Summer 2015 Anime, Week Seven

Hello Everyone!

Almost actually chose not to do this post this week because after watching mostly everything (at the point of writing this at least) that I am currently watching I had honestly felt like all the shows I am watching are kind of just staying in the same boat and not going much of anywhere with my thoughts on them week to week barely changing.

You also may have noticed I am not leading off with the whole Wolfe: thing this week and that is because… well despite all my efforts I have yet to get Sacae to agree on catching up on more than one or two shows from the season. So shame on her for deciding to do the joint posts and then falling through on it!!

Maybe that is why I wanted to do this post… just to say that…


Anime stuff now!




First Anna proves even further the rage in her loins can not be tamed. I mean literally she BIT OFF and broke a zipper to Tanukichi’s pants AFTER she does some sort of insane back breaking wrestling move on him.

Also despite what he says I totally think Tanukichi is still completely willing to give Anna the D. Crazy or not.

Second we get some playful Tanukichi x Goriki doujin and moments shortly after that at that point is just making me shake my head.

Ending the episode we got a new SOX player in, some short intel on some other perverted terrorists, and… that was about it really.



So Dandelion is still moving along well enough for me to enjoy it.

Though the Haruka and Misaki twincestual tones are kind of annoying it is easy enough to overlook and I just pin it on twins being close and big families possibly being close.

At this point I am actually curious about who will win if any of them actually win.

I mean I could totally see this right now being a plot of the father to just end up being some sort of test or game show or something.


Gakkou Gurashi

So not much really happened in this episode but it is returning from its flashbacks to current(ish) events… I think.

They are still in the past right now so I am not sure so much on that actually.

Anyway this episode confirmed the long help suspicion of everyone who has watched since episode 2 that Megu-nee is indeed not there but another figment of Yuki’s mental breakdown.


Monster Musume

Ugh I… I hated this episode. Truly hated it.

I mean I hated this section in the manga as well, so much so that when I reread the series I skipped this entirely.

The director is the scum of humanity I hate honestly.

Luckily though his unfortunate appearance means that the end of the episode and from here on out best girl will finally have arrived!



See. Albedo knows what she is doing.

Just when I think she might not be best girl this season, right next to Anna from Shimoneta, she goes and does things like that and further proves she is in fact best girl.

I’m really liking how things are working out right now with Overlord but I already have the dreaded feeling of it ending up rushed or unfulfilled.

Right now the way things are working up with I can see this type of story go for 24 or even more episodes. But I get the feeling it only probably has 12 or 13.


Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

On one hand not much is changing with Shirayuki here which I suppose is a good thing because I enjoy it.

On the other nothing is really changing so it kind of feels stagnant as well.

Luckily they handled the older brother here well. Though I suppose he could still come to bite the show in the ass since he seems like the type to enjoy getting in others ways.

Other than that though all I could think this episode is that Shirayuki and Zen need to have a good kissing session soon. They are pretty much there and want/need to do it for themselves.


Himouto! Umaru-chan

So they play the game of life.

And I am pretty sure Ebina, who wasn’t even playing, won the game.

Other than the game I don’t really remember much actually. Pretty much just same old usual Umaru antics and fun.


Non Non Biyori Repeat

NNB continues being one of the best shows this season along with Shimoneta and Working!!! and I couldn’t be happier because of it.

Honestly speaking I could watch a show like NNB forever. But they never continue past one season…

Meanwhile pointless shounen’s like Naruto continue forever when nobody cares about it.



Well it is a small world after all.

Turns out Yamada’s mom works with Takanashi’s mom.

Also after 2 and a half seasons Otoo finally gets to see his wife again!

Seems like Yamada may, or knowing this show may not, be leaving which if it DOES happen may mean some heavy focus on Inami x Takanashi and/or Yachiyo x Jun.

Even though I think the episode preview hinted at something about Souma?

Week Seven Rankings

  1. Shimoneta
  2. Non Non Biyori
  3. Working!!!
  4. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
  5. Himouto! Umaru-chan
  6. Wakaba Girl
  7. Dandelion
  8. Gakkou Gurashi
  9. Monsume
  10. Danchigai

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