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Fall Anime Season 2015, Third Week Roundup

Good News, Everyone!

I am actually still watching simulcasts!

Really I have made no secret I am finding this season, compared to previous seasons lately, to be absolutely abysmal. Of the 15 or so shows I am actually watching I am only finding about three or four of them, if I don’t include the shorts, to be considered good while the rest are at a simple “decent” or only just “watchable”, or for people who prefer scores, three or four garner anything higher than a 7 out of 10 from me while the rest are hovering around a 4 to 5 out of 10.

So be prepared going into this post that… I will likely not be on the same page as you are in liking certain series. As I have found out I don’t think I am agreeing with really anyone this season I believe.

Which really is kind of an odd feeling…

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Xenoblade Chronicles, Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Sorry the blog has been silent. I had various things crop up that had to be dealt with. I also tried to convince Sacae to blog… even after she told me she had two posts being worked on… but we see how that worked.

Anyway I missed my AKB post and haven’t even given myself a moment to really get to that yet, and… well a part of me kind of wants to keep them coming out on the same day… so… I guess we could just say that is on a break for this week?

So with the AKB post coming next week instead, no art post coming this week, and the simulcasts for this anime season being… well pitiful really… the only things left were anything I have read, any games I have played (which is very little…), or any writing I have done.

I haven’t touched a book in like three weeks since I finished Log Horizon’s first volume, I need to figure out which manga I want to talk about for the next installment of that series of posts, and my writing is currently in the Pre-Alpha phases of construction, which subtly means I haven’t done really ANYTHING for it, so really all that leaves just games.

As it is the only game I have “finished” and can attempt to even half ass a review of… our game today shall be Xenoblade Chronicles.

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AKB0048, Defending Civilians Against Terror?

Hello Everyone!

Miraculously I am actually keeping up with my promise into the second week of watching AKB. Though to no extent of CR trying to do its best at keeping me from doing it given their player freezes every thirty or so seconds on my PC.

I’m going to have to figure something out in order to keep up with watching this… I could just watch it from CR on my PS4 but then that leaves no screencaps to use… the other option of course being using the dark side and just having to feel guilty/dirty at using that side of the internet.

Well that is for next week to figure out… On with the post!

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Fall Anime Season 2015, First Episode Impressions (Part Two)

Hello Everyone!

Drugs are working but in a less ‘making me woozy…’ way and more in a ‘HOLY CRAP I CAN ACTUALLY BREATHE!!’ way.

Now as for the rest of the first episode impressions… why is everything that seems to be talked about with at least a small margin of decency on Daisuki/Hulu/Dark Side?

No offense to Daisuki or Hulu but I just don’t have the money for MORE subs right now, also your players suck.

And I am one of those people that will only revert to the dark side if there is absolutely NO other source to acquire them from. Even then I only go to basic sites that just throw up the episodes rather than torrenting/downloading/whatever the shows to my computer, to hell with quality.

Anyway enough with the gloomy stuff. Onward with more anime!

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Artwork Extravaganza #29

I haven’t done an Artwork post in awhile so I thought I would distract you followers for a bit from my awful writing!

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Fall Anime Season 2015, First Episode Impressions (Part One)

Hello Everyone!

I am tiredly attempting to put out some First Episode Impressions despite the fact I have an ear infection, swollen sinuses, and can barely breathe right now and the drugs are making me a bit woozy.

Overall not much has pushed me into actually wanting to start this season other than maybe everything beginning to build up and I want to just get through them now rather than wait for them to build up.

So without further ado let us begin.


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AKB0048, Being Mesmerized from the First Episode

Hello Everyone!

As I said somewhere around here, near the bottom somewhere, I thought I would take my hand at writing weekly episodic posts on a series that is fully done and fairly well received, at least within my social circles, and see how it turns out.

I had a few choices set up before me but I ended up choosing AKB0048.

Now I am no great writer. I can admit to that.

Nor am I really analytical so where one writer would say something like “This scene was extravagantly beautiful while this and that were happening.” I am more of the “PRETTY LIGHTS!” type of writer.

So while I am going to attempt to do my best a writing these with more than just “Oooh Pretty!” all over the place I honestly don’t want to get peoples hopes up either.

Without further ado I now present my thoughts on the first episode of AKB0048!

AKB (3)

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