AKB0048, Being Mesmerized from the First Episode

Hello Everyone!

As I said somewhere around here, near the bottom somewhere, I thought I would take my hand at writing weekly episodic posts on a series that is fully done and fairly well received, at least within my social circles, and see how it turns out.

I had a few choices set up before me but I ended up choosing AKB0048.

Now I am no great writer. I can admit to that.

Nor am I really analytical so where one writer would say something like “This scene was extravagantly beautiful while this and that were happening.” I am more of the “PRETTY LIGHTS!” type of writer.

So while I am going to attempt to do my best a writing these with more than just “Oooh Pretty!” all over the place I honestly don’t want to get peoples hopes up either.

Without further ado I now present my thoughts on the first episode of AKB0048!

AKB (3)

Starting out the show puts us in a fairly darker, militaristic, and industrial looking place than I thought would start out for an idol show. As a group of men are trying to force themselves past a group of armed police, with their very own tank I would like to mention, below them using the sewers to get by four girls are slowly passing by attempting not to get caught themselves. We start to get the painted picture of what is going on in this world/on this planet wherever we are. Between the NO IDOL sign next to the police, the men trying to get past them, and the girls sneaking past it’s clear Idols are a big NO here and… well we are sneaking in to the venue.

"Good thing he didn't look two inches further right..."

“Good thing he didn’t look two inches further right…”

So one close call and creepy abandoned mine trip later our girls show up into a huge excavated area full of people and glowing light sticks. Also this area is just insanely huge and PACKED… like I am sure it is just the show overcompensating on effects here but judging my the amount of lights and the size of the area there would have to tens of thousands of people down there I think. That or everyone is holding as many possible lights as possible, who knows. But with THAT many people down there I feel this is less of a restricted thing as it is originally given off to be.

Now before I do get into the entrance of what absolutely mesmerized me for this episode, yes it did happen in the first five minutes, I want to talk about the girls themselves. Probably the only analytical part I will be able to point out is me noticing each of the girls have a ‘heart’ or ‘hearts’ symbolized on them. Whether it is a small heart in their eyes, a heart shape highlight in their hair, or perhaps on their clothing I just sort of noticed it being there. Now if it is meant to mean something well I don’t know it being only two minutes into the show but I did notice it and I find it really interesting.



As for what mesmerized me it would be the entrance of the idols themselves and their concert. Obviously if not realized before this is somewhere far into the future, probably on a completely different planet. Besides their stage being on a freaking spaceship it splits apart giving each of the idols their own little flying surfboard-like platform that can then fly around skirting above the crowds. It also happens to be where I notice that even the idols share the four girls heart shaped eyes and hair.

Now this is where the militaristic police guys show up with their own mechas and and pour in with their men, and bazooka’s and tanks because you need that to take out space idols of course, and start attacking the idols. Of course the idols being completely professional continue their concert despite having to fight back against them. Though the idols are able to use interesting gadgets, like a ribbon that electrocutes one guy, they are in the end forced to take off even if it is just to protect the fans.

AKB (8)

Fast forward some years into the future, which I admit I do generally dislike, and we meet most of the girls from before along with at least the beginning plot point of the next generation of AKB0048 auditions are to be held soon and that the girls can send in their applications. So of course in short order they go film their application, to Nagisa fails at horribly, and it is of course at this point I realize we are still missing one of the girls. But before I can even think about why she is there, or not there given some of the darker undertones so far seen, Yuuka runs off to walk home with a boy.

What happens next while not dark perhaps is something I could see hitting home with plenty of the viewers. It starts out warm enough with Nagisa eating dinner carefree when her dad brings up the fact she has a POSTER up in her room. He quickly tells her to take it down and the fact that she was just singing, in her room before dinner, is to never be done again. Of course when the mom tries to say anything she is also quickly shut down by the father.

AKB (1)

Now what happens after that in Nagisa’s room is something that I personally can even say I despise mainly because of how close to my own life it sort of hits. I don’t like the idea of a parents job, personal tastes, or whatever else deciding what their child can do or enjoy. Now obviously that isn’t some all encompassing thing say if you can’t afford something for the child that is one thing. But not allowing them to sing, even though they want to, because of your job and your standing at YOUR job is just absolutely retarded.

Of course on the following day when the girls get word they had passed the initial screening for 0048 Nagisa’s father again rears up saying she can not go. Nagisa bolts out of the house where she accidentally runs into Yuuka and the boy from before in the park where he is also trying to get Yuuka to not go, believing she will fail, where she runs off crying after slapping him saying she will pass and join AKB.

AKB (2)

The rest of the few minutes left of the episode essentially depicts that agonizing time of deciding whether to do something or not, which of course means she didn’t get any sleep cause who can during that situation, and with her mother finally supporting her she races off to her friends who have boarded the transport ship. Of course in usual anime cliche she arrives at just as the ship is about to take off and just as it begins to rise she is pulled on by her friends. They then declare their intent to move towards their dream of joining 0048.

And so ends my first post over AKB0048.

While significantly worse than Bless’ writing (seriously have you READ his Hyouka stuff?) i’m actually kind of impressed one episode pushed out over 1100 words from me.

I will admit here though… even though I said “weekly episodic” I am very terrible with schedules and keeping them. Almost as bad as Sacae. Except no where actually near that bad. So it is possible a week might just end up…. not being there!

Anyway! I hope you all enjoyed, I hope I get some comments somewhere, and I hope you might be looking forward to future posts.

AKB (7)


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