Omega Quintet Game Review

Hello Everyone!

I probably could have had this out yesterday but I decided it’d be better to have posts on separate days rather than two on one day.

Today I will be delivering my promised Omega Quintet review. Which I still think are bad reviews but no one complains about them (of course I get very few comments at all) so I will continue them this way until someone slaps me with some knowledge.



Rolling out with the story I will say I actually kind of liked it. Essentially the world has more or less been taken over by an enemy called the Blare. Normal humans can barely even contend with the Blare itself and as such by the time the game starts humanity is down to only one known city left in the world. That is when the Verse Maidens come into existence and are able to fight back against the Blare as they attempt to hold onto what little they have left.

The story starts out with you as Takt the childhood friend, and survivor of a Blare attack that led to the realization of her Verse Maiden powers, of Otoha. During an accident later in your teens Otoha is recognized as a Verse Maiden and is grabbed up by the current Verse Maiden, Momoko, to take her place. Alongside Otoha are fellow new Verse Maidens Kanadeko and Nene. As the three of you, well four if you include yourself the now new manager in training Takt, go around doing missions and beating Blare you come across another Verse Maiden, Kyouka, trained by Momoko’s ex-partner Shiori.

Through many trials the girls find the fifth member another survivor, though only barely, of a Blare attack, Aria. They also find out many things about the Blare as their five member group is the largest group of Verse Maidens in history and as such more powerful than any previous Verse Maidens have ever been. But after certain events happen, including attacks on Humans and betrayals from within, the girls all begin to become significantly weaker due to their powers being directly related to how popular they are.

Now I have played and finished the game once. That particular ending felt… rushed. It sort of seemed to just… end. No real conclusion on it.

But I do know from previous Idea Factory games that one time through the game is rarely ever going to net you everything you need to “finish” the game. Usually with more story effects hiding behind certain parameters you must have unlocked which if you don’t focus on can end up not happening.

So I may eventually get around to playing around to seeing if there is more after what I have finished or not but it won’t be anytime soon.



For Omega Quintet combat really isn’t all that much. It is your highly typical turn based JRPG style fighting. Luckily unlike quite a few JRPG’s out there that give you five or more characters but then restricts you to using three on the field Omega Quintet (probably thanks to its namesake) lets all five of the girls be on the field at once. Meanwhile Takt is “partnered” with one of the girls and acts as an extra defense if you call him out during an enemy attack.

Each girl starts out with a particular weapon and can, if chosen, branch out into any other I do believe. I know there is an achievement to get one maiden maxed or something like that in each weapon but I was no where close to that as far as I am aware.

Essentially each character can do everything from what I saw in their specific skill trees. But it would require a lot of grinding to get them all, and each one is closer to a specific weapon from the get go.

Alongside the basic JRPG combat is a mode that can be activated when two or more girls, with no status ailments, are next to each other in the Order List. This allows the girls to work together during one turn set and opens up the possibilities of Link Attacks. Which are exactly as they sound. Say you use a hammer skill from Otoha that specific skill is linked with other skills from the other girls than when used by them create a whole new Linked Attack against the enemy. These attacks of course are the ultimate attacks that can really destroy a mobs health.


Side Activities:

Honestly I am kind of tentative putting this section here.

It isn’t that Omega Quintet doesn’t come with any side activities as much as they felt null and void to me personally.

But still let me go over them because what type of person would I be if I didn’t do my best review possible?!

Starting out one of the side activities that is possibly the Golden Egg if you want to call it for Omega Quintet is using the PVS to create your own live music videos more or less using the girls. Now as far as I could tell other than being requirements for side missions or to play with your imagination side of your brain I saw no reason to really do this. Now sure it was fun and you can even make the girls do some silly moves or look completely awful together but that was it. There wasn’t any other side effects from doing them as far as I could find. But perhaps I just didn’t dig deep enough?

As for side missions they ranged from your typical “Kill X amount of Y” or “Collect X amount of Z” to “Use Y skill” or “Create PVS video #3” and that was really about it for those.

After side missions I suppose would be the various unlockable things. You could unlock various outfits, weapons, or after enough progress in the main story missions and doing specific side missions would unlock abilities the girls could use to access various side areas.

This ends this probably horrible Game Review post of mine that will be all the more common these coming months!

Oh right score score… well Omega Quintet I don’t think is as good as Neptunia (sorry I have too much love for Neptunia girls) nor even Fairy Fencer F (another game I plan to review down the line somewhere, also the MC is fucking hilarious) but if I am to put it on a scale out of 10… it is still going to be up at 7 or 8… so let’s say 7.5 out of 10

Reasons it lost and/or gained some points:

+ Great music in my opinion for its PVS, Live Concert Mode, and fight scenes just to give ideas.

 The MC/You is played down to the straight man during the many VN-esque scenes and have barely any roll in combat.

As many a Compile Heart/Idea Factory/JRPG games things can get tediously boring in the combat scene fairly quickly.

– This one is completely personal but other than for Kanadeko I did not really care for any of the girls.



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