Summer 2015 Anime, Week… Catch Up!

Good News, Everyone!

I have finally decided to come back to anime! I am honestly not sure which week it is, though I believe it is ten now, so I simply will call this week Catch Up since I haven’t posted since week seven.

Now I have, more or less, kept up with everything I was watching. I won’t lie there are a couple still behind but they are only behind by an episode or two right now and honestly may actually be watched by the time I finish up this post anyway.

So let’s get ready for some very poor talking about some mostly mediocre anime.



When I last talked about GATE the girls had all just been introduced. In other words I haven’t really brought it up in like seven or so weeks. During that time I was slowly getting used to the whole modern military in my fantasy world bullshit I generally dislike. Heavily influenced on my liking of the girls and most of the main crew I was slowly actually beginning to enjoy the show around episode seven or so.

But the last two or three episodes heavily threw out what I particularly hate about this show. The politics behind everything grated on my nerves so bad with the Japanese government grilling the girls when they visited Japan about things that happened in their world. Following that the other governments like the US and I think it was China or Korea and one other I forget who sending armed SpecOps groups into Japan to try to kidnap the girls to bring them over to their countries.

I will admit I am curious what will happen from here on out now that they are back into the other world. But I remember others hinting (OK so more like completely spoiling) towards some even worse situations than that happening in the series add onto the awful taste it has already left short of me liking mostly just Rory at this point… I don’t know if I will keep on continuing with this show through its second cour.



At this point I feel like Dandelion is in a camp of “Well… might as well finish it…”

It isn’t so much that I dislike it or anything. Quite the contrary in fact as I really do like it and the characters.

But it also doesn’t seem to change all that much in my mind from episode to episode. This in turn gives is a sort of feeling of spinning tires in the mud. Fun to look at and watch… but nothing is happening just doing that.

This of course doesn’t mean that nothing is actually happening in the show. With confessions going on, hidden powers being realized, and other such things things are clearly happening. It just doesn’t seem to push the show in any sort of direction doing so.

I of course will still probably enjoy the show to the end.


Gakkou Gurashi

Well anyone who has been paying any sort of attention for the last… well since the beginning really… could also have probably picked up on the pieces that were all laid out in the last couple of episodes. That said even having picked up on the pieces it still is kind of a shocking thing to see it all happen I think.

First we pick up on the fact that the girls are right and that all the amenities at the school, while one or two wouldn’t look out of place, having them all certainly is a sort of ‘Wow’ factor.

After that learning that Megu-nee is truly dead, as if anyone didn’t already expect that, and seeing her as a zombie at the end of the episode just finished off that entire thought process.

Then the girls learning that everything that happened, even if it was probably in the end an accident that happened, was something that was prepared from the school being as well maintained as it is to the infestation being a cause of a biological weapon really was something I personally wasn’t expecting.

Like seeing it all laid out there it makes sense. But I honestly thought watching up to that point that it was just a sort of lucky/unlucky sort of thing. Like they were obviously unlucky due to the infestation happening but lucky that they were in a school that was well maintained. Was not expecting that the school was well maintained because said infestation was a plan.

I’m really… well honestly giddy… to see what happens next. With the reveal of the sub-basement with Megu-nee showing up I feel like some horrifying on a mental level stuff will be happening by the end… not to mention with only a few episodes left I want to see just how they end the show.


Monster Musume

So now that best girl has shown up I am fully… not even invested in the show anymore. I pretty much get where they will probably be ending the show and that is fairly close to the end of the manga anyway so I don’t expect anything else, other than maybe an OVA, from this series going into the future.

There really is nothing else to say about Monsume I guess… Second best girl should probably be revealed either next episode or the last episode mattering how the play it out. That is about it.


Non Non Biyori Repeat

NNB continues being one of the best shows this season and Renge-dono has killed it for the entire season.

The show is super relaxing which really helps after stressful weeks or weekends and really that is all I can say about the show. It, like Dandelion, doesn’t really go anywhere from episode to episode. But the difference being where Dandelion started low, went up some, and is now stuck spinning tires in the mud. NNB was already pretty high up in my opinion and is now just having fun playing in the mud relaxing.



I got to say I have been pleasantly surprised by Overlord since the very beginning.

It has a story I like with visuals and characters I enjoy.

The only problem it has going fori t right now in my eyes is…

Well it is just too short. As far as I can find anywhere it is going to be ending at 12 or 13 episodes. Giving us only a couple more episodes of enjoyment.

Where as shows like SAO or LH lasted for 24+ episodes this one just seems to be ending too quickly. Given how much I am actually enjoying it I really wish it was getting two cours but I have not heard anything about there being more anytime soon so I guess we will justh ave to wait and see.



Well like mostly everyone on that bus I am pretty sure I barfed a little after seeing that.

Putting THAT aside though I have thoroughly been enjoying Shimoneta. It is so over the top zany that I just can not love it for what it is.

The characters, especially Anna and Fuwa, are amazing and I just can’t help but laugh at everything that is happening.

I honestly don’t care how the show ends or who ends up with who if anyone even ends up together. All I know is I am going to love watching this to the end.


Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

I am pretty sure that right now hundreds… no… thousands of fangirls are screaming after that last episode.

Shirayuki and her anime has been pleasantly surprising me and I am really enjoying it more than I originally planned and I think that is entirely due to Shirayuki herself. Too many girls in anime are either overly aggressive or way too submissive, especially when they are with guys. Shirayuki seems to bring a somewhat realistic level of both out. She isn’t exactly in your face ‘my way or the highway’ type of girl but she also is not about to let you just walk all over her either.

Sure yeah she does some pretty crazy things like jumping out of windows and such but hey who doesn’t jump from some windows in life?



Remember what I said about fangirls screaming?

Yeah. This is where I am fangirling all over the place.

Getting Takanashi to actually say, even if it was just in his head right now, that he is in love with Inami is possibly the greatest thing in the world.

Working!!! has been knocking it out of the park this season with all the relationship stuff and for long time fans of the season, like myself, it has honestly made it one of the best, if not the best, show this season.

At this point I am just hoping for a good ending and not some wishy-washy ending where Takanashi/Inami and/or Satou/Yachiyo go on not fully admitting their feelings to the other in their little relationship world(s).


Himouto! Umaru-chan

Another series I am oddly pleasantly surprised with though this one falls closer into my field of shows I like than some others do.

I personally am not as annoyed with Umaru as I thought I would be. Kirie and Ebina make the show great though and every time they are on screen it usually is a great scene.

Especially when Ebina is crushing over the older brother or Kirie is being so fabulously, though unaware to it, gay.


Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Finishing off this list is one much like Dandelion.

Jitsu wa, due to being a fairly piss poor adaptation, seems to be mostly just stuck in a rut. Spinning its tires in the mud.

Sure it has its comedic moments here and there but it is far from being as good as its manga counterpart. Not to mention even after all this time I still dislike some of the voices used for some of the characters.

For the most part so far it has gotten to the point that while I will finish it, I just can’t wait for this Jitsu wa anime to be done and over with.

So that finishes off me catching up on most of the shows I had kept. I consider ones I am a few episodes behind on, like AxK, on my list still. But when I catch up on them is… well entirely a different matter really.

I don’t think I will bother putting up a ranking list as I don’t honestly feel like making one and I think it is easy enough to tell which ones I like and dislike.

But just for fun I will tease here some future posts I have planned/cooking up:

  • Looking Forward to Fall 2015 Anime
  • Weekly posts on watching or rewatching a series-
    • Hyouka
    • AKB0048
  • Game Reviews
    • Omega Quintet
    • Etrian Odyssey 2 The Fafnir Knight
    • Xenoblade Chronicles
    • Destiny (will have the game later this month)
  • Light Novel Review?
    • Sword Art Online (I have plenty to go over here)
    • Log Horizon
    • Danmachi
    • The Devil is a Part-Timer
    • Overlord
  • More art posts because we all love art posts
  • Writing posts will try to make a way back, perhaps weekly or bi-weekly short stories

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