Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Good News: I have purchased all the DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition!

Bad News: I started a new character and I have no idea where the last 60 or so hours of my life have gone but they disappeared somewhere along with probably the next 60 or so hours of my life.

More Good News: There is a new banner!

Neutral News: I do not know what this banner costs… Roman Emperors are tough nuts to crack in negotiations


Today will be yet another game review. I had hoped I would finish the game before I wanted to put up the review BUT when I thought I was 3/4 of the way done it ended up becoming 4/5 of the way… and knowing my luck there will be more after that and even more after that so getting a full game review done will be a bit hard.

But I shall do my best with what I know, thought even after saying that I am not going to build this post the same as I usually do… not sure why maybe I am just trying something new!


This is my second attempt into the Etrian Odyssey series of games but my first time actually attempting to do anything meaningful within it. So I can not speak of how The Fafnir Knight lines up with the other games, if it lines up at all, and of course to some people (like me) that doesn’t even matter.

The Fafnir Knight comes with two game modes. Story and Classic. Story is, well quite what it says really, the story of the characters on the cover exploring the history of an ancient ritual involving a Daughter of the Mark and her guardian The Fafnir Knight.

Classic on the other hand allows you to create your own party, or even sets of parties, so you are not restricted with the classes that the story characters have but things I personally did not like about Classic was that your characters had no voices which in my opinion lessened the impact of the game itself, and while it was nice being able to play the way I wanted with who I wanted going through even just the first floor of the Labyrinth was tedious not hearing anything but the games music.

So while Story is limiting class wise (even though you CAN change them some time in, other than your main character) I personally found it superior just because you can hear the voices of the characters you are playing. Not to mention story has… well a story. Classic is just there for you to run through the Labyrinth with characters with classes of your choosing, no voices, no story, just fighting.


At its core Etrian Odyssey works very similar to your typical JRPG.

There is your usual dungeon crawling, though unlike most other JRPG’s you do not see your characters on the screen.

Rather it works more akin to what I would consider your mid to late 90’s dungeon crawlers like Wizardry where it is first person and each step you take has a chance to spawn a fight.

Another somewhat tedious but unique thing about Etrian Odyssey though is on the bottom screen you are able (and nearly required) to make your own maps of each floor. Now while the game itself doesn’t require you to be tedious about it I think… it is heavily implied to be as meticulous as you can be while making it because often you will come back to something later that you could not access before, and if you made a mark of where said thing was it is easier to return to later. Not to mention the various doors, hidden paths, dangerous areas and floors.

As for combat that does work out like your usual turn based style fighting that is common in almost all JRPG. Though much like its dungeon crawling you still do not see your characters lined up and see them using their skills. Rather than that it gives the enemies multiple lines of space to work with.


Like most RPG’s Etrian Odyssey also sports its side activities though compared to other games Etrian’s is severely limited and they are less “go out of your way to collect this” type of side activities as much as they are “this will be on the way to your end goal” activities. Sure some do make you back step through some things you have already done but those were honestly few and far between and were still used to push you along to prepare yourself to your end goal.

So besides these quests you also are given your own restaurant to co-run in a sense. How it works is you are given recipes and you find the ingredients needed to prepare them. These different foods or drinks give various effects like resistance to being bound, increased experience, and things like that. Along with making these foods you are able to advertise your restaurant in the town which by “selling” various foods around town gives you a nice steady income while you are out dungeon crawling.

That really ends up Etrian Odyssey as far as I can think of spelling it out. If you enjoy classic playing dungeon crawlers with a flare of JRPG in it I would say you will enjoy it though parts of it could be tedious mattering how much multi-tasking you enjoy or hate.

Overall though the game isn’t finished yet for me I think I would give it a 7 out of 10.

The main down points for me would be:

-1 for a voiceless classic mode, even if it were some basic sounds and not full on conversation like story mode it would have been better.

-1 I feel like the map “could” have been less tedious with certain elements being put on automatically like doors or secret paths, of course for only if you put auto-mapping on.

-1 for a game that really isn’t that old, it does give a very old classic vibe off, while not necessarily a negative for some I feel like it could have done something… better.



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