Manga Ramblings: Diamonds in the Rough


For those who can’t read Hiragana: Hello Everyone!

Today I felt like doing another Manga post this time over the thought of Diamonds in the Rough.

Which if for some reason you don’t know what that means it essentially refers to a person who is generally a good character but lacks any sort of manners, education, and/or style/looks.




Starting off I am going to throw in Haganai. I am considering this one a Diamond in the Rough due to the characters personalities (as well as on Kodakawa’s looks).

The concept of Haganai for those who haven’t read it is Kodakawa finds it hard to make friends due to his brown-blond hair and delinquent looking face though he is more or less a nice guy most of the time. One day he accidentally walks in on classmate Yozora talking to an imaginary friend. Through a lot of pushing and shoving with her abrasive attitude she forces Kodakawa into a club to make friends. Eventually they are joined by Sena, an attractive yet arrogant school idol who loves gaming, Yukimura, an effeminate underclassman who strives to be manly like Kodakawa, and Rika, a perverted genius scientist and engineer.

So just going through that synopsis you can see most of the characters could be considered Diamonds in the Rough in some form or fashion with being primarily good at heart but their manners are abrasive or perverted. That or their looks, especially in Kodakawa’s case, work against them. Primarily this causes most of the friction between the characters as well as the general set up for the comedy that the series is about.

As always I tend to recommend the manga I talk about. For Haganai I would recommend it to comedy lovers who are able to deal with over-the-top awkward high school kids comedy. There are a few underlying plots working their way through the series but given the tone of the series I don’t know if I can take any of them really seriously.


Missions of Love:

This is a bit of a peculiar one for me to suggest. Primarily because I have read and own only one of the volumes and there are like a dozen or more translated out at Barnes and Nobel (I am lazy and haven’t bought them). But I feel like this one fits the bill of Diamond in the Rough even from the first volume.

The synopsis for this one is Yukina is a cell phone novelist. Lately her ratings have been dropping so she decides to write a love story but with no experience what so ever she has no where to begin. One day she overhears the well mannered and popular Shigure turn down a girl and then she sees him write something in a notebook. Shortly after they bump into each other and after apologizing and going their separate ways Yukina notices he dropped the notebook. In the book is countless names of girls many of them crossed out. Deciding to blackmail Shigure over the notebook for material for her novels eventually she begins to question if the blackmail has turned into something more. Later things become even more complex when Yukina’s cousin confesses his love for her.

Just like Haganai just from the synopsis you can easily tell there are some Diamonds in the Rough. Starting off with Yukina she is actually kind-hearted but will do nearly anything it seems for her novels. Not to mention she has earned the nickname of Absolute Zero Snow Woman due to her icy demeanor around them. Then there is Shigure who is well mannered but then has a list of girls names and crosses them out when confesses to. Leaving finally of course the cousin who confesses his love.

It is hard for me to personally recommend this. As I said I only personally have read the first volume. It was alright from what I read but given how long the series is it is apparent that things get convoluted along the way and things probably end up dragging out a lot longer than really needed. Like many Shoujo’s end up doing over time.


Watamote – No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!:

Personal favorite of the ones listed here would be Watamote. Depicting the life of fifteen year old Tomoko and how she believed she would be a popular high school girl. When in reality she is an unsociable loner with very few friends and spends most of her free time playing otome games and browsing the web. Complete with a grim outlook on life where most of her thoughts involve insulting others or herself over what either is doing.

Clearly Tomoko is pretty much the pinnacle of what I think a Diamond in the Rough is. Although through sometimes convoluted ways she is in the end a very nice person. But her manners, especially when relaxed or when she is pissed off at something, are crude and her looks as she even states are some of the worst seen especially when she compares herself to her best, and possibly only, friend Yuu.

I honestly would love to recommend Watamote to anyone who likes the slice of life genre. Though it comes with a warning. I remember specifically when the anime aired and sometime after from others who watched it or read the manga. This series can really hit home on some people. Specifically the social outcasts who have a hard time talking to others other than their one or two good friends that they can rely on.

And thus concludes this weeks (and probably this months) Manga Ramblings post. Hope you enjoyed reading!


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