Fall Anime Season 2015, First Episode Impressions (Part One)

Hello Everyone!

I am tiredly attempting to put out some First Episode Impressions despite the fact I have an ear infection, swollen sinuses, and can barely breathe right now and the drugs are making me a bit woozy.

Overall not much has pushed me into actually wanting to start this season other than maybe everything beginning to build up and I want to just get through them now rather than wait for them to build up.

So without further ado let us begin.


Asterisk War

One of like… four or five LN adaptations supposed to be out this season. Going from the first episode this is about as cookie cutter a High School Battle LN adaptation can be.

We get a hot tempered tsundere heroine who is set up as one of the strongest in the school, new transfer student hero who ends up showing hot tempered tsundere up skill wise, usual anime trope of new transfer student/male walking in on hot tempered tsundere changing which is followed by him casually groping her chest, and some other mostly pointless shenanigans.

So as for first episodes this really did nothing for me. On one hand it wasn’t bad, per se, but I think that is mostly due to just being used to this formulaic start. On the other hand it didn’t give me much of a reason I would want to come back to watch it either.

Status: Will watch up to episode three to give a final verdict then.


Lance N’ Masques

Good…God… that was corny as shit.

While I can admit some of the interactions were funny and Makio, aka Loli-sama, was adorable I do not think this episode gave anything else worth note.

Oddly though this is pretty much what I expected from this season being so un-hyped for it as I was.

Status: Dropped for now, while a bit fun not worth keeping up with weekly.


Young Black Jack

Well that was interesting.

To me it seemed to kind of mix an older show with a newer show, animation and story wise, and it kind of surprised me.

I’m not too sure one way or another on it other than that though right now but it piqued my interest enough to want to continue it.

Though the idiots who DIDN’T save the kid before the accident kind of brought the whole point of the episode down… I mean it isn’t like you could quickly get over to the kid and pull him out of harms way or anything…

Status: Keeping.

hackadollHackadoll the Animation

Everything went EVERYWHERE.

This was not something safe to watch while in my half drugged state. At all.

But it was pretty funny, it’s a short, and blue haired IDGAF girl was fun.

Status: It’s a short so why not keep.


Comet Lucifer

Another one that was actually pretty interesting for a premiere.

I am not though usually a big fan of anything mecha related though so this one could be a big hit or miss as it goes on.

It also gives me vibes of other shows… dunno if it is the setting, story, or animation though…

Status: Tentatively keeping due to interest but withholding judgement due to mecha.



A bit of a peculiar one.

From what I understand this is meant to be a prequel or something like it to a Visual Novel.

Overall I felt kind of lost and confused like Haku, our MC, and I wonder if that is because of my lack of knowledge to the series itself.

But I like the visuals, Kuon is cute, and I like Haku’s voice and “this is a pain…” attitude.

Status: Keeping, tentatively, for now.



Another short that I believe is a manga adaptation.

Despite being one of the really short shorts of like three minutes I got a good laugh out of it, though that could be because I just watched it after taking a nap after Utawarerumono… who knows!

Status: Real quick short, will keep.


Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!

Sadly another short.

This is one of the very few shows I was actually looking forward to watching out of Fall and I was really looking forward to it.

But then it turned out to be a short… and I felt a little sad.

Though since the series is a 4-Koma I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised on that.

Status: Keeping.


YuruYuri San Hai!

A mix of odd hype and dread came with waiting for this show.

On one hand I was all for more YuruYuri, despite it being the weakest of the CGDCT, but of course on the other… WHERE IS MY YUYUSHIKI?!

Anyway they didn’t waste anytime settling in their YuruYuri Yuri ways and their own little form of comedy so I enjoyed it fairly well.

Status: Keeping.

Peeping Life




Status: Dropped.


Well that was… a very awfully produced short that made no sense.

Status: Dropped.

Still have plenty more to at least try out. So far it looks other than for shorts I am only keeping a handful of shows around.

Will hopefully have the rest up in a day or two.


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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