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Ending a Mediocre Summer Season

Hello Everyone!

Today is Sunday and as far as I am aware (and for everything I am at least watching) nearly 99% of everything is done and over with. A few exceptions barring if they have 13 episodes but those seem to be few out of what I am personally watching and even from what aired this season.

Now I felt like actually writing today and if I just stuck with what I finished… well that would only be about four or five entries not including shorts.

So I thought: “Hey brilliant idea! Let’s talk about nearly everything I actually tried, including those I dropped and that are short, and see how that goes!”

Brilliant right? No probably not I know. I’m sure someone will tell me to go watch something I dropped or ask why I didn’t even watch certain shows (Symphogear) at all.

But it’s what I want to do and this is my blog so I can do it.

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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Good News: I have purchased all the DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition!

Bad News: I started a new character and I have no idea where the last 60 or so hours of my life have gone but they disappeared somewhere along with probably the next 60 or so hours of my life.

More Good News: There is a new banner!

Neutral News: I do not know what this banner costs… Roman Emperors are tough nuts to crack in negotiations


Today will be yet another game review. I had hoped I would finish the game before I wanted to put up the review BUT when I thought I was 3/4 of the way done it ended up becoming 4/5 of the way… and knowing my luck there will be more after that and even more after that so getting a full game review done will be a bit hard.

But I shall do my best with what I know, thought even after saying that I am not going to build this post the same as I usually do… not sure why maybe I am just trying something new!


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Omega Quintet Game Review

Hello Everyone!

I probably could have had this out yesterday but I decided it’d be better to have posts on separate days rather than two on one day.

Today I will be delivering my promised Omega Quintet review. Which I still think are bad reviews but no one complains about them (of course I get very few comments at all) so I will continue them this way until someone slaps me with some knowledge.

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The Future of My Blog (Posts) Preview!

Hello Everyone!

I honestly really wanted to have a couple of posts after my last one. But things kind of screeched to a halt for me in… well just about everything.

Gaming wise I acquired Farcry 4 so that ate up some of my time but for the most part I got hit hard by either allergies or a cold, not entirely sure which at this point, and for a couple of days I was literally in bed sleeping and that was about it. The last couple of days consisted of me sleeping or groggily under a haze of various drugs while attempting to read Log Horizon or playing various games.

Of course as such today is really the first day I am getting back on my feet, even though I can’t breath through my nose at all, and that means that I have yet to really work on any sort of post(s) yet.

So what I thought I would try out here is give little previews towards posts I am currently working on as well as what will probably be me shooting myself in the foot by giving windows of when to expect their full posts to be out.

I will warn that this post ended up a lot longer than I anticipated actually. 
But still gives a decent preview of what I hope to work on for the upcoming months. 
Also it is warned as rambling. So expect rambling.

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Looking Forward to Settling Down With Fall Anime

Hello Everyone!

Yes I know amazing right? Blog posts two days in a row. Haven’t had that in awhile right? Well don’t get your hopes up.

Today I thought I would go over what I personally am looking forward to this coming Fall now that it is only a few weeks away.

Now with a disappointing Winter, a barely decent Spring, followed by a more or less disappointing Summer I have to say I was hoping Fall could possibly round out the year to be at least somewhat adequate.

This clearly isn’t going to happen.

Usually when it comes to the various anime seasons I see anywhere from 15 upwards of 30 anime that pique my interest and I plan to watch. Of course that usually dwindles down to 10-20 or so anime to watch through a season.

This Fall though I can only say with any amount of certainty that I will watch 5. I might try out about 3-5 others based on them being manga adaptations or continued seasons of other shows just to see what it looks like but I honestly have little hope for them.

As such this Fall is certainly going to be quiet on the simulcast side of things it seems and I will probably be working on other endeavors through the season.

So let’s go and take a look at what I am personally looking forward to regarding the Fall season.

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Summer 2015 Anime, Week… Catch Up!

Good News, Everyone!

I have finally decided to come back to anime! I am honestly not sure which week it is, though I believe it is ten now, so I simply will call this week Catch Up since I haven’t posted since week seven.

Now I have, more or less, kept up with everything I was watching. I won’t lie there are a couple still behind but they are only behind by an episode or two right now and honestly may actually be watched by the time I finish up this post anyway.

So let’s get ready for some very poor talking about some mostly mediocre anime.

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Manga Ramblings: Diamonds in the Rough


For those who can’t read Hiragana: Hello Everyone!

Today I felt like doing another Manga post this time over the thought of Diamonds in the Rough.

Which if for some reason you don’t know what that means it essentially refers to a person who is generally a good character but lacks any sort of manners, education, and/or style/looks.

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