Fall Anime Season 2015, First Episode Impressions (Part Two)

Hello Everyone!

Drugs are working but in a less ‘making me woozy…’ way and more in a ‘HOLY CRAP I CAN ACTUALLY BREATHE!!’ way.

Now as for the rest of the first episode impressions… why is everything that seems to be talked about with at least a small margin of decency on Daisuki/Hulu/Dark Side?

No offense to Daisuki or Hulu but I just don’t have the money for MORE subs right now, also your players suck.

And I am one of those people that will only revert to the dark side if there is absolutely NO other source to acquire them from. Even then I only go to basic sites that just throw up the episodes rather than torrenting/downloading/whatever the shows to my computer, to hell with quality.

Anyway enough with the gloomy stuff. Onward with more anime!


Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

Also known as Attack on Titan: Junior High… I…

I enjoyed this much more than I think I should have.

Especially given my general disdain for the series it comes from. Not that I really hated AoT itself as much as I hated its fanbase which really turned the whole series sour for me.

But I got quite a few good laughs out of it and given my very light schedule so far this season…

Also that fucking smug ass face.

Status: Keeping for the laughs.


Concrete Revolutio

OK well I am not entirely sure if this show was just an acid trip or if my medicine is having some whacky side effects…

Uhm… well either way it was… pretty? Colorful?

Yeah actually I am not sure. I may really need to just rewatch it next week AFTER I am done with my antibiotics…

Status: On hold until after I am off of drugs??


Heavy Object

As per usual with mecha-esque Sci-Fi series I am leaning more towards dropping than keeping this one around.

The story didn’t pull me in. Nor did any of the characters except for the Captain above.

So given my general meh feeling about the episode…

Status: Dropped.


One Punch Man

OK so most people who know me know I am not the biggest fans of fighting shows nor shonen shows. Which this takes both of course.

Surprisingly though I actually really enjoyed this first episode probably because of its over the top whackyness introduction it decided to throw at us.

Status: Keeping.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

And in some insane plot twist I, the blatant mecha trash talker, go and watch the most blatant mecha anime possible, a Gundam series.

With no surprise though there wasn’t much I liked from it that would make me stay with it. Shiny sure. Fighting alright I suppose? Characters though I thought were bland. The plot given seems… perhaps not cookie cutter but… I dunno kind of predictable I guess?

I think my fan days of Gundam and Mecha left me back in middle school and it just isn’t my field anymore. But a part of me wants to persist. Partially because I can’t deny my blood was probably pumping as soon as the fighting started and especially when the Gundam burst through the ground.

Status: Keeping, for now, let’s say… trial period of three days?


Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan

OK so this show has like… four or five freaking different names being used, no idea which I should use.

But putting aside that confusion at least for now this was pretty much Asterisk War but much better. I like the characters more and even though it seems just as cliche-ish LN Battle Harem as the others it seems, at least for now, to be having a lot more fun than the others.

Status: Keeping.


Beautiful Bones – Sakurako’s Investigation-

Reward for stupidly long LN-esque name goes to this one.

As well as stupidly long LN name we also get what was probably the most visually stunning show (from my perspective) to come out this season.

For my thoughts on the episode though… well they are kind of in line with fellow blogger iblessall’s. Sakurako is a mixed bag of… well not what I was expecting. Childish, snobbish, and kind of weird. Meanwhile Shoutarou seems to just be in the wrong type of show for his character type.

Then there is the setting, or lack thereof, with how a high school kid is following a twenty something engaged lady around collecting bones and why Shoutarou even puts up with someone like Sakurako.

But even despite these downsides I was still caught in the interest of the show… perhaps because of its uniqueness?

Status: Withholding judgement for now.

And for now that is where my first episode impressions end.

I am fairly certain I am still missing things (and would love for anyone to point out what exactly in comments) and will have to get to them later.

But for now this seems to be about it for what I am watching this season.


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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