AKB0048, Defending Civilians Against Terror?

Hello Everyone!

Miraculously I am actually keeping up with my promise into the second week of watching AKB. Though to no extent of CR trying to do its best at keeping me from doing it given their player freezes every thirty or so seconds on my PC.

I’m going to have to figure something out in order to keep up with watching this… I could just watch it from CR on my PS4 but then that leaves no screencaps to use… the other option of course being using the dark side and just having to feel guilty/dirty at using that side of the internet.

Well that is for next week to figure out… On with the post!

AKB2 (2)

The episode starts out in a very large open airport looking place, guessing spaceport would be better term here given the whole they are in space thing, and the girls are talking right before someone runs into them and sprints off. Of course it is obvious to the viewers who it was given the hint of blue hair but as usual the girls didn’t notice though at least in this situation I give them a pass given she ran off before they could even really tell.

After this confrontation we are on a sort of cruise liner traveling past an asteroid belt and as it goes into the ship we get to see a new girl freaking out having what I think would be a very common reaction whenever humanity actually gets to space travel and worried about the ship pretty much getting damaged along with her in it and being sucked into the vacuum that is space.

AKB2 (1)

After Makoto’s break down we pan out into the hall where another girl is walking by, overhearing the outburst, heading down the hall to the vending machines. When she gets her drink some members of the crew are talking about a stowaway who is stealing food and of course that is when popping out from behind the vending machine is our said stowaway, Sonata, wearing a pink rabbit coat. Whom as payment for not wanting to get caught gives the girl, whose name we learn is Suzuko, a probably unwanted autograph before running off when the crew shows up again.

We come back to our original trio who are looking at the stars and talking about becoming a part of AKB as they also talk about their past and Chieri. That is when Sonata pops up from the ceiling and proclaims before being tossed out that she is also joining AKB. Thanks to coincidence of course Suzuko and Makoto are also in the hallway when they here the proclamation. So all six girls get together and head to the dining area together.

As they eat together we learn a bit more of the girls. Such as Sonata actually failed the test and this is why she is a stowaway, Makoto has nearly no confidence in herself, and Suzuko is fairly blunt when talking to the others. At the end of their meal while watching the news the girls all hear about Chieri and how she is currently missing or kidnapped and some staff on the ship come up to them saying she is believed to be on the ship.

AKB2 (3)

Of course after learning this the main trio run off and start searching the ship in hopes to find Chieri. When they have all split up Nagisa runs into the floating green thing from the first episode which in turn leads her to the one who ran into the girls at the spaceport before. Of course through usual anime deductions Nagisa is not able to tell that this is Chieri but again I will give her a pass simply because they haven’t see each other in years.

Chieri bashes Nagisa down a few pegs though. Explaining how all the girls around her, including Chieri “if she were there” would be her rivals and that if she had found Chieri that she should hand her to the authorities to get rid of one more person that would be against her in the auditions. Which on one hand I have to agree with Chieri on that, probably because I am a cold hearted bastard, but of course on the other hand I feel like there could have been a better way to explain that type of situation… perhaps not though.

AKB2 (4)

After the confrontation the girls meet back up and Nagisa talks about what happened and how she didn’t think about how everyone would become her rival and how she wanted everyone to pass and be smiling in the end. Shortly after this is when I get into a sort of analytical bit because DES ends up attacking the cruiser.

Why I say I get into a bit of an analytical bit is because it really makes me reflect on what this DES group did in the first episode and now in this episode. Though DES, and with probably “governmental” backing, calls AKB a terrorist group AKB is not the one attacking civilian areas or vessels. I can understand perhaps if this were a case of working with the ships crew to find the girls applying to AKB but DES full on attacks the ship. They also begin to shoot haphazardly in my opinion after they see the girls when they run off.

This is when I remember the first episode as well and they attacked a large open area full of civilians openly firing at the AKB girls doing their concert with no thought on the civilians around. While I would like to give the benefit of the doubt if even just a little bit to these DES guys… I doubt their weapons are just simple stun weapons like the AKB girls have.

Anyway the girls evade the DES troops at first but are quickly followed as they run across the ship. Though they are finally cornered and caught that is when the AKB girls show up and start helping them escape. While trying to escape though Nagisa loses her ribbon and when she goes back to look for it she is caught again though promptly saved by Chieri and this time Nagisa realizes it. But shortly after that a chandelier above them snaps and falls on top of them.

AKB2 (5)

That is when the floating green thing from before, that we learn is a Kirara, begins glowing brightly and Yuko-san one of the AKB girls shows up to help them. Just as quickly as she shows up Yuko-san gets Chieri out from under the chandelier and flies them on her stage platform/hover board thing to where the others are waiting at the escape ship. The episode ends with Nagisa wondering if the Kirara followed Chieri because she was always an idol while Chieri questioned why it glowed for Nagisa and not for her in all the time it was with her.

I am quickly remembering bits of this series as I trod along but also picking up things I never thought of before given I am watching it more slowly and trying to pick at it a bit more than I usually would.

I predict the following couple of episodes will probably focus less on the DES guys and more on the girls competition to join AKB itself.

Let’s hope I remember to do this next week!


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