing things that I love which is a great thing given so many shows this season end up flopping out by episode three.

The story seems to be interesting and going places that could be really fun.

Momanga is OP as hell but it isn’t one of those situations where he starts the show weak and then suddenly when he needs it “I’M OP!!” no he starts OP and wrecks shit without blinking an eye.

I hate though that he is choosing to run around using Ains Ooal Gown as his name though…. I dunno why I just dislike the name.


Oh dear God.

Anna has gone off the deep end of crazy like a bat out of hell.

And… it’s completely enjoyable. It’s insane fun going on that only promises right now to get even crazier. Add in an insane cast alongside her and the MC pair this is going to be one hell of a wild ride by the end.

shirayuki4Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Somehow still really enjoying this show.

Though I can admit it is kind of odd I think how Shirayuki and Zen fell for each other so fast I somehow really enjoy it.

The biggest problem I still see for the show is its longevity. I believe it is 24 episodes and I just can’t see how they will push it off that long.


Himouto! Umaru-chan

The additional characters being introduced are really adding to the fun of this show.

I would say by now the show has completely grown on me and I am really thoroughly enjoying it now.

It also seems like it might have some sort of flowing interconnecting story going on so I wanna see how that all plays out.



Oh god this season is turning out to be amazing for Working.

All the relationships are progressing, if somewhat slowly for them, and its just a great thing for me.

I loved how Izumi set up Souta and Inami together for the date and then Inami spilled the beans on things.

Like Izumi I am exhausted from talking. But I can not end this post without my rankings!

Week Four and Five Episodic Rankings (Combined)

  1. Shimoneta
  2. Non Non Biyori Repeat
  3. Working!!!
  4. Overlord
  5. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
  6. Monsume
  7. Gakkou Gurashi
  8. Wakaba Girl
  9. Umaru
  10. Danchigai
  11. Dandelion
  12. Jitsu wa Watashi wa
  13. AxK
  14. Okusama ga Seitokaichou

As obviously seen I didn’t watch Gangsta or Gate in the last two weeks… and really… I have no desire to watch either… so I am not sure about the future of the two right now…


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