Ending a Mediocre Summer Season

Hello Everyone!

Today is Sunday and as far as I am aware (and for everything I am at least watching) nearly 99% of everything is done and over with. A few exceptions barring if they have 13 episodes but those seem to be few out of what I am personally watching and even from what aired this season.

Now I felt like actually writing today and if I just stuck with what I finished… well that would only be about four or five entries not including shorts.

So I thought: “Hey brilliant idea! Let’s talk about nearly everything I actually tried, including those I dropped and that are short, and see how that goes!”

Brilliant right? No probably not I know. I’m sure someone will tell me to go watch something I dropped or ask why I didn’t even watch certain shows (Symphogear) at all.

But it’s what I want to do and this is my blog so I can do it.

Enjoy the ride!PrisonSchool

Prison School

Prison School… oh Prison School…

Despite it being first (Thanks Kakashi) I actually did NOT finish Prison School… or catch up… whatever it is.

I got about three episodes in to keep trying to see if it got better but it just did not click with me in that time.

Guess I am not a big enough masochist… or maybe I don’t like femdom… who knows. But nearly everything about it just made me roll my eyes or groan.

Though I might still try finishing it eventually. Just to say I did.


Aoharu x Kikanjuu

So I am pretty sure Sacae will come in telling me I am wrong sooner or later but AxK… well… it wasn’t good.

I never really cared for main trio. Their opponents I thought were all pretty lame overall.

The story itself seemed silly to me honestly… BUT… I did enjoy the games they played… not that it saved it from being a pretty meh anime by the time I gave up on it at episode nine or so.



A bit of a sleeper hit for me.

At first I was a bit hesitant with Dandelion due to the large cast. But it was just that reason that made me end up loving the show by the end.

Each of the characters were great and the comedy was decent enough for me to enjoy the show throughout the season.

Honestly wouldn’t mind seeing more of Dandelion someday but given I have no idea what or even if it is adapted from something AND it had a conclusive ending with nothing else working from it I doubt that would happen… ever…



Ah Gangsta… you were so good an interesting for the first half of the season… then you just kind of fell flat…

The last half for some reason really just bored me primarily and I ended up often doing other things during episodes and not really caring about what happened.

Sacae and others will probably tell me I am wrong here again.


Okusama ga Seitokaichou

This show ended up pretty much how I expected it.

Neither good. But neither bad enough to just ignore or completely drop.

For a lewd short it was a simple enough of a watch.



GATE ended up being such a disappointing letdown for me…

I wanted to like it but in the end the things I hated GATE for since the beginning is what officially drove me away by episode ten. I have no plans to finish it nor come back to it when it continues in January.

The only good thing from the series were the girls.


Gakkou Gurashi

All of those feels man.

Gakkou Gurashi ended up a lot better than what I, or anyone else probably, thought it was going to be when we saw the cutesy promotional pictures and it talking about living in a school.

I would LOVE to see more from this series but sadly the series nearly caught up to the manga with very few actual changes while adapting. So they probably wouldn’t have enough content for another year and of course sales often determine whether something continues or not.


Jitsu wa Watashi wa

I’m going to level with everyone here.

I hate myself.

A deeply ingrained part of me hates this adaptation. It was fairly bad, it was more or less all over the place, and the voices (in my opinion of course) did not fit the female characters.


I still enjoyed Jitsu wa for what it was as an anime.

I got some laughs out of it, it was enjoyable (if albeit with a grinding hesitation) to see something I liked animated, and I would probably watch any more that comes out.



A very enjoyable series that was adapted very well (unlike that bastard Jitsu wa).

Though I know some complained about lack of nipples and what not, even though I heard news somewhere about it being redone WITH nipples, it was still great.

I got to see my favorite characters, Rach-nee and Lala, animated and got good laughs and awkward boners.

Would love to see more but I doubt enough it out in the manga to warrant a second season.



Non Non Biyori Repeat

My go to relax mode show.

NNB was amazing this season as was its first season.

I would love to see more some day.

But… can we get some more Yuyushiki first?

Please Japan?



Like a great many other shows this season Overlord started out great for me.

But by the end (though it technically isn’t over yet if I remember correctly) I started getting bored.

Really I was only watching it some times just to pass the time while waiting for something else to do.



Sadly another that ended up flopping near the end.

With less time focused on Anna and more on characters that did not matter I felt the show ended up losing its way by the end.

Still… it was enjoyable and literally laughing out loud sort of comedy for me. But I was just hoping for more Anna and less of penis-head and the actual female MC whose name I do not care about.


Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Well this one was definitely a surprise.

I was not expecting to like Shirayuki-hime even as half as much as I ended up liking it.

Pretty sure I am STILL fangirling over the FIRST kiss.

I really can not wait for this one to come back in Winter 2016.


Himouto! Umaru-chan

I… I don’t know how I should feel.

Like a part of me feels like I should be ashamed at even watching the show.

But liking it as much as I actually ended up liking it?

I’m pretty sure I should turn in my anime viewer card permanently.

But that nonsense aside yes I did actually really enjoy Umaru-chan.

Perhaps not Umaru herself… but definitely the show.


Wakaba Girl

A surprisingly enjoyable short series that sprouted out this season.

Honestly due to my love of CGDCT I kind of wish now in hindsight of watching the season that it had been a full length or even half length episodes.

The few minutes this got each week was not nearly enough merit for the show.



Working really hit it out of the park with this final season.

Relationships started and grew.

Others got close.

Some… interesting new family members were introduces.

Many dates were held.

And to top it all off we get a one hour special (someday) to close off the show!

I really hope though that somewhere in that finale… Inami and Takanashi become OFFICIAL.



A particular short I don’t think many knew I was watching.

Nor really even knew about.

I enjoyed it for what it was.

Which was nothing more than seeing an office lady after work going to various restaurants for good food.

Because… well admit it. Good food after work is like the best food you ever eat.

And thus ends a highly mediocre Summer season of anime.

With a very light fall season coming on the way I plan that I will go crazy soon with so little to do.

Though hopefully I can keep myself busy with writing and reading.

Doubt it though.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my ramblings today.

Now I am going to wait and see if I can get a good look at that Special Eclipse moon thing meant to happen tonight.


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